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Close up shot of blood samples spinning in centrifuge during fractionation process. Lab worker turning it off, opening lid and taking off test tubes for analyzing

Close up shot of hands of unrecognizable laboratory worker placing test tubes with blood samples into centrifuge and turning it on

Lab researcher working with microscope in laboratory. Female researcher setting microscope in laboratory. Lab worker preparing microscope in lab. Woman scientist working with microscope in science lab

Doctor o laboratory worker hand wearing a blue medical glove. Protection, health care and medical concept

Laboratory worker adjusts the zoom microscope

Female doctor hands putting on sterile gloves. Laboratory worker preparing for work. Close up of woman hands putting on surgeon gloves. Healthcare worker wearing medical gloves

covid19 particles with biohazard worker in laboratory animation

Female researcher working in pharmaceutical industry lab and looking with microscope. Health care, biotechnology laboratory, science

Female scientist working in laboratory. Lab worker typing test report on computer. Scientist woman working on scientist laptop. Lab woman in scientific laboratory. Science laboratory woman working

Medical worker walking through white corridor. Steady shot of male doctor walking hospital corridor. Lab worker in uniform go factory corridor. Male scientist in pharmaceutical factory corridor

Scientist walking lab corridor. Back view of doctor walking hospital corridor in white coat. Male scientist in uniform going laboratory corridor. Medical worker go lab corridor

Lab worker put test tubes rack on laboratory table. Closeup of laboratory glassware in chemical laboratory. Chemical test tube. Lab flasks with chemical liquids. Measuring cups on lab table

Lab worker pouring the solution on the glass

Two pharmaceutical manufacturing workers in white uniform control production process. Scientists working in laboratory. Medicine production equipment. Factory employee control pharma production

Scientist writing down some data with pen. Scientist hands in gloves making notes. Portrait of male researcher working in science laboratory. Male microbiologist working in lab. Male lab worker

The researcher working with a microscope in a laboratory

African american electronics engineers checking electronic board with multimeter tester and other electronic devises in lab. There is a fellow worker in the background.

Scientist working with modern laboratory equipment in lab. Doctor conducting research. Researcher in lab. Lab worker wear safety glasses. Clinician doing scientific experiment. Chemical research

Male researcher working in pharmaceutical industry laboratory and looking with microscope. Man at work in biotech industry

Male doctor thinking in lab. Close up of lab doctor portrait. Portrait of scientist man in lab. Lab worker portrait. Thoughtful man scientist. Chemist thinking. Scientist thinking in laboratory

Medicine and pharmaceutical laboratory with female scientist working and doing medical test. Sequence

Scientist working with computer equipment in modern research lab. Researcher working with equipment in research laboratory. Doctor working in modern medical laboratory

Lab worker pours blood into a clean tube


Marking PCR tests in laboratory, doctor writing results on COVID-19 swab collection kit, lab worker in PPE medical suit, mask, gloves, holding test tube for taking OP NP specimen. Express analysis

Medical expertise equipment. Laboratory worker working with biochemical analyzer. Microbiologist working with analyzing test. Modern biomedical diagnostic

Hand in gloves stick water bottle. Close up of laboratory worker sticking sticker at bottle with transparent liquid. Laboratory research

Lab worker sorts test tubes with chemicals

Laboratory worker pushing buttons at the machine in laboratory

People and science, staff member at work as chemist doing test in industrial lab. Sequence

Scientist dropping chemical liquid in test tubes. Close up of scientist hands working with chemical reagents in laboratory glassware. Researcher put liquids in test tubes on table. Chemical research

Woman scientist working with liquid in science lab. Close up of female scientist doing laboratory research. Scientist face at research lab. Scientist cure. Lab worker researching liquid in lab flask

Scientist working in lab. Concentrated scientist face. Researcher using pipette in laboratory. Laboratory worker conducting chemical research in lab. Scientist in lab. Chemist focused on work

Pharmacy lab worker, medical or chemistry student at chalkboard writing organic chemistry formula, while teacher or colleague is helping

Woman scientist working in laboratory. Lab researcher in protective suit doing clinical testing. Chemical research experiment. Pharmaceutical worker at factory. Pharmaceutical industry

Female scientist working in chemical laboratory. Scientist woman close test tubes with chemical liquid. Lab worker shaking test tubes with chemical reagents. Laboratory woman working in research lab

Lab scientist pouring liquid in lab flask. Close up of female scientist doing laboratory experiment. Lab worker hands doing laboratory testing with chemical liquid in beaker

Woman scientist working on chemical analysis. Chemical liquid analysis. Lab woman mixing liquid in laboratory glassware. Assistant mixing liquid in test tube. Lab worker doing chemical test

Woman in uniform running in white corridor back view. Urgent work. Medical worker hurry up to help. Hurry woman worker in lab corridor. Running woman in uniform

Lab flask in scientist hand. Female scientist hands mixing blue liquid in glass flask. Laboratory testing. Science laboratory research. Close up of lab worker holding test tube with liquid

Electrical engineer working in a lab

People at work in architecture design studio with plastic model and mock-up of new building. Busy young woman working as artist in lab. Girl and professional job

Researcher working with dropper in laboratory. Lab worker using laboratory equipment. Female researcher using pipette in lab. Laboratory woman filling test tubes with chemical liquid

Laboratory worker adjust pharmaceutical machine for mixing powder and granules

Attractive young man in white coat looking through the scope at the laboratory. Side view of caucasian male scientist probing some testing material through the microscope. Brunette bearded lab worker

Laboratory worker conducting research

Scientist using microscope in laboratory. Medical researcher looking in medical microscope. Medical laboratory research. Doctor scientist using laptop in lab. Lab researcher working with microscope

Happy Lab Technician Working In Hospital And Smiling At Camera


Close-up of the microscope eyepieces, on the background of a working woman lab assistant in a lab coat.