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PAN shot of empty seats at movie theater

Handheld shot of empty airplane seats during flight.

College University Auditorium Classroom is empty with no People

Dollying-out no people shot of big passenger bus with empty seats indoors

Empty sports stadium with nobody from tribune and big scoreboard. Seating rows in soccer stadium with folded chairs. New plastic colorful seats on grandstand. Modern sports arena with empty fans zone

Empty seats in a bus 4k


Empty aisle black seats in modern schoolbus. Comfortable bus interior without passengers closeup. View inside saloon driver cabin in safety public transport. No children in parked school autobus.

Empty yellow and blue seats in football stadium. Close up row of plastic chairs on grandstand. Olympic arena with empty tribune at daylight. Soccer stadium infrastructure. Sport competition fans zone

Empty cinema chair before premiere. Rows of empty seats in movie theatre. Comfortable armchairs in cinema hall. Theatre hall with red seats. Movie hall background

Interior of a moving train with empty seats. Intercity train. Slow motion

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - OCTOBER 31, 2017: Moving through the empty cabin of Hainan Airlines plane. Rows of empty seats in economy class

Rows of numbered plastic chairs in open football stadium. Close up empty yellow seats on grandstand. Olympic arena with tribune at daylight. Soccer stadium background. Sport competition place


No people sitting on waiting room chairs during virus pandemic, nobody in hospital reception lobby area with coronavirus safety prevention. Empty medical facility with waiting seats. Close up.

Panning shot of comfortable empty seats with tables in moving express train

Sideway view of red cinema armchairs in an empty movie theatre . Smooth shot right to left traveling. Slow motion

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - OCTOBER 31, 2017: Steadicam shot of moving along the plane cabin of Hainan Airlines. Rows of empty seats in economy class

Empty seats in a hospital waiting area

Empty comfortable seat in cinema. Empty red seats in theatre. Theatre hall with empty armchairs. Cinema hall is ready for visitors in slow motion. Empty movie house with armchairs

Four empty seats in moving commuter train moving through the town

Nobody on empty chairs in waiting room lobby at medical facility, hospital reception with seats in waiting area for checkup visit appointments. Clinic hall for consultation and examination.

Empty Stadium seats

Empty Airport terminal clossed hall, lonely female traveller waiting flight or arrival tourist. Passengers international departure in coronavirus pandemic. Empty seats with no people airport is closed

Empty chairs in airplane flight

Empty boarding area seats at airport terminal 4k

HD version - Comfortable empty seats in business class. Cabin interior in white and blue colors


Nobody working at empty reception desk in waiting room to support healthcare appointments for consultation and examination. Hospital lobby with waiting area seats at medical facility.

Empty passenger seats in airplane cabin. Seamlessly looping.

Back steadicam shot of a blond woman walking through the long hospital hallway with empty seats

Tilt shot of empty red seats at the stadium or outdoor stage


Empty reception counter and waiting room to attend medical appointment with general practitioner at healthcare facility. Hospital lobby seats at private clinic, checkup examination.

A man sits on a mall couch next to an empty seat with a social distance reminder sticker. Maintaining 6-foot distances while in public spaces was a common sight during the COVID-19 pandemic.

No people shot of empty bus driver seat with steering wheel on route

Empty seats in the subway car

Four empty seats and a table in the first class carriage of moving express train. Winter countryside scene in the window

Empty airplane seats during flight.

Inside of a commercial airplane. The row of empty passenger seats and portholes


Empty reception counter with no people at healthcare clinic, hospital waiting room for consultation appointments with specialist. Emergency space lobby with waiting area seating at facility.

Empty red chair row in cinema theater

Empty seats in bus. Bus interior with blue chair. Empty interior of minibus

Cinema screen with green screen and open red seats


luxurious theater curtain stage with chair

Seats at corridor in ice hockey rink 4k

Rows of empty seats in a hospital waiting area

A conference hall. Empty rows of grey chairs

Two empty comfortable black seats with table in front of them in the train moving slowly


No people in empty hospital reception during coronavirus epidemic, medical appointment and checkup visit. Waiting room at clinic, healthcare consultation for covid 19 epidemic prevention.


Nobody sitting on empty chairs at facility waiting room area during covid 19 epidemic, interior of medical space. No people in hospital reception and counter, coronavirus pandemic.


Nobody in hospital reception lobby with empty chairs at healthcare clinic during covid 19 epidemic. No people attending checkup visit appointment at facility waiting room, virus protection.