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Globe Turning Stop Motion Clouds. A globe of the earth turning on axis in front of a window view of passing clouds. Captured in stop motion / time lapse.

Male hand checking map on the trunk in the forest

old map and other stuff

Dolly Vintage 1850 Man Marking A Map And Taking Notes

Striking 3d rendering of the communication world map with illuminated towns and villages, dark green forests, blue oceans and seas, moving liason lines, connecting people

Global 0704: Pan across a flat planar planet Earth (Loop).

Globe and Male Hands - 4k

Hipster man finding places on map and writing top tourist destinations for traveling into a journal for his wanderlust vacation

Layout of planet Earth in male hands, close-up. Concept: ecology, environmental protection, secret government, humanity, etc.

73 Maps And Geo Icons

Man searching direction with a compass on background of map. Finding your way concept


Planet earth globe view from space showing realistic earth surface and world map

France on a political map - closeup

Female teacher in class near the map of the world communicates with students, asks questions and explains.

Closeup motion world map, travel background. Elegant and luxury pastel style, animation footage for travel or news theme

Germany on a political map - closeup

Male hand with pin on the map aiming destination

Flying Over Ancient Abstract Map, 25 FPS.

Flying Over Ancient Abstract Map, seamless loop, 30 FPS.

Planet earth globe view from space showing realistic earth surface and world map

Realistic Planet Earth from space

Scandinavia on a political map - closeup

Vintage magnifying glass lies on the ancient map of the North Pole (also Hyperborea). Arctic continent on the Gerardus Mercator map of 1595.

Counrty names pinned on globe.


3D render of a map of Russia and an iron fence that separates the Russian Federation from other countries, symbolizing the economic and political blockade. The concept of the iron curtain.

Rotating world map

Turkey animated map with alpha channel.

Vintage Map Maker Using Compass Dividers

Rotating Topography Scan (30fps)

Earth from Space Australia, Australian continent slow zoom morning sunrise

Globe and Male Hands - 4k

Iceland on a political map - closeup

Slider Shot to Reveal Los Angeles, United States of America, on a Printed Map With 3D Animated Map Marker

Portrait shot of cute caucasian woman exploring globe, choosing country for vacation and noting in the note book in the white room

An extreme closeup shot of a pilot examining VFR maps of the North American east coast on a tablet PC before a flight.

Spinning around planet earth from outer space. 3D render animation. NASA images. World globe global environment in stars galaxy cosmos, science universe exploration of atmosphere astronomy

Flags of the Nations of the world on a rotating globe.

Spinning globe. Planet Earth as a orange glow hologram with power arc lines. 3d computer generated motion background

Footage of a map of Turkey-Izmir and a compass lying on the map which goes crazy, the shot is moving from the right to the left...

Flag of Somalia waving on white background

Man looking at world globe in library 4k

4K Earth Zoom to Arctic Circle

abstract world Technology Background Business

Flying Over Ancient Abstract Map, seamless loop, 25 FPS.

Diverse elementary school students attentively listening to mixed race female teacher using geographic globe during class. Curious schoolchildren studying geography at lesson in primary school

Marking highlight on tourist place on guide map

Portrait of attractive young woman writting plan of future trip in the note book, woman finishing writing and close up note book while siiting at the table with globe and toy plane in the white room.

Arkansas Ar Red State Map Name 3 D Animation