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Silhouette of the hand of a maniac killing a victim with a knife

Mysterious feet walking down concrete steps. A stranger in boots descends a dark shadowy, dirty set of stairs in an industrial type of area. Stalker or killer following his victim.

Face of a man at the dark

Murderer or thief wearing leather gloves before committing a crime

Criminal putting on leather gloves, closeup

Man with gun in hand pointing, shooting. Dangerous killer, dark. Aim, armed guy gangster, psycho. Without face

The woman walking in a dark street against the man silhouette in a smoke cloud

Silhouette of a maniacs hand and a fleeing victim, close-up

Blood pooled on kitchen floor tile 4k

Close-up male attacker legs following young female in mini skirt at night in dark pedestrian underpass. Scared female looking back at criminal and starts running. Steadicam shot

Close up, back view of armed man, holding the knife in his hands, hiding it behind his back. Scared young woman standing in the background in front of the killer. Concept of violence, murder

Man hands shooting with gun. Police officer pushing finger on trigger of pistol. Male killer making two shots from weapon with sparks. Closeup soldier using firearm

Scary Stalker At Night


Blood drips from the hand of the murdered man


Hand holding knife with blood close-up. Evidence from the crime scene, murder. Investigating proof for forensic examination. Horror film movie.

Close-up of bearded man in hoodie assaulting young woman with knife in dark subway passage at night. Scared frightened female asking attacker for mercy. Terrified lady and angry criminal portrait

Grim girl in a ritual wardrobe with a knife in a dark

Close up of bad guy wearing black mask and hood


Criminalists discovering knife at crime scene, measuring crime scene close-up, taking evidence from accident, murder. Investigating proof for forensic examination. Detective workers, medical examiners


Holding knife with blood close-up. Evidence from the crime scene, murder. Investigating proof for forensic examination. Horror film movie.

Male criminal in hooded jacket threatening young woman with knife in dark underpass near the wall at night. Scared young female with fear in her eyes asking attacker for mercy. Violence and crime

Killer in mask holding gun over black background

Hands of the young man cleaning ketchup from the blade of hunter knife using napkin close-up. Imitation of the blood on the weapon. Concept of violence, murder.

Extreme blood in bathroom sink pan shot 4k

Evil Man On Dark Stairs Transition To Black


The dark silhouette of the man pulls the shutter of the gun and goes forward

Dragging dead woman across kitchen floor 4k

Scary portrait of young girl with Halloween blood makeup. Beautiful latin woman with curly hair looking into camera. Slow motion

Masked Killer Hovers

Grim girl in a ritual wardrobe with a knife in a dark

Sinister Looking Eyes Close Up

Blood on hands first person perspective

View from between male criminal legs, back view of beautiful young woman walking through dark underpass at night alone. Killer chasing his female prey, while going alone in city

Male hand holding the revolver in hand close-up. The guy puts and removes finger from the trigger. A nervous young man going to kill a human in an abandoned building

Female slim legs in high heels and mini skirt walking on the foreground in dark underpass subway at night. Male silhouette walking on the background chasing and following lonely female

Male criminal raising hands at detention. Suspect caught by police. Tattooed man holding hands up. Police arrested robber at night. Dangerous offender standing in dark

Contact tracing identification of persons with connection to infected person

Woman walking alone in mini skirt in dark underpass and male figure in hoodie starts chasing her at night. Criminal following victim in dark subway with intention of murder or abuse. Steadicam shot

Angry criminal with a knife in his hand

Attractive blond young man holding knife to his throat, threatening, then putting his arm with a weapon to strike, looking in camera. The crazy guy is going to kill the human

Man with bloody face on kitchen tile

Strange man caught on black and white surveillance camera 4k

Bloody face slammed against frosted glass

Spooky Masked Man In Haunted House Scares Viewer

Young female noticed strange man walking after her in dark underpass tunnel. Scared woman looking back turning her head afraid of the male silhouette in darkness following her. Steadicam shot

Wide shot of young criminal man in hood walking to camera along abandoned urban ruins. Portrait of serious mixed-race or Gypsy guy strolling in ghetto on slum. Lifestyle and social problems.

Scary And Evil Man Terror Effect