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Close-up male attacker legs following young female in mini skirt at night in dark pedestrian underpass. Scared female looking back at criminal and starts running. Steadicam shot

Collecting Data of People Walking in Busy City District Commuting Home from Work at Rush Hour

Woman walking alone in mini skirt in dark underpass and male figure in hoodie starts chasing her at night. Criminal following victim in dark subway with intention of murder or abuse. Steadicam shot

Close-up of following an employee in suit along the corridor. Courageous man wearing black walking in bright modern office building.

male feet walking on fresh green grass barefoot,

Aerial shot following boats racing through canyons of Lake Powell on sunny summer day

Back view following shot of group of male and female hikers with backpacks and pole walking through forest on autumn day

Following Footage Of Happy Young Woman With Charming Cheerful Face Having Fun, Whirling On Street Of Old Town At Sunset With Church,Religious Building In Background. Ukraine Odessa 03/23/2019

Man is walking in desert

closeup side following portrait of two mixed race black woman walking in the park and talking Slow motion from 60 fps

Steadicam POV shot of walking along the narrow alleyway with shabby houses walls and following unidentified woman. Palermo, Italy

Baby elephant following the herd at Khaudum National Park, Namibia

Following dolly shot of female doctor giving instructions to multi-ethnic group of nurses pushing gurney and administering oxygen and IV fluids to unresponsive elderly patient while rushing him to ER

Secene of life at home, a caucasian boy with curly hair and glasses is following the school lesson on the laptop next to a notebook. He set up his study station on the kitchen table.


Tracking shot of African American man following mixed race boy handling ball during football training on field on stadium

Follow shot of amputee athlete with prosthetic limb running on track inside of stadium

POV of a parent following their two young children on a Easter egg hunt finding hidden treats outside

Young female noticed strange man walking after her in dark underpass tunnel. Scared woman looking back turning her head afraid of the male silhouette in darkness following her. Steadicam shot

sun flare. lens flare. walking on bridge. colorful sun

Animation of rising blue bar graph following the arrow on a background of a world map with a spreading red virus. 3d render.

Close-up female legs in high heels running away from male attacker in dark subway passage at night. Woman trying to escape strange man following her. Crimininal approachig his victim. Steadicam

Follow me, young laughing running girl asking you to follow her, waving hand. Woman in red body swimsuit jumping, on hot sunny day. Summer holiday at luxury hotel, background swimming pool and palmas.

Scared young female trying to walk away from stranger at night in dark underpass subway. Female walking behind tunnel columns looking back afraid of the man following her in darkness. Steadicam

Men's legs in sneakers are walking on fresh grass, slow motion

Walking Thru the Forest Steadicam

Man washing hands with soap in public toilet with following close-up view of drying hands in automatic appliance

Following shot of seamstress walking through sewing factory and holding white fabric; Asian female supervisor passing by her with digital tablet

Following full rear shot of family with their five children walking briskly on snowy frozen over surface of small lake, in broad daylight, with mother and father talking and pointing away

Shadows of female walking alone at dark subway passage at night, and male shadow following her. Lonely young woman being chased by stalker, killer or attacker in hooded jacket at pedestrian underpass

one man walking alone trough city park at night. spooky scary silhouette shadow

Attractive young woman walking in a grassy field at sunset

Cheerful group of multi-ethnic activists with garbage bags having fun cleaning forest of rubbish. Positive multinational people dancing following each other along forest path during waste collection

Camera following steps of businessman from the front. Close-up of confident office worker in suit walking along the corridor in the workplace.

Girl Walks Thru Corn Maze 983

Walking Thru the Forest Steadicam

A mountain biker riding on path at sunrise or sunset, slow motion, following


Close up of women legs hiking steep terrain in slow motion. running sneakers, woman feet tracking inside forest outdoors, trekking through woodland tropical forest, adventure travel, camera following


Low angle shot of young female legs walking up hill on weekend hiking, trekking on green grass path, extreme adventure outdoor activities, view from behind camera following model, national park


Young light skin asian woman standing under trees shades walk down to the sand beach, Attractive girl on vacation at tropical island, slow motion sea scape, hot and sunny day, trip travel booking


female legs and feet walking along the island beach with splashing water waves Splashes of water and barefoot in slow motion. view from behind low camera angle, following woman walking on the shore

Aerial Shot of Car Moving on Curvy Mountain Road

4K Concept of depression. Dark man silhouette. Back view. Abstract cinematic shot. Male walking in a railway tunnel.

Big flock of pigeons following happy female tourist on amazing San Marco city square in Venice Italy slow motion.

Light Streaks Following Flares and Spinning Around A Bright Energy Core | Atomic Energy | Atom Model With Particles Rotating Around Nucleus | Seamless Looping Motion Background | Full HD 1920 X 1080 | Green

Silhouettes of mother and child tourists hiking at sunset. Mom and daughter on summer vacation carrying backpacks. Little girl following her mom on cliff edge. The concept of traveling with children.

Little girl looks at camera, runs on paved road. Back view. Slow motion. Cute European child running in old street.

Mysterious feet walking down concrete steps. A stranger in boots descends a dark shadowy, dirty set of stairs in an industrial type of area. Stalker or killer following his victim.

Rear view following shot of two senior backpackers walking on trail in the forest while hiking in national park on summer vacation