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"frustrated on computer"
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An upset man at his laptop.

Upset businessman finding mistakes in documents in office. Close up frustrated worker looking at laptop computer at home office. Sad business man reading finance report at notebook indoors

Focused business woman working on laptop computer in home office. Disappointed business analyst found mistake in financial report. Stress at work. Sad businesswoman leaning back at workplace

Buffering Laptop 3816

Frustrated woman working computer at home. Young lady staring laptop at kitchen. Sad business lady reading worried information on notebook at open kitchen.


Serious dark haired woman in eyewear looking for some important documents among other papers lying on her desk. Stressful work at office center.

Stressful woman working on laptop computer at working place. Sleepy businesswoman typing on computer in late night office. Overworked hipster girl making project at workplace.

Frustrated businessman getting bad results on laptop computer at home office. Upset guy reading news on computer screen at remote workplace. Portrait of sad business man working laptop at home kitchen

Worn out young college student tired working at computer 4k


Overwork concept. Young tired woman working on laptop computer, taking off glasses and massaging nose bridge

Tired business woman working with headache in home office. Stressed businesswoman upset by bad financial report. Tired woman leaning back at workplace. Female employee thinking about work in office

Frustrated african businessman looking at laptop screen in coworking. Closeup upset african american business man finding mistakes in project indoors. Emotional african guy regretting in office.

Frustrated, unhappy man working at home in his kitchen slams his laptop computer screen shut and walks away

Tired young woman working on computer, feeling head ache.

tired male student is closing laptop after online lecture, sitting at home at evening, switching off table lamp

Tired business man touching head in dark office. Sad guy working hard on laptop. Overworked business man working late in night office.


Stressed businesswoman annoyed using stuck laptop, angry woman mad about computer problem frustrated with data loss, online mistake, software error or system failure.


Overworked businessman typing financial statistics on laptop sitting at desk table in startup company office late at night. Workaholic entrepreneur planning economic project before company deadline


Business woman tired at work

Depressed unhappy disgusted frustrated elderly black senior woman in her 50s or 60s looking at a computer monitor and reacting in a negative way to bad news or serious information - dolly shot

Angry business man throwing document paper on computer table in dark office. Nervous business analyst working overtime with financial reports in late office.

Tired business man touching head working hard on laptop upset exhausted young office work worried sleepy stressed frustrated employee corporate computer career businessman slow motion

Young african american woman feeling disappointed reading news using laptop at home. Dark cinematic look

Frustrated man working on laptop computer at home. Annoyed guy have trouble in online work at christmas holiday. Upset freelance worker closing laptop at xmas home. Tired student at holiday

Anxious young man working on computer, feeling nervous about mistake.

Focused business woman checking financial reports on computer in dark office. Frustrated financial analyst throwing document in night office. Stressed woman working late at workplace

Tired mother working on laptop at home. Boy interrupt busy mom. Stressed woman looking at laptop with kids on background

Tired designer in craft studio at night. Frustrated worker putting his head on desk in home office. Sleep at work. Creative worker have no idea

Unhappy businessman browsing business graphs and charts in night office. Sad analyst working overtime with financial reports in late office. Bankrupt and bad business statistic

Overworked business woman having headache in night office. Tired woman massaging head at workplace. Stressed woman working at dark office

Executive office worker is tired but still works. Modern office with big windows

Tired Girl College Student Studying At Night

Tired woman looking at laptop computer. Portrait of exhausted businesswoman at home. Close up of sad woman using laptop. Unhappy employee closing laptop after job. Stressed woman have problem in work

business, office, school and education concept - stressed businesswoman with computer at work

Frustrated business woman working on computer with economic data in home office. Upset woman manager leaning back on chair. Business crisis concept. Female boss thinking business solution

Tired woman working laptop computer at home workplace. Frustrated person working online on computer at kitchen. Upset girl looking at laptop computer screen. Calm employee thinking about job

Frustrated and disappointed young businesswoman with laptop indoors in home office, working.

Shocked woman face looking at tablet computer. Close up of surprised woman emotion. Shocked girl watching internet news online at tablet computer. Shock expression of woman using tablet

Confused focused young indian female employee manager working on computer.

Shocked businesswoman getting bad results of project in office. Stressed business woman finding mistakes in documents. Close up upset woman looking computer screen in slow motion.

Frustrated young woman suffering from headache due to computer overuse.

Portrait of stressed business woman working online at home. Tired woman headache. Close up of upset woman professional work at computer screen

Businessman Solving Complex Business Problems

Bored businesswoman sitting in the office

Upset woman closing laptop computer at home workplace. Portrait of tired woman have problem at job. Stressed woman finishing work on computer. Female freelancer have break in work online

Frustrated african american businessman looking laptop in office. Concerned afro male professional realizing business problem indoors. Disappointed african man grabbing head at modern workplace.

Stressed woman having a headache while working in the office. Exhausted and overworked girl. Busy team in the background.

Overworked woman having headache in night office. Tired business woman with headache touching temple in dark office. Stressed woman working late at workplace