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Young surprised woman having an idea. Beautiful business lady pointing her finger up standing on blurred background. I have got and idea concept.

happy woman with thumbs up on dark background

Pretty mixed race woman having doubts what to choose and suddenly someone giving her a good advice. She nodding her head and doing thumbs up gesture.

Thoughtful woman raising up forefinger like got an idea and smiling, posing on orange background

Successful confident handsome man in his early 30s looking, smiling and pointing at the camera and nodding yes

Unhappy Caucasian boy crossing hands shaking head no looking at camera. Portrait of dissatisfied sad kid posing at yellow background. Rejection and disapproval concept.

Teenage girls gesturing and shaking head in denial

black african man holding up hand at demostration protest. Social justice and peaceful protesting racial injustice

Young lady in glasses and white jumper is showing hand sign okay, smiling while posing on pink background

Businessman signs paper beside flag. Man with microphone signing document. Decision is made. New leader of political party.

Woman advertising something by pointing to her leftwhere is copyspace available. Slow motion footage. Happy woman enjoying her gesture

Young black woman is very upset how it could have happened. She shooting herself in the head with finger gun gesture and then falling down.

Portrait of smiling attractive woman shrugging shoulders on grey background. Closeup excited lady laughing in studio. Happy girl showing not know gesture indoors. Happy female model smiling at camera.


Its okey. Young positive man gesturing OK and winking to camera, approving idea, smiling to camera, yellow background


Man in latex blue gloves scrolling a smart phone in a supermarket. Close up male hands. Concept of healthy and safety life. Epidemic, quarantine, coronavirus


Happy African American man with paper map gesturing thumb up smiling looking at camera. Portrait of satisfied young male tourist posing outdoors. Lifestyle and tourism concept.


Confused young man gesturing I don't know or can't help anything


Disgusted man denying something unpleasant


Young man showing ok gesture with hand


Man greeting by waving hand


Man dancing and giving thumbs up gesture

African American businessman celebrating victory. Slow motion excited African American entrepreneur expresses satisfaction and triumph on green screen background.


Businessman saying no by waving her finger

Gray-haired old people waving hello while communicating online with deaf children and grandchildren using sign language. Hearing impaired multi-generation family during video connection at home


Confused young man coming up with a good idea


A young beautiful Muslim woman shakes her head at the camera and shows a thumb down as she sits on a sofa in an apartment


Happy businessman giving v hand sign

Successful business team gesturing thumbs up


Two software developers doing high five hand gesture at desk with multiple screens running ai code celebrating successful algorithm. Programmers colleagues enjoying teamwork results in it agency.


Face of newborn baby in heart shape gesture of couple of parents. Carefree Caucasian infant boy lying with father and mother on soft comfortable bed indoors start crying. Slow motion.


Happy couple gesturing heart shape with hands lying on bed with newborn baby at home indoors looking at camera. Confident Caucasian husband and wife posing with infant son in slow motion.


Portrait of confident happy young woman gesturing victory gesture in slow motion admiring husband and newborn baby at background looking at camera. Positive Caucasian mother posing indoors.


Software developer looking at running code on multiple screens takes off glasses and doing high five hand gesture with colleague programer. Programmers celebrating successful online cloud computing.

Funny woman making binoculars hands. Slow motion middle-aged woman grimacing on blurred background. Crazy and comical gesture.


System engineers celebrating successful code compiling doing high five hand gesture with colleague. Coder analyzing algorithm on multiple screens takes off glasses and congratulates coworker.


Happy successful business man rejoicing in success. Business recovery after the coronavirus pandemic


Happy old man showing thumbs up working out with a dumbbell

Girl waving his finger and looking at the camera seriously

Attractive girl in a white T-shirt shakes her head with a finger gesture - "Don't do it, it's a mistake!" "No, be careful. " Sign of disapproval, denial, refusal, disagreement.

Man celebrating a brilliant idea


Two programmers doing high five hand gesture at desk with multiple screens running code celebrating successful algorithm. Software developers colleagues enjoying teamwork results in it agency


Serious man saying no with stop hand sign

Zoom out view of mature man in suit gesticulating and talking with audience about charts on LED screen during business conference


Businessman showing stop sign with hand, close-up

Confident afro-american businessman talking to audience. Black man in business suit speaking and gesturing with hands. Dark-skinned speaker at business conference.

Dad and his son lying at the fur carpet and have interesting emotional conversation using gestures. Father talk with his kid like equal. Father-child relationship.

Girl surprised and negatively shaking head. Pretty brunette shaking head on dark background. Beautiful woman showing sign hush holding finger near lips. Emotional surprised girl making hush gesture

Annoyed african american girl shows gesture no by hands at brown wall