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shallow focus of man writing on a health form

A slow dolly macro close-up shot filling out a generic workers compensation claim form. Data written are fictional.

Young man fills form for patients in the dental clinic

Senior man fiil the form at the reception in hospital

A young woman fills out a paper form at home. Top view with shallow DOF, static footage.

Mid-section shot of unrecognizable female guest filling hotel registration form at reception desk

Female office worker doing an online hotel reservation by fulfilling a personal information on website form, online banking shopping and lifestyle, surfing on internet, wireless convenient technology

Filling up contract form. Man's hands signing contract using pen.

A person checks the female box on a census or immigration form / document

Different taxes forms for taxes payments with pen. Income tax return deduction refund. Savings, finances and economy concept. Form 1040 U. S. income tax return. W-2 and W-9 document

male hand signing contract or subscription form with a pen on a rustic wooden desk


Light Moves 1004: Fractal light forms flow.


A powerful buffalo with a rare coarse coat and moderately long, with horns in the form of a lunar sickle eats grass and shows its anxiety by encroaching on a spacious pasture.

An elderly man fills out a medical form on a clipboard - close up dolly shot

Tourist Hand filling custom immigration form. Writing from on the plane before landing


Medium long of young Black male nurse in blue scrubs filling in medical form, senior Caucasian woman lying in bed in hospital ward, talking to female doctor wearing face mask

Red flags checkmark for choosing answer options in checklist or questionnaire. Red checkboxes in question form or to-do calendar list on white background

Invoice, paper form

Closeup of printed tax declaration form in female hands and women discussing questions in income tax return

Young man fills form for patients in the dental clinic

Signing legal bind paper document contract agreement form

business and education concept - woman with documents and pen filling form

Online shopping or e-shopping is a form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the Internet

Man Is Writing contributes information In US Individual Income Tax Return Form 1040, Year 2018. Wage and tax statement for filing on April 15, tax day concept

Justice court of law contract paper document agreement form


Stick sticker with BACKUP text on external hard drive. 2. 5-inch HDD form factor. Hard disk drive for data storage. Copy of computer data taken and stored elsewhere. Restore original after data loss


Female hands form heart shape in sunset on beach. Sunlight between fingers.

A closeup view of a business owner filling out the Paycheck Protection Program form. The PPP was a necessity for business owners during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic to aid employee retention.

Woman filling out forms, asking doctor about something she does not know. Healthcare in modern hospital or private clinic, disease prevention and consultation in medic office treatment medication

Young Man in Special forest Form went to a hike in the Mountains. Hes has big Backpack with the Tent and hunting Equipment. Hes walking through the thick dense Forest. Tourism. Hunting. Expedition.

Water has the form of drops without gravity. 3D rendering.

Form Thin Icon With Alpha Channel

Medium shot of female medical specialist writing down information into patients form while talking to mature woman before her appointment at dental office


Top side still view on triangle form pyramid of 15 colorful pool ball on red felt classic american table under direct light before beginning of weekend hobby game with friends, local sport competition


Young woman hand picking up pyramid form before pool game of 15 balls beginning on red felt table. Hobby, professional game, sport, entertainment. 15 colorful balls breaks on top view shot, 4k footage


Tilting up of young African American male nurse in blue scrubs filling in medical form, blond mature doctor talking to female senior Caucasian patient lying in bed in hospital ward


Cooking tart form of dough in slow motion.


Cooking tart form of dough in slow motion.

Young girl fills form for patients in the dental clinic


Medium of young Black male nurse in scrubs filling in medical form, senior Caucasian woman lying in bed in infection ward, talking to female doctor wearing face mask

old man is working with paper and laptop in home, elderly person is filling form on internet site, paying bills online

Medium shot of financial advisor or real estate agent taking printed documents and giving form of agreement to black male client while visiting him at home


Shop of ethical cosmetics for conscious people who care not only about themselves but also about animals. A symbol free from cruelty in the form of rabbit ears. Prohibition of experiments on animals.


Light Moves 1005: Abstract fractal light forms.


Multicolored knitted texture suface. Fiber material for handcraft knitting. Textile abstract background. Thread in form of net or web. Detailed fabric cloth with copy space for text


Slow motion zoom footage of billiard game beginning, hitting into 15 colorful balls pyramid form on a red felt background. Opening aiming successful break shot, spread playing, balls rolling on table

clip board icon cartoon illustration hand drawn animation transparent background

Female hand checking red marker to do list on transparent background. Checkmark check box. Woman writing red tick in question form front camera