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"immigrant of the united states"
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4K UHD Dolly Shot Up to Hispanic Man Looking Into Camera

A pen marks in Haiti as country of origin on a US citizenship document

4K UHD Aerial Shot of Border Patrol Driving Up to Wall of Mexico Border

A slow motion shot of a United States immigration citizenship application being denied. Fictitious information on form. Shot at 60fps.

Macro Pan up on Homeland Security logo on US immigration / naturalization form

4K/UHD Drone of Mexico Border Wall

Woman Sitting On Couch Reading Usa Immigration Papers

4K UHD Aerial Circling Around Mexican Border Patrol Driving Along Dirt Road

Republican Man Against Illegal Aliens In America

4K UHD Aerial Shot of Mexican Border Wall


Middle shot of happy smiling African American woman posing with USA flag at home indoors. Portrait of proud young beautiful immigrant wrapping in national symbol looking at camera.

A highlighter marks "you are not eligible for naturalization" on a document


Close-up of happy Muslim woman in hijab wrapping in American flag smiling looking at camera. Portrait of satisfied Middle Eastern immigrant posing with USA national symbol indoors. Immigration concept.

A yellow highlighter marks "Is your mother a US citizen" on an immigration form

A pen marks a disqualifying checkbox on a US naturalization form

Crowds March Away in DTLA


Asian immigrant woman grocery shopping for fruit the supermarkets. Abstract difficult economic time

Los Angeles Colorful Quilt

American Flag 977

SAN DIEGO, CA - Circa February, 2017 - Protesters gather at the San Diego Civic Center to show their support for immigrants.

Two Muslim women wrapped in American flag looking at camera and smiling. Portrait of confident female immigrants posing at university yard in USA. Happy groupmates studying in United States.

Anheuser-Busch factory in St Louis Missouri 4k

View of the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan from the Hudson River. Dolly shot,low angle


Close-up of African American hand on USA flag. Unrecognizable young guy sitting indoors holding national symbol. Patriotism and pride concept.

IMMIGRATIONS Keywords Animation, Background, Loop, 4k

Asian immigrant woman grocery shopping for fruit the supermarket. Abstract difficult economic time

Asian immigrant woman grocery shopping for fruit the supermarket. Abstract difficult economic time

Portrait of smiling excited Asian girl looking at camera holding book with blurred American flag at background. Happy teenager posing at home indoors. Exchange student studying abroad.

Candlelight Vigil Close Up On Various Offerings

SANTA MONICA - Circa December, 2018 - A street performer on the Santa Monica Pier wears a Trump mask while playing the guitar. Shot at 60fps.

March Through Historic District

Portrait of cheerful smiling Asian teenage girl waving at camera and talking. Joyful teen blogger in headphones sitting at home in USA blogging. Immigrants lifestyle.

Portrait of teen Asian girl sitting at desk at home thinking. Thoughtful teenage student with dyed blond hair doing homework indoors in the evening. Smart teenager with books and tablet.

Headshot of cheerful Asian teen girl laughing out loud indoors with blurred American flag at background. Close-up portrait of joyful positive teenager having fun at home. Lifestyle and joy.

Frustrated Asian teenage girl sitting on bag chair hugging knees. Wide shot portrait of depressed bullied immigrant at home with American flag at background. Bullying and frustration.

Side view portrait of sad exhausted Asian girl sitting at desk doing homework and leaning back on chair. Tired teenager studying in USA. Exchange student overwhelmed with studies.

Concentrated genius Asian teen girl doing homework sitting at table with American flag at background. Portrait of smart teenage exchange student studying in USA. Education concept.

Topview of March in DTLA

Headshot of joyful Asian redhead teen girl in headphones dancing and singing indoors. Close-up portrait of happy carefree immigrant teenager having fun at home with USA flag at background.

Concentrated positive Asian girl reading at home and hugging book. Portrait of carefree happy teenager enjoying literature indoors. Redhead immigrant resting with USA flag at background.

Confident Asian girl approaching table with books and sitting down. Portrait of focused teenager studying indoors with American flag at background. Exchange student doing homework.

Portrait of cheerful relaxed Asian teen girl in headphones sitting on bag chair dancing. Joyful teenager enjoying leisure at home indoors. Happy immigrant in room with American flag at background.

Wide shot of carefree Asian teenage girl entering room and sitting down on bag chair. Portrait of relaxed redhead teenager in headphones resting at home with USA flag at background. Immigrants.

Portrait of overworked Asian teen girl yawning and putting head on table. Tired Korean teenager exhausted of homework falling asleep. Overwhelmed immigrant studying in USA.