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Woman kneading dough. Chef kneading pasrtry. Homemade food.

Extreme close up view of baker’s hands one by one kneading the pieces of dough in the flour on the table. Beautiful process, daily routine. Baking manufacture, traditions. Bread-making industry.

Super slow motion chef tosses dough on a cutting board

Egg falling into flour macro super slow motion shot

The chef prepares the dough for baking, raw dough on the wooden Board

Rolling Bread Dough

The cook's hands in flour, baker at work, flour at the kitchen, slow motion 240 frames per second

Gingerbread cupcakes with colorful mascarpone frosting. Tasty cakes on plate topped with cherry mascarpone icing. The ultimate combination of holiday flavors.

heap made from wheat flour, slow motion extreme

Baker Kneading Dough in Flour on the Table Near Kneading Dough on the Kitchen Table

Close up shot of baker's hands kneading the dough to obtain good condition.

Baker Kneading Dough in Flour on the Table Near Kneading Dough on the Kitchen Table

Chef production pasta - Italian pasta grinder, wood board, rolling-pin, all made from semolina flour

Extreme close up view of a large amount of dough being kneaded by bakery kneading machine. Contemporary manufacture, productive process. Bread production, product manufacture.

flour mixed in bowl preparation cooking baking

Pizza baking in an electric oven

A cook is rolling dough with a rolling pin on a table

The cook rolls out the dough for making the pie, home bakery, baking a cake at the kitchen

Baker hands kneading dough in flour on table - cinestyle

Calzone making starting from rising dough, great pizza day

Muffins. Baking in oven. Time lapse

Kneading the dough on the production. Workshop for knead the dough. Industry bread. Yeast dough.

Slow motion shot of sifting flour through sieve.

Sifting flour through sieve, slow motion 240fps. Baker sifting measured flour on a table. Cooking and backing preparation. Food preparation on the red kitchen background.

Croissants baking and rising in the oven time lapse video.

Making dough by female hands at home

Close up hands of chef in white clothes roll out dough with help of machine for rolling dough which stands on table

Grandmother prepares the dumplings. Preparation of dessert. The organic dessert. Cooking the curd dumplings.

Woman Baking In Kitchen at home

Tasty white cream stirs machine at professional factory making sweets, on white background. Concept: the production of sweetness, cream, chocolate, pies, cake, ice cream, delicious air, gourmet, dough

Chef's hands use a pasta cutting machine. Fresh spaghetti pasta coming out of pasta machine close-up, slow mo

Little girl eats homemade cookies with jam prepared with their own hands

Chef cooks in the kitchen: separating proteins from yolks, breaking eggs for making dough

Worker Kneads Dough. Close-up.

Grilled green asparagus and cheese puff pastry folded as envelope and topped with black sesame seeds placed on wooden cutting board. Top view, flat lay.

Donuts in the Making at a Bakery

Slow motion shot of sifting flour through sieve.

Mixing dough in bowl with motor mixer. Baking ingredients. Baking cake. Electric mixer. Mixing ingredients in mixing bowl. Sweet food preparation. Making cake batter. Baking tools. Kitchen equipment

Woman hands kneading dough on the table,

Close up: Whisks whipped egg whites and sugar in the bowl of glass. Whisk in glass bowl of raw egg in slow motion. Whisk for whipping. Whip the egg white: cook at home, make a cake, desserts, meringue

mixing dough kneading machine at the bakery

The flour is sifted through the sieve, making the dough, cooking pastry, baking preparations

Rolling Bread Dough

hands woman rolling dough. woman cooking pastries in the kitchen. Domestic life. Top view

Milk and eggs on table. Ingredients for baking turning on table. Baking ingredients. Milk in glass bowl, flour and eggs. Cooking ingredients. Organic ingredients for cooking

Hands making pizza crust. Dough close up.

Chef clapping his hands filled with flour.

Egg throw flour closeup, slowmotion shot at 240fps