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Aerial footage in a greenhouse with moder agriculture technology for growing green salad.

Ventilation of greenhouses

Young plants growing in rows in greenhouse. Seedlings growing in large plant nursery. Rows of seedlings and young plants in greenhouse. Inside big industrial greenhouse. Plant cultivation

Huge greenhouse. Growing of flowers in large greenhouse.

Agriculture worker carry a box of green salad in greenhouse in the summer.

Equipment for landscape irrigation. Automatic watering system for greenhouses. Irrigation system. Irrigation machine watering big plantation of pine seedllings. Watering system

Aeriel view of modern agriculture in a greenhouse with growing lettuce.

Tracking shot of a Basil inside a greenhouse

greenhouses from the air

Vegetables growing in a greenhouse

Medium shot of cheerful female African agronomist in lab coat and safety goggles standing on trolley and putting pesticides on cucumber plants in industrial greenhouse

Hands caring for small farm plant in greenhouse at night

Tomato plants are in greenhouse. Bucket full of ripe red tomatoes. Bio nutrition concept.

Tracking shot of Tomatoes in a greenhouse

Aerial footage of large greenhouse farm in a green valley

Medical Cannabis plants growing under controlled conditions in a large greenhouse

The harvest of the figs in third world countries . Close-up cutting

Close up of female hands in gloves picking up red peppers. Bell pepper harvest. Healthy organic homegrown vegetables. Hand of farmer picking pepper.

Drone flying in a modern greenhouse for oraganic crop. Modern farming

Woman harvesting cucumbers at greenhouse. Growing cucumbers for export. Organic food farm.

Aerial close up view of greenhouse with light inside. Copter flying over the organic planting in the night.

Agronomy engineers checking a production of organic green salad in greenhouse with modern production technology.

Watering machine irrigating plants in greenhouse. Watering field with sprinkler system. Industrial irrigation system watering field grown seedlings. Agricultural equipment

Rear-view medium track shot with slowmo of young agronomic engineer in lab coat walking along contemporary vertical farm inspecting shelves of growing seedlings of various sorts

Irrigation machine warering seedlings planted in trays in large greenhouse. Equipment for irrigation plants in greenhouses. Automatic watering system for greenhouses. Watering system

Horizontal indoors shot of man and woman doing horticulture job and taking care of plants in greenhouse.

AERIAL: Seedlings growing in modern greenhouses on horticultural plantation

Farmer drinking coffee looking at the sunrise over a greenhouse farm

Modern greenhouse ceiling with hydrating system. Clear blue sky on the background. Modern agriculture, farming, vitamins

High-angle midsection shot with slowmo of unrecognizable female nursery worker carrying big wooden box of ripe red strawberries along greenhouse

Organic green salad growing in a greenhouse with modern technology for irigation.


Tracking slowmo of mid-adult woman in apron walking through greenhouse, looking at plants and taking notes on digital tablet

Close up of female hands picking up green and red peppers. Bell pepper harvest. Healthy homegrown vegetables.

A woman planted a young plant in soil

Pepper tree in garden with drop of water on leaves. Vegetable in garden. Concept of agribusiness. Growing peppers in the garden. Diet, vegetarian lifestyle, eco products, organic

A close view on white budding roses in a commercial greenhouse.

Crane shot with tilt down of female African worker and her male colleague in overalls and gloves talking and walking through greenhouse with rows of cucumber plants growing in hydroponic beds

The greenhouse with flowers


Scientist watering and examining plants in the greenhouse 4k

Tilt up of senior male agronomist in lab coat and glasses taking soil sample and putting it into test tube while inspecting seedlings in greenhouse

Back view of farmer walking with a box of green salad in a greenhouse with modern farming technology.

Young woman gardener working in a large greenhouse with pots of seedlings and plants.

Cantaloupe, Japanese Melon and other melon Growing in Greenhouse indoor Farm


Tomato fruit in a greenhouse with water drops. Spraying unripe tomatoes on a branch in the garden close-up

Tomato plant, Planting vegetables, Farm business. Hands of a farmer while planting a plant in a vegetable garden. Watering the garden

Greenhouse water agriculture system controlled by modern technologies Spbd. For efficient production of greens and vegetables, inustrian manufacturers use technique that is controlled by computer

Equipment for watering plantations. Automatic watering in agro-industry. Irrigation machine irrigating pine plantations. Sprinkling pine seedlings with automatic watering system

Close up of a woman's hand with blue gloves puts a lettuce work on the factory hydroponics agriculture botany cultivated farm field foliage gardening greenhouse herbs crop indoors industry