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closeup of dirty ground road

Fresh soil furrows plowed, ready for spring wheat crop.

Farmer working in field in morning, hand holding leaf of cultivated plant. Hands holding pile of arable soil. Agriculture, gardening or ecology concept.

Landscape of countryside. Sheaf of hay on the background of the village.

Ploughed field, soil close up. background.

Close-up view of hoe in dirt weeding between radishes. Hoe weeding in between rows of vegetables

Dried and cracked land slow motion pan video dried leaves rolling on soil

Soil and Agriculture. Farmer hands holding organic soil. Man Farmer Hands Touching Ground on Field. Close up of male hands touching dry ground in an agricultural field. Concept of agribusiness.

A close view of a fertilizing tractor that drives through a green field and sprays the grass. View of the spraying wing.

Drone flying low above ground with American sandstone landscape covered with rocks and stones in sunset Arizona, USA.

Closeup of Green Vegetation in Desert Field 3

Young farmer harvesting potatoes in bucket on the field at organic farm

Farmer walking in mown field. Top view of gardener working in farmland. Harvest time concept. Man walks around plantation after farming work. Landscape of countryside nature.


Beautiful scenic sunset view at mountain range and dry yellow grass in front


Jogger in sportswear, hat and gloves running along river in winter park and approaching camera in slow motion, ducks swimming in water, doves flying from tree branches, snow lying on ground

Aerial view of yellow agriculture crops field

Slow motion: Farmer examining the soil. The farmer touches the ground with his hands. Black earth on the hands. Sowing. Hand scooping dirt on a field at sunset

Grey smoke rising from the ground.

Farmer goes with rubber boots along green field. Rubber boots for work use. A worker go with his rubber boots at sunset time. Concept of agricultural business. Steadicam video.

closeup of dirty ground road

Aerial flight over green field Aerial flight over green field

Ground Collapse with Green Screen

A huge green field with a beam of the sun walking on it

Little young plant in the soil

A green field at sunrise

A tractor is plowing large fields of potatoes

Sowing the seeds , Planting a tree for save the earth and natural , clean ecology in natural.

Small green plant growing from soil in a child hands.

Beautiful cock walking on the yard, super slow motion

A man holds a biological sprout of life in his labor hands with the ground for planting, on a green background, concept: lifestyle, farming, ecology, bio, love, tradition, new life.

Iceland Moving Fast Over Green Moss Covered Ground With Mountains In Winter 1

Farmer working in field in morning, hand holding leaf of cultivated plant. Hands holding pile of arable soil. Agriculture, gardening or ecology concept.


Wildfire burns ground in forest

Plants are beginning to grow on a field

Digging in garden soil

close-up of feet running ground slow motion

Closeup of stream water on ground autumn sunset sunlight natural small waterfall amazing details ecology forest fresh green

A beautiful field with green grass

Woman farmer holding shovel in his hand walking across green field a pile of dirt soil. Agronomist goes to work early in the morning. Legs in rubber boots on a dusty dirt road near an field.

A pathway through wilderness toward the setting sun - view from ground

Dried Death Valley Ground

A woman planted a young plant in soil

Empty park with sunset and leaves on ground. Wide shot of empty park in fall with bench and sunset in background.

Grass Field 1080p with Alpha Channel

Farmer take a sample of the black fertile soil. Farmer handful of fertile soil standing in cultivated field. Soil, Agriculture, - Farmer hands holding and pouring back organic soil.

Animation of harvesting grass and plants on the ground on a green screen for keying.

Aerial view of stone amphitheater in thick clouds, Bermamyt plateau, Caucasus. Flying over majestic cliff face along which road runs along the ground. The fog is moving up steep slope. Elbrus region

An aerial view over old natural stone cobbles with grass and weeds in-between the joints - seamless looping.