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"knife slicing banana"
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Close-up of cutting apple on wooden board with knife, in slow motion

Fresh red radish is cut, making salad Organic farm product. Raw, vegan, vegetarian healthy food concept.

Close up of scallion being chopped on a wooden chopping board by a woman's hand.

Midsection footage of unrecognizable female hands cutting bananas with knife on wooden cutting board in modern kitchen

Cutting a banana with a knife on a cutting board

Close up shot of male hands slicing banana and female hands mixing milk in the mixer during cooking dinner, lunch, breakfast in the kitchen.

Fresh red radish is cut, making salad Organic farm product. Raw, vegan, vegetarian healthy food concept.

Midsection close up of unrecognizable professional chef teaching young female cook to cut vegetables properly using chef knife and wooden cutting board

Cutting pizza with a round cutter knife. Close-up of delicious pizza being cut into pieces. Slow motion close-up of a person slicing a pizza into multiple slices with a cutter.

Close-up. Knife cuts ripe avocado into slices. Female hands with knife is cutting green avocado on wooden cutting board in the kitchen at home, slow motion

Slicing An Onion With A Knife

The cook slices tomato by sharp knife on the wooden board outdoors, making of vegetable salad, vegetarian meal, fresh tomatoes from own garden, cooking outside

Macro of slicing a fresh cucumber with kitchen knife on a wooden cutting board.

knife slicing a red onion close up

The cook slices garlic on the wooden board by sharp knife outside, cooking outside, cooking healthy food, summer meals

Woman cutting fresh ginger root on kitchen table, close up

Chef shreds garlic on the wooden board near the grill's fire, makin the salad, vegetable meal, vitamins in daily food, cooking outdoors

Chopping Onion. Slow mothion. red onions close up. Female hands cut onions in kitchen. Macro shooting of red onions. The woman cuts onions on a wooden board.

Woman's hands slicing beet on wooden cutting board

Cutting red onions on a cutting board

The cook cuts salmon fillet, chef prepares fish for cooking, dishes with fish, diet and healthy food

Watermelon In Slices

Carving a Roasted Chicken

Scrape out the vanilla pod with a knife

Chef cooks broccoli, vegetable meals and dishes, diet food, proper nutrition, healthy cooking

Close up shot of man hands slicing carrot and female hands cutting tomato on wooden cutting board for salad on the table with healthy food in the kitchen. Side view.

cutting a banana in breakfast cereal 4k

Set of fresh vegetables and fruits on wooden tray

Chef cuts onion for making vegan meal, vegetables for fresh salad, spicy food

Young housewife peels banana for fresh smoothies. Delicious apples and bananas lay on a plate.

Hand slicing kiwi into slices on a cutting board

Woman hands chopping fresh garlic with knife

Shot of woman chef cutting mushrooms on chopping wooden board. Slow motion video

knife cuts raw meat closeup

Cutting tomato by culinary knife. Slow motion

Close up of young woman's hand cutting chicken breast on a wooden cutting board

Sliced white onion in bowl. Preparation of dishes from vegetables for healthy diet

Chef slicing salmon close up. Raw fish on cutting board.

Slicing toast with avocado and egg. Healthy vegan breakfast.

Housewife cut banana for fresh smoothies. Useful fruit. Dietary breakfast.

Woman's hands chopping the fresh green lettuce on chopping board in the kitchen.

Hands of woman cut a smoked sausage on the wooden cutting board

Female hands with knife, cutting fresh red chili peppers, steadicam

The Baker is Cutting a Banana with a Knife

Close up of a hand slicing a fresh juicy mango with a knife on a wooden cutting board with an avocado in the background.

Knife cuts greek Halloumi cheese into slices on kitchen counter cutting board

Chef cuts the red onion by the sharp knife on the wooden board at the kitchen, close up video of cooking the vegetable salad, slicing the vegetables

Slow motion of man slicing cauliflower with little girl in background.