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Guy carry the girl on hands. Kidnapping. Bandit had kidnapped girl. The terrorist carries away a girl in the woods. Kidnapping for blackmail.

Terrorists kidnapped the girl. Criminals carry away the victim. Bandits tied up the victim.

Helpless scared beautiful female in pajama with hands tied up with rope hiding in corner of rustic shed, frightened by cruel male kidnapper, expressing fear, despair and hopelessness.

Missing Caucasian boy ad hanging on the tree in winter. Information about reward for any data about little kidnapped child. Kidnapping, loss, search.

Young Caucasian man giving missing child ad to unrecognizable woman on the street. Father searching for his kidnapped son. Loss, depression, despair.

Terrorists carry away the related victim. Abduction of the girl in the forest. Stealing a woman in the forest. Criminal authorities kidnapped a person.

young frightened girl sits in the locked car - looks around herself - stressed

Abused And Scared Wife Looking At Violent Husband And Crying

Handheld low angle of a swing moving back and forth in abandoned playground

Ransom Computer Keyboard Button Pay Demand Hacked Data Extortion Threat 3 D Animation

Terrified shocked kidnapped beautiful woman in white dress with hands tied up with rope sitting in dark rustic shed, trembling and frightening by every noise, feeling helplessness and hopelessness.

Close up of an old wooden swing deteriorating from age and the weather in an abandoned playground

Portrait of terrified young woman with hands tied up with rope, sitting in corner of dark rustic shed, biting nails, expressing helplessness, fear and hopelessness while being kidnapped by criminal.

Ransom Threat Rising Speedometer Extortion Pay Demanded Money 3 D Animation

Close up of a old wooden swing rotting with mold and fungus growing on it in an abandoned playground

An establishing low angle shot of an old, abandoned home.

Swing in park with abandoned bookbag missing child 4k

A single swing moving back and forth on a rusty swing set in an abandoned playground

A daytime establishing low angle shot of an old, abandoned home.

Terrified kidnapped hungry attractive female with hands tied up with rope, greedily eating food from dirty bowl, served by kidnapper, in dark rustic shed while being abducted by criminal.

A daylight establishing low angle shot of an old, abandoned home.

Caucasian man hanging missing son ad on the tree as his upset wife standing with other booklets. People leaving the shot. Kidnapping, loss, despair.

A day establishing low angle shot of an old, abandoned home.

Ruthless kidnapper feeding terrified abducted woman, flinging dirty bowl with food in rustic shed. Scared kidnapped female with hands tied up with rope looking with hunger on meal served by criminal.

A jib establishing shot of an old, overgrown abandoned house.

A daylight establishing low angle shot of an old, abandoned home.

Pay Up and Nobody Gets Hurt Ransom Message 3d Animation

Takeover Hostile Unwelcome Uninvited Siege Ransom Note 3d Animation

Bearded Caucasian man hanging missing boy ad on the tree. Young father searching for his lost son. Kidnapping, despair, social problems.