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Scientist hand typing on laptop. Female scientist hands on laptop. Close up of woman hands typing on laboratory laptop. Closeup of female hands typing on scientist laptop


PCR test in laboratory, doctor holding COVID-19 Coronavirus swab collection kit, wearing PPE protective suit mask gloves, test tube for taking OP NP patient specimen sample, writing the results

Slowmo close up of microbiologists in lab experimenting with meat samples, comparing regular and lab-grown ones, discussing results


Likable respected experienced bearded main doctor holding medical council together with his male and female subordinates when studying results of patient's x-ray scan in medical lab

doctor writing blood test results on a form

Researcher writing research data with pen at lab. Close up of scientist hands. Modern laboratory equipment. Chemist writing down test report in lab environment. Doctor writing test results

Dolly shot of scientist looking into a microscope in modern high end laboratory. Displays with 3D brain and DNA scans are running in the background

Tilt down shot of young Asian woman in lab coat and glasses writing down research details when working in laboratory

Scientist put test tubes with samples analysis on a rack. Close-up. 4K.


View through glass wall on confident skilled multiracial two medical workers which talking and learning results of scull scan in medical lab

Pensive scientists thinking over bad results

Team of scientist checking virus development using microscope analysing results at night in modern equipped lab. Group of chemists examining vaccine evolution using high tech for research.

In modern research center female scientist is taking notes while looking at advanced laboratory results

Black technician doing experiment in modern equipped lab looking at result. African scientist working with various bacteria tissue and blood samples, concept of pharmaceutical research for antibiotics

Young scientist writing down results of research. Laboratory scientist working in lab. Female scientist in lab. Doctor working in lab with modern equipment. Lab woman analyzing test result

scientists agreeing on results


Portrait of Caucasian middle-aged male healthcare employee physician in medical mask sitting at desk in hospital room, looking at X-ray scan and writing results in documents. coronavirus concept

Scientists coworkers working in chemical modern equipped laboratory at night analysing test results. Stuff examining vaccine evolution using high tech researching treatment against covid19 virus

FPV of doctor chemist holding a flask of blue solution looking at it and typing on computer medical results. Scientists examining vaccine evolution in medical lab using high tech chemistry tools

Tracking of unrecognizable doctor in hazmat suit, goggles, mask and gloves measuring temperature of contagious male patient, then telling results to colleague working on laptop in background

Asian doctor making medical research using microscope and test tubes, writing data on note


Good-looking confident positive two diverse colleagues examining patient's x-ray image in medical room in modern clinic,medicine concept

Scientist team meeting and discusssing treatment results standing in research laboratory pointing on tablet. Stuff examining vaccine development against covid19 virus using high tech for researching.

Team of medical research scientists conducting vaccine development with help of high tech, test tubes, micropipette and writing down analysis results on computer in modern equipped laboratory at night

doctor writing blood test results on the patients form

Scientist in advanced laboratory studying about brain disease. He looks in the microscope while 3D animated scans of DNA are runing in the background


Medicine in time of covid-19 where good-looking confident professional adult female and male medical colleagues in protective masks working with x-ray scan attached to glass wall in medical lab

Scientist looking through microscope and check results on screen

Scientist looking through microscope and check results on screen

Tracking shot of senior male scientist in lab coat looking through microscope and writing down results while working on research in laboratory


Front view of good-looking positive experienced adult male and female doctors which standing near glass wall with patient's x-ray image and talking to each other about diagnosis


Biochemistry doctor analyzing vacutainer with blood while having microscope on desk and using computer in professional medical laboratory. Specialist woman doing analysis experiment


Portrait of specialist using scientific microscope in laboratory with lens with magnifying glass for dna and bacteria test. Doctor wearing gloves studying sample with biological equipment

Scientist doing test on gel image analyzer and looks at DNA results on computer screen

doctors in the lab


Attractive respected skilled bearded doctor talking to his attantive successful male and female colleagues in medical office near glass wall with results of x-ray scan

two lab scientists talk over results

Microbiology laboratory work with microscope

Young doctor telling good results isolated on white


Slowmo tilt up shot of diverse team of male and female scientists in white coats and gloves looking at research results and celebrating by high-fiving each other


Researching doctor in laboratory using chemical tools for investigation. Scientist woman typing on computer and looking at bacteria in petri dish while having professional equipment on desk


Beautiful confident professional female doctor together with skillful bearded male colleague consulting about right diagnosis of patient in accordance with results of x-ray scan

scientists conference about the results

Two Scientist looking at test results on computer screen in laboratory

Close up of chemist doctor working on tablet with DNA scan image analysing treatment results. Scientist examining virus evolution using high tech researching vaccine development against covid19


tired health worker in medical laboratory is working with computer, analysis and research, science medical laboratory at pandemic time, processing of analysis results


Medicine concept where good-looking smart qualified adult male and female medics standing near glass wall in workroom and discussing results of x-ray scan and drawing chemical formula on this wall


Likable confident experienced diverse group of medics discussing patient's x-ray scan together with their respected bearded head doctor during joint briefing in workroom