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Above the Clouds

The heavens spinning behind a silhouette of Jesus' cross on Calvary

Sunlight Shines Behind Storm Cloud Time Lapse

Cloud FX0112: Light beams of sun stream from roiling clouds in the sky (Loop).

Silhouetted Man And Other Worldly Sky

The Heavens 0106: Traveling through star fields and gasses in space (Loop).

The Heavens 0407: Traveling through star fields in deep space (Loop).

The Heavens 0509: Galaxies form in deep space (Loop).

Close up view of violet mountain flowers under strong wind. Mountainous region, pure nature. Relaxation, positive emotions. Sunny weather, cloudy sky, camera stabilizer shot, landscape

The Little Dipper in the Night Sky

Clear sky after summer rain

Sea Sun Clouds

Global 0710: Night falls on planet Earth rotating in starry heavens (Loop).

The Heavens 0109: Shooting stars and a pink star trail in space (Loop).

The Heavens 0303: A midnight starry sky turns above giant rock formations.

Heavens Glorious Clouds

The Heavens 0411: The heavens turn and stars shoot in deep blue space (Loop).

The Heavens 0307: Starlight forms The Cross in the heavens (Loop).

Persons Hands And The Heavens

Cloudscape Aerial

The Heavens 0211: A twinkling star field in black space (Loop).

The Heavens 0501: Flying through star fields and gas clouds in deep space (Loop).

Hyper Nature 0304: Starry heavens turn above a granite sheer-faced peak.

southeast asian mountain climbing Sa Pa Vietnam O Quy Ho Tram Ton Pass Heavens Gate Sunset Time Lapse

The Heavens 0512: Flying through star fields in space (Loop).

The Heavens 0503: Flying through star fields in space (Loop).

The Heavens 0311: Traveling through star fields in deep space (Loop).

sun setting on a giant cumulus orange colors and blue sky Martinique tropical climate

The Heavens 0103: Moonlight illuminates midnight waves (Loop).

rotating clouds around the camera

The Heavens 0210: A star shines over windy poppy fields at night (Loop).

The Heavens 0312: The sun sets and stars appear over a calm, undulating ocean.

Moon and clouds - time lapse

Flying Over Clouds Tilt Up

Silhouetted Man Standing By Black And White Cloudscape

Sea Sun Clouds 2

crane from tree to sky

Partly Sunny Time Lapse

Silhouetted Man Pointing From The Heavens

Clouds 1511: Time lapse clouds travel across a dark blue sky.

Cumulus clouds over a plain lake - time lapse

Stormy Cloudscape Time Lapse

Fantastic Clouds 0202: Time lapse clouds travel across a dark blue sky.

The Heavens 0201: Water ripples the moon and stars in blue heavens (Loop).

Partly Cloudy City Aerial Shot

Time Lapse 0405: Time lapse white clouds form in a blue sky above huge rock formations.

Hand held arch shot of worried middle aged man in a red shirt on a beach puts his hand on his chin and then on his head in thought while during a beautiful sunset or sunrise overlooking the ocean with rays of light coming from the heavens above.

PAN: This is a picturesque footage of golden agricultural fields divided by roads with clouds on the sky making shadows on the ground