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Low angle view of ecology volunteers picking up plastic trash and cleaning polluted lake in parkland. Young friendly people supporting environment conservation. Recycling concept.

View of progressive wind turbines generating environmental friendly electricity. Windmill park producing green power in sunny day. Impressive wind towers creating alternative energy against clear sky.

Charging station for electric cars generating electricity using solar panels. Parking for eco-friendly electric vehicles. Concept of renewable energy, ecology, environmental protection

Young man volunteer in white eco T-shirt with recycling symbol print close-up. Environmental activist in uniform participating in eco-friendly operation in nature.


Green plant sprout in hands close-up, seedling with soil on field background. Eco-friendly and gardening concept.

4K Wind energy turbines field with blue sky, Renewable electric energy source, Green energy natural friendly, Dolly shot

eco friendly environmental animation with hands lifting planet earth ,4k video

Eco volunteers collecting plastic trash from the pond in sunny weather. Young hardworking people clearing down nature landscape on ecology movement.


old fisherman is teaching his grandson to catch fish by fishing-ro, happy family in nature, fishing on river

NEW YORK CITY, UNITED STATES - SEPTEMBER 21, 2014 - Protestors pulling a rotating earth at the People's Climate March, a large-scale activist event to advocate global action against climate change.

Woman's hand putting a glass bottle into a recycling bin street barcelona spain

eco friendly environmental animation with earth character and recycle symbol ,4k video

eco friendly animation with earth and thermometer

eco friendly environmental animation with earth and trees ,4k video


curious little boy is viewing fishing gear of his grandfather, granddad and grandson on fishing

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Drone shot of wind power turbines on background of green coutryside landscape. Aerial footage of wind generators on energy station, alternative source of renewable energy, environment friendly concept

eco friendly animation with plant


fishing on beautiful shore of forest lake, little boy and grandfather are catching fish

eco friendly animation with hand lifting plant

Electric car at charging station in the city street. Eco energy, transport and power supply. Environmentally conscious transportation vehicle plugged in charger terminal. 4K.

Aerial Panning Shot of Wind Turbines Producing Alternative Clean Energy

Alternativ Climate Friendly Electric Wind Energy Power

Aerial view of the Power station. One of the most beautiful and eco friendly power plants in the world. ESG green energy.


grandfather is teaching his grandson to fish on shore of lake in sunset, happy family weekend

Circle of friendly young volunteers holding hands rejoicing done amazing work cleaning up nature from pollution on eco movement. Teamwork. Volunteerism.

Street power supply station for electric cars. Eco-friendly transport

Alternativ Climate Friendly Electric Wind Energy Power

Alternativ Climate Friendly Electric Wind Energy Power


little curly boy is playing with stick on river shore, touching water, resting with his father fisher

Charging of electric car. Eco energy, transport and power supply. Environmentally conscious transportation vehicle plugged in charger terminal in the city. 4K.

Cheerful multi-ethnic colleagues applauding team leader's creative decision during discussion of design plan. Group of diverse designers meeting in friendly working environment of modern office

Environmental concept animation, eco-friendly, tree, people, awareness, green, safe.

Alternativ Climate Friendly Electric Wind Energy Power


Asia attractive young happy tourist walk along the mall discussing about shop, purchase together. Positive friendly communication, Shopping of Girls Carrying paper bags outdoors on sunny day.

eco friendly animation with man lifting recycle arrows

Red electric car closeup on the cap and charging point on the front hood in a concept of eco friendly transport. The hand connects a cable of charging station to a point of connection of the

Save the planet. Young kids holding signs standing near a refinery with gas masks

Young african activist in friendly hardworking team collecting trash waste products into bags. Group of volunteers in recycle T-shirts cleaning park environment on sunny day.

eco friendly farming and growing strawberry in ecological agricultural area, young woman working in farm, checking shrubs, hydroponic

Steadicam shot of solar panel fixed by the house and clear blue sky with shining sun. Alternative and eco-friendly energy source


world planet earth and plants

Aerial hyperlapse of rural fields and green landscapes during sunny day

Gray Volkswagen ID.5 in the Volkswagen section at a car exhibition - side view - people walk around

The charge indicators on the stations. Charging of electric car. Eco energy, transport and power supply. 4K.

eco friendly environmental animation with tree plants ,4k video

Close-up of male volunteer wearing white eco T-shirt with famous recycling print. Young people in background collecting rubbish and cleaning park from pollution. Ecology concept.

Team of hardworking young people collecting plastic trash in the forest at lake. Eco volunteers in white recycling T-shirts take part in cleaning operation. Teamwork. People and nature.