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African American man lying in CT machine then crop doctor pushing button and releasing patient in modern lab of hospital

Closeup: Slow zoom on big red button in laboratory / industrial setting


Lever and pressure meter with thin pipes near metal wall in brightly lit plant workshop extreme close view.

Adult black man lying down on table then crop doctor pushing button on CT machine and starting scanning procedure in laboratory of clinic

Hands of young child typing on keyboard

Elderly barefoot man lying on table and entering modern CT machine while crop medical practitioner pushing button

Laboratory worker pushing buttons at the machine in laboratory

Typing Words on Keyboard

The woman makes a electrocardiogram in doctor's office

Young boy typing at keyboard over the shoulder

clinical trial concept animation

Barefoot African American man lying on table of futuristic CT machine with HUD interface until crop doctor pushing button

Crop African American woman in scrubs pushing button on MRI machine and taking off head coil from elderly man during work in lab of contemporary hospital

Scientist in white glove is clicking on hardware buttons of equipment. Dialling code. Closeup. Industrial equipment. Push buttons with numbers. Keyboard on modern laboratory equipment at science lab

Using mouse and keyboard rack focus

Woman chemist show laboratory assistant how to adjust the equipment

Manufacturing equipment

Middle aged medical practitioner pushing button on CT machine and helping senior man to stand up at end of examination procedure in laboratory

A physician, surgeon, examines a technological digital holographic plate represented the patient's body, the heart lungs, muscles, bones. Concept: Futuristic medicine, world assistance, and the future

Manufacturing equipment

Automatic warehousing equipment

Close-up view of doctor s hand press the button on dentist chair, switches the modes. The dentist surgery.

Woman making fluid analysis in a test tube


Close up. Factory employee controlling, pressing important technology button at control panel of an automatic machine.

Manufacturing equipment. Rotating tank

The woman lies in the office of the clinic during making electrocardiogram

Electric transformer

Close up doctor's stethoscope. Doctor's hands touching up adjusting stethoscope.

medical set icons around animation ,4k video animated

A woman works with an ultrasound device in clinic

Manufacturing equipment

Woman with an ultrasound diagnostic tool

Female typing at white keyboard

Green control button highlighted Industrial water filtration and ionizer system

Diffraction System

Hightech comupter in lab.

Bearded middle aged man in scrubs and glasses talking with ethnic patient and turning on CT machine during work in laboratory in modern clinic

Close-up of female hand pressing button on medical equipment. Unrecognizable Caucasian doctor doing examination in hospital. Lifestyle, health care, medicine.

Hand in gloves pressing start stop button on medical equipment. Unrecognizable doctor or nurse processing samples using machinery. Modern medicine, automation.