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Electronics engineers working in lab. Engineers sitting at the table and working on the computer. Young professionals

Unrecognizable medical practitioner in hazmat suit putting on latex gloves while working in modern lab in hospital

Laboratory people. Scientists working in chemistry laboratory. Biologists team working in laboratory. Modern science laboratory. Researchers working with laboratory equipment. Scientific research

Team of scientists working in advanced busy laboratory

Slowmo PAN medium shot of scientists in face masks and white coats doing research and discussing work in lab

Woman working in laboratory. Chemist working with glass flask. Researcher doing chemical test. Chemical experiment. Scientific research in chemistry laboratory. Female chemist. Laboratory equipment

Unrecognizable person in latex gloves using tweezers to inspect sample of cell grown chicken meat during work in lab

Dolly Shot Of Scientists At Work In Laboratory

Scientists coworkers using digital tablet working in medical research laboratory, analysing biochemicals samples, talking. Scientific lab for medicine, microbiology development with advanced equipment

Chemist doctor explaining to coworker vaccine development, DNA mutations working in equipped laboratory. Medical biochemist stuff examining virus evolution using high tech researching diagnosis

Medicine and pharmaceutical laboratory with female scientist working and doing medical test. Sequence

Woman scientist start working with microscope. Microbiologist looking microscope. Microbiology laboratory research. Female scientist looking through microscope in lab. Scientist microscope.

Female researcher working in pharmaceutical industry lab and looking with microscope. Health care, biotechnology laboratory, science

Science laboratory room. Steadyshot of modern research laboratory. Empty science lab room. Pov of medical laboratory room. Lab working space. Science laboratory interior

Scientist working with chemical reaction in chemistry lab. Chemical reaction in glass flask. Lab worker doing chemical experiment in laboratory. Researcher use pipette to drop liquid in glass flask

Electronics engineers working in lab. Engineers sitting at the table and working on the computer

Scientist working with computer equipment in modern research lab. Researcher working with equipment in research laboratory. Doctor working in modern medical laboratory

Two pharmaceutical manufacturing workers in white uniform control production process. Scientists working in laboratory. Medicine production equipment. Factory employee control pharma production

Female doctor hands putting on sterile gloves. Laboratory worker preparing for work. Close up of woman hands putting on surgeon gloves. Healthcare worker wearing medical gloves

Asian scientist in lab working on chemicals analysis.

Male researcher working in pharmaceutical industry laboratory and looking with microscope. Man at work in biotech industry

Microbiology laboratory, work with microscope

Chemical lab scientist at work. Young focused pharmaceutical expert in protection suit using microscope testing vaccine.

Woman lab assistant is working with chemical solution at table in pharmaceutical laboratory spbd. Female chemist is watching reaction of colored liquid in glass flask during work day in modern company

Selective focus on test tubes with blood samples on the foreground. Laboratory workers conducting experiments. Scientists working in a modern lab. Healthcare, medicine, development.

Microbiology laboratory work with microscope

Back view of male medical practitioner in mask browsing data on computer and examining X ray while working in modern laboratory

medical student laboratory, young woman is working with test tubes with chemicals and medical analysis

Doctor o laboratory worker hand wearing a blue medical glove. Protection, health care and medical concept

Scene tracks around a Victorian era scientist working in his laboratory using a dip pen to make some notations in a notebook of his work.

The man is working a a laboratory and carries out chemical researches with blood

Microbiology laboratory work with tests

A Victorian era scientist working in his laboratory using a dip pen to make some notations of his work.

Side view of scientist in hazmat suit sitting at table and researching coronavirus vaccine during work in modern laboratory

Woman lab assistant is working with drug samples, sitting at table in pharmaceutical company spbd. Young specialist puts jars with medicines into container during work process at desk in modern

In high end laboratory team of scientist are working

male doctor work in laboratory, developing a vaccine. Coronavirus, COVID-19, 2019-ncov medicines research concept. Use Microscope

Scientist writing down some data with pen. Scientist hands in gloves making notes. Portrait of male researcher working in science laboratory. Male microbiologist working in lab. Male lab worker

Microbiology laboratory work, petri dish

Hand holding flask with liquid. Beaker with purple fluid. Scientist is conducting experiment. Chemist working in the lab.

Handheld footage of scientist working in a lab filled with fumes or smoke. In the background - modern equipment

Woman researcher working in a laboratory with microscope. France

Laboratory worker adjusts the zoom microscope

High-skilled team of five multi-ethnic medical male and female assistants working together in the lab using virtual reality glasses, test tubes and laptop

Middle aged man researcher microbiologist in glassed shaking glassware with sample of cell cultured meat during work in lab

Pharmaceutical laboratory working place. Empty chemical lab. Laboratory equipment on table in pharmaceutical lab. Steady shot of equipment on table in research laboratory. Medical lab

Woman in uniform running in white corridor back view. Urgent work. Medical worker hurry up to help. Hurry woman worker in lab corridor. Running woman in uniform

Microbiology laboratory work with microscope