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"family sad upset"
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Scared girl sitting on floor as her parents fight

The upset girl sit on the bed against the background of the arguing parents

Rack focus goes from middle aged Caucasian father supporting son to frustrated young man sharing problems with parent sitting on bench in summer park. Trust and unity concept.

Sad woman feeling upset after family quarrel

Parents Fighting At Home With Daughter In Foreground


Hospitalized sick child resting in bed after suffering medical surgery during recovery examination in hospital ward. Mother explaining sickness treatment waiting for healthcare therapy

Sad couple watching terrible news on computer at home together. Upset family feeling apart in front of laptop screen in living room. Stressed people being surprised near notebook in luxury house.

Young cute woman is being comforted by her boyfriend

Serious wroth young woman scolding her unhappy sad small son in living-room at home

Wife calms her husband at home


Close up of father sitting with sick daughter in hospital ward holding hands after suffering sickness infection. Sad child resting in bed with medical oximeter on finger waiting for disease treatment

Family difficulties. Offended on each other man and woman.

Depressed girl sitting on kitchen floor alone

Arguing couple having conflict at home kitchen. Angry woman screaming to man about cooking process

Close-up of desperate young man complaining as blurred middle aged guy supporting talking at background. Side view of handsome Caucasian son sharing problems with wise father. Support concept.

Portrait of sad frustrated men and women probably after a quarrel. Problems in the relationship between husband and wife. Misunderstanding in family.

Young couple fighting during therapy at psychologist

Attractive caucasian couple having conflict at home. Close up of sad pretty blond woman against background of offended brunette man. Pretty young woman holding her hand on her face while bearded man

Upset girl studying while her parents fighting

Supportive young mid adult husband sitting near his sad depressed wife in bed, trying to comfort her. Upset woman lying on bed in fetal position as her boyfriend trying to help, touching her gently

Agressive husband lecturing his wife at home. Upset crying wife lying in bed while her man yelling, walking back and forth on the background, abusing her emotionally. Young family couple's argument

Mother and son young adult fighting, arguing in cafe

Parents arguing and disperse to different rooms. The little boy is scared and at a loss. Family relationships. Family problems. Slow motion.

Stressed mother face. Close up of upset woman looking at computer screen. Upset mom thinking about work at home. Tired woman working at home

Sad wife looking at her ring after fight with husband

Sad teenager daughter and her loving mother. 4K UHD

Affectionate adult mother comforting her upset teenage daughter, expressing support and understanding while sitting on sofa. Caring mom consoling and caressing her sulky sad girl in domestic room.

Daughter and her parents arguing by the window at home

Irritated young and middle aged men arguing sitting on bench in summer park. Portrait of stressed Caucasian father and son quarrelling outdoors. Conflict and problems concept.

Bad news - a husband comforting his wife

Patient Caucasian gray-haired man sitting and looking away as his mother blaming him on the background. Relationship problems in family, quarreling, confrontation, negative emotions.

Annoyed Caucasian gray-haired man listening his mother blaming him on the background. Relationship problems in family, quarreling, confrontation, negative emotions.

Extremely bored and frustrated couple laying on a bed at home

Portrait of pretty young Caucasian woman complaining about household problems while her husband lying on couch and using smartphone. Man ignoring his spouse. Problems, scolding, relationship.

Unhappy couple ignoring each other sitting apart on couch

Young couple having quarrel in luxury bedroom. Unhappy wife sitting depressed on bed. Sad family feeling marriage tension in modern apartment.

mother regrets her daughter

Defocused of sadness Asian Girl, Depressed Youth, Feelings, Pan shot

Close-up face of exhausted young father looking at camera as unrecognizable daughter pulling his ears. Portrait of brunette Caucasian man spending weekend with playful girl at home indoors.

Portrait of sad bearded man standing in living room close up. Woman and boy are in the background. Family relationships. Family problems. Slow motion.

Emotional father scolding his daughter for something holding a plate in his hands, when she sitting upset on the table. Father and daughter relationship.

Worried mother comforting her adult daughter in the kitchen.

Upset elderly woman sharing problems with grown up daughter.

Portrait of a little sad girl with big eyes crying close up. Little kid is upset and unhappy. Concept of kids growing, parenting, motherhood, support

sad, depressed couple in the bedroom

Top-view shot with slowmo of supportive mother talking to adult daughter, sitting on sofa together holding hands

Young sad couple with child counting money sitting on sofa at home

Relationship crisis - woman yelling at husband