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"kids chatting"
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Four classmates chatting while walking along dark school corridor in slow motion

man sitting and talking with his boys

Lockdown rear view of group of middle school students walking along hallway wearing uniform and school backpacks chatting

United group of multiracial high school students lively chatting while walking along school hallway after lesson. Cheerful multinational classmates communicating during school break

Slow-motion close-up of joyful afro kids spending time together at home chatting and smiling


Medium shot of two young women with toddler kids sitting on grass in park chatting having picnic together in summer

Medium PAN shot of cheerful afro-american family of four sitting on cozy sofa in living room chatting while watching TV spending evening together

Tracking shot of group of schoolchildren with backpacks walking together through park on sunny summer day

Children with their Smartphones and mobile phone in school class room chatting

Slowmo medium PAN shot of joyful caucasian family with two elementary age children sitting at kitchen table eating sandwiches for breakfast and talking


Handheld medium shot of cheerful female teacher with short curly hair and group of middle school children chatting and looking at globe in classroom

Chest-up shot of cheeky 5-year-old Caucasian twin sisters posing with playful bull horns hand gestures in studio on white background, talking and looking at camera with gap-toothed smiles


Full shot of two female friends in casualwear standing on forest path among trees chatting while their toddler kids playing nearby spending weekend together

PAN of happy children chatting and spending time with grandfather and grandmother sitting on sofa

Slow-motion full family portrait of delighted elementary age siblings spending summer day with their parents and grandparents chilling on lawn in backyard chatting and drinking lemonade

Medium PAN shot of big joyful afro-american family having dinner at home together, chatting and exchanging plates having good time celebrating special occasion

Tracking shot of man and his son looking at items at garage sale and chatting with cheerful woman and girl

PAN of happy grandmother laughing and chatting with cute elementary age girl sitting on her laps, then talking with unrecognizable grandson


Slowmo shot of group of multiethnic pre-teen children in casualwear with backpacks chatting while sitting on ground in schoolyard after classes

man talking with his kids closeup

Medium shot of loving grandparents talking with grandson while babysitting; elementary age girl sitting on laps of grandmother

Tracking shot with tilt up of schoolchildren with backpacks walking together on green grass in park on sunny summer day

Close-up portrait of diverse teenagers browsing on cellphone while spending free time together at home. Smiling mixed race boys surfing the net on smartphone during joint domestic leisure

Medium PAN footage of big joyful afro-american family meeting for homemade dinner in cozy living room, chatting and laughing while sitting at table


Slowmo shot of five multiethnic preteens in casual clothes chatting at playground on sunny day

Slowmo handheld shot of male-sex couple smiling and interacting with baby and their school-age son at home

Middle School Girls Chatting In Restroom

Medium shot of two cute elementary age brother and sister having breakfast together with parents and grandfather sitting at big wooden kitchen table, eating fresh homemade sandwiches and chatting

Side view shot PAN of African-American parents and kids sitting on floor in their new home and chatting Their belongings are in cardboard boxes

Medium shot of happy young father sitting at dinner table and chatting with cute little daughters


Medium shot of two young cheerful women with cute toddler kids sitting on bench in park enjoying summertime

Two shy awkward young girls standing next to each other waiting

Tilt up of happy young mother with short curly hair lying on bed and holding tablet: she reading funny story to laughing boy and girl

Two kids enjoying talking and drawing at art class together. Little boy chatting to his classmate while drawing. Cute red haired girl coloring with her friend at school. Friendship, kids concept.

Portrait of beautiful kids chatting indoors. Closeup cute children drawing with colored pencils at home. Attractive boy and girl lying on carpet with sketchbooks in living room.

Close-up of a young blonde girl talking emotionally to her father. Family spending autumn day together sitting on the meadow.


Tilt up slowmo shot of cute girls and boys sitting on floor and watching video on tablet


Slowmo shot of three multiethnic preteens chatting while having lunch with juice and sandwiches outdoors in summer

Waist-up shot of bubbly blonde twin sisters with long hair, wearing ditsy high-neck dresses, sitting at table in living room, drawing pictures with colorful pencils and talking to each other

Tracking shot of bearded young father holding hands of schoolboy and schoolgirl and walking along footpath in park on sunny summer day

Medium PAN shot of two afro-american families with kids gathering together greeting and hugging each other having dinner in cozy living room


Tilt-up slowmo shot of African American father of two cute boys walking together along beautiful summer forest trail having conversation during camping trip

High-angle shot of relaxed multigenerational family of six with two elementary age kids spending summer day together sitting in backyard chatting and eating watermelon enjoying sunshine

Schoolboy and schoolgirl in uniforms sitting on floor in school hallway chatting, eating sandwiches and drinking soda from tin cans, classmates eating lunch on the go in background


PAN slowmo shot of multiethnic school children sitting on bench outdoors in summer Girls taking selfie portrait on smartphone


Slowmo shot of multiethnic classmates playing ball games sitting on ground at schoolyard between or after classes


Slowmo shot of two cute African American boys and their dad sitting together under tree during camping trip, examining map and deciding where to go


Slowmo shot of two school girlfriends having fun playing on climbing net at playground at schoolyard in summer