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Camera follows footsteps of man walking along abandoned ghetto with syringes and pills lying around. Unrecognizable male refugee living in ruins or slum. Poverty concept.

Close-up of stressed Gypsy man crying and holding head with hands. Portrait of frustrated desperate young guy on sunny day in ghetto or at urban slum. Poverty and despair concept.

Female teacher explaining something on laptop screen to young middle eastern woman in hijab during lesson in school for migrants

Desperate lonely young man punching wall with fist and crying. Side view of frustrated stressed mixed-race homeless guy sitting on abandoned ruins outdoors. Depression concept.

Cheerful middle eastern man standing by flipchart at English lesson for migrants at talking with group of adult students and female teacher

Close-up of male feet walking in sunlight in autumn forest. Unrecognizable hermit or refugee with wooden stick strolling in sunrays outdoors.

Chest up portrait shot of muslim woman in hijab and medical face mask posing for camera on Brazilian flag during coronavirus pandemic

Barcelona, Spain - October 20, 2019: Police dispersal of black migrants, street vendors on the streets of Barcelona at night. The Problem of Illegal Immigration in Europe. Timelapse.

Close-up face of terrified young man hiding behind brick wall on slum. Portrait of scared Gypsy or refugee having shelter on abandoned urban ruins. Persecution and escape concept.

Back view of homeless escapee strolling in sunlight in summer forest. Camera follows tired young male refugee walking with wooden stick outdoors. Migration crisis concept.

Mid-aged arab man standing at flipchart and explaining English grammar to group of migrant students

Rack focus goes to STOP banner raised by serious young man in slum. Portrait of concentrated mixed-race poor emigrant or refugee protesting against discrimination. Lifestyle and human rights.

Migrant female student in hijab writing answers for test while passing exam in language school

Tilt down of middle eastern male teacher in eyeglasses showing English word on whiteboard in classroom and explaining it to refugee students

Beautiful muslim woman in hijab standing by flipchart in classroom, smiling and showing word cards to group of migrant students at English lesson with female teacher

Top view of young homeless man walking up abandoned stairs, kicking water bottle, and leaving. Mixed-race refugee living in ruins.

Aerial view of a huge refugee camp with makeshift houses near Myanmar border, Kutupalong Rohingya camp near Ukhia town, Bangladesh.

Tired mixed-race young man running in ruins. Scared Gypsy or refugee escaping and hiding at slum. Chasing concept.

Barcelona, Spain - October 20, 2019: Black migrants, street vendors on the streets of Barcelona at night. The Problem of Illegal Immigration in Europe. Timelapse.

Close-up of muslim mid-aged woman in hijab writing down lecture in notebook while studying English with migrants

Desperate crying young man drinking beer on urban ruins. Portrait of frustrated mixed-race addicted guy in ghetto. Social inequality and alcohol addiction concept.

Kazan, Russia - 29 september 2016 - immigrant's work - Illegal woman workers at printing house - polygraph industry

Camera follows unrecognizable young man walking on urban with beer bottle. Back view of alcoholic strolling in sunlight outdoors on slum. Social problems and vagrancy.

Wide shot of exhausted male refugee walking with wooden stick in sunny forest. Portrait of tired young mixed-race man resting in sunlight during long walk. Poverty and emigration concept.

Barcelona, Spain - October 20, 2019: Black migrants, street vendors on the streets of Barcelona at night. The Problem of Illegal Immigration in Europe. Timelapse.

Portrait of young muslim woman in hijab and protective face mask looking at camera while posing against American flag during covid-19 pandemic

Wide shot side view of young man walking with backpack and wooden stick in sunny summer forest. Refugee or escapee strolling outdoors. Homelessness and migration crisis.

Wide shot of frustrated teenager standing at abandoned ruined urban slum and drinking beer. Side view of depressed young alcoholic on ruins on summer day. Vagrancy and homelessness.

Top view zoom in of group of migrant middle eastern men and women in hijabs sitting at table in classroom and writing down in notebooks while Caucasian female teacher giving a lecture

Close-up face of mixed-race boy with brown eyes blowing out match and looking at camera. Portrait of thoughtful depressed teenager planning setting fire. Adolescence and crime concept.

Extreme wide shot of young man sitting on log in forest and playing ukulele. Portrait of sad male Gypsy enjoying music outdoors on sunny day. Homelessness and emigration.

Frightened young man eating apple sitting on log in summer forest. Portrait of scared male refugee or escapee taking break during trip to best future. Migration and fear concept.

Male Gypsy counting money in abandoned building. Portrait of young mixed-race guy with pack of dollars looking around and putting on hood. Beggary and thieving.

Nervous scared Gypsy or refugee sitting on log in forest and drinking refreshing water. Portrait of frightened young mixed-race man looking around hiding in woodland. Fear and escape concept.

Portrait of male emigrant or refugee posing with Stop banner at the background of neglected urban building. Young serious man protesting against social inequality. Community and lifestyle.

Middle shot of serious young man raising NO placard and looking at camera. Rack focus changes from face of mixed-race handsome guy to banner. Protest against discrimination in slum.

Back view of frustrated young mixed-race man walking along slum with alcohol bottle. Camera follows depressed male refugee or emigrant strolling outdoors in sunlight. Ghetto and social issues.

Portrait of male Gypsy walking in sunlight in forest. Young homeless man strolling with wooden stick outdoors on sunny summer day. Migration and homelessness concept.

Young mixed-race male refugee standing in sunlight in summer forest and looking around. Portrait of concentrated homeless guy with backpack and wooden stick outdoors.

Side view of desperate Gypsy man drinking beer at urban slum. Portrait of depressed young guy with alcohol spending summer day on urban ruins outdoors. Vagrancy and despair concept.

Portrait of young teenage alcoholic sitting on stairs on ruins and drinking beer. Depressed mixed-race refugee in hood living in ghetto. Homelessness and adolescence concept.

Portrait of troubled young man sitting on stairs in abandoned building and looking around. Stressed emigrant or refugee living in slum or ruins. Ghetto concept.

Studio portrait of young cheerful muslim woman in hijab standing against U.S. flag, looking at camera and smiling

Close up portrait shot of young positive muslim woman in hijab looking at camera and smiling while posing on American flag