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A group of people of various nationalities suddenly start to take pictures using smart phones with flash, looking at the camera

Several young diverse people running to camera and taking many pictures with their smartphones using flashlight


Dependence on phones problem where attractive concentrated modern young mixed race friends sitting on the couch at home and everybody use his mobile

Portrait two fun caucasian and one confident african american men sitting on the sofa. Three men sitting together at home drinking beer. Friends clink their bottles. One man choked, everybody laughing

Three friends spending time together in the pub, the man in the suit shows smth on his phone, everybody is pleased with the result and they toast. Real friendship, modern life.

Middle age creative director giving motivational speech to colleagues, everybody is clapping


Close-up plan a company of friends makes a toast and everybody knocks, check their glasses with beer, drink, and laugh. Students meeting in a bar, restaurant

Bangkok Thailand 23 Oct 2020 Thai Travelers Do Domestic Flights During Pandemic Everybody Wearing Mask

Happy corporate worker dances alone in the office. He striked a big deal while everybody else was resting


Home interier family portrait of charming joyful adult handicapped mother in wheelchair ,likable positive bearded father and lovely teenage girl which together saying hello to everybody into camera

Team of professionals are working on a new project. They are debating and setting tasks for everybody


Portrait of good-looking cheerful carefree disabled adult dad in wheelchair which poses on camera together with his satisfied positive teenage daughter and waving hands to say hello to everybody

Senior man and woman sitting on leather sofa in modern living room talking with two small girls. Grandfather kiss one girl in cheek and everybody applaud. Leisure of happy family

Slow-motion medium shot of cheerful caucasian family sitting on couch in living room celebrating Womens Day, man playing guitar and everybody singing

Grandmother brings out Christmas turkey to family seated around table for lunch- everybody applauds as Grandfather prepares to carve

Portrait of adorable happy smiling modern african american family with kids which sitting on the couch in front of camera and waving hands to say hallo for everybody,slow motion

Grandmother, mother and little daughter sitting together on the leather sofa in modern studio apartment. Everybody have gadget on laps, laptop or tablet.

Three friends enjoying the beer, make a toast, have a sip of the beer, the man in a suit shows the photo of his girlfriend on his phone, everybody nodding in agreement. Males party, friends forever.

Boss congratulating team, giving everybody high fives, colleagues applauding, happy as if just learned good news

Medium shot of an actor forgetting his lines during shooting of scene and everybody laughing

Medium shot of woman with kids checking-in at airport, handing passports to service agent and weighing luggage, while businessman having phone call in background, everybody wearing protective masks

Company of friends having picnic by the fire, actively joking, laughing, one guy plays the guitar, everybody toasting and drinking beer. Friendship goals, having fun. Adventure time.

Everyone Wins Everybody Working Together Ticket 3 D Animation

Attractive happy woman and her four teen sons eating pies and drinking orange juice in the kitcken standing at the table. Everybody wearing aprons. Kids helping mother to cook food

Everybody Here, We Can Start the Meeting

Little boy blowing out two candles on his birthday cake, everybody applauding, then mother taking away the candles.

Happy family is standing by the sea in the evening and releasing sky lantern. Everybody are waving hands to it.

Medium closeup with panning of cheerful man and little boy giving presents to happy multigenerational women on Womens Day, everybody cheering and hugging at home in bright living room

Medium shot of cheerful caucasian family sitting on sofa in living room having video chat with close friends via laptop, everybody talking and greeting happily

Locked-down slow-motion shot of cheerful family ice skating in train formation, man pulling wife and daughter, everybody having fun on outdoor ice rink

From-above footage of young relaxed couple having video conversation with middle-aged bearded man via laptop everybody smiling while toasting with glasses of red wine through screen

Medium slow-motion point-of-view footage of happy caucasian family having birthday party at home, young girl blowing out candles on birthday cake and father firing confetti everybody having fun

Everybody laughing, chatting having great time together. Happy group of friends sharing pizza. One girl stealing piece from friend. Concept of millenials, lifestyle, indoors leisure, food.

Happy group of friends sharing pizza. Everybody laughing, chatting having great time together. One girl stealing piece from friend. Concept of millenials, lifestyle, indoors leisure, food.

Everyone Wins Ticket Contest Teamwork Everybody Winner 3 D Animation

Musical. Everybody dance now. Businesspeople start dancing in office.

Grandson giving mobile to the grandparents and they all looking at photos he made. Everybody is laughing at nice shots

Portrait two caucasian and one african american men sitting on the sofa. Three men sitting together at home drinking beer. Friends clink their bottles. One man choked, everybody laughing