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Door Knocker Salesman Closeup

man knocking on door


Woman persistently knocking on the door, close-up

Male hand knocking on the door close-up

Man Knocking on House Door

Saleswoman being greeted at clients door


Courier hanging delivery on door handle knocking walking away. Side view portrait of young Caucasian man delivering food and drink to client house. Contactless service concept.

Man knocks with his fist in the door. Man late for event. Guy is jealous his girlfriend.

Door-to-Door Salesman Approaches Home Knocks on Door

Knock the door - man punching the door


Silhouette of a scary hand behind the glass of the door, close-up. Concept: nightmare, horror

Close -up Of Young Active Businessman Knocking On Modern Office Door During Business Meeting Near Manager's Workplace.

Saleswoman coming to the door


Back view courier leaving parcel at entrance knocking in door walking away. Caucasian delivery man in coronavirus face mask delivering food and drink on pandemic. Contactless service concept.

Silhouette of a man locked in a room through a glass on a door

Girl knocking the door in despair

Angry man knocking on wooden, old entrance door, super slow motion

Close-up of entrance door with male silhouette knocking. Female Caucasian hand opening curtain, bearded detective standing on porch. Police officer at work, questioning witnesses, neighbors, crime.


Delivery man knocking in door passing package with order to positive smiling woman leaving. Side view portrait of Caucasian courier delivering food and drink in town.

Young Caucasian detective looking around and knocking into house door. Man with brown eyes and beard working in police patrol. Law enforcement, police officer.

Persistent, determined, man keeps knocking on the front door of a house trying to get the attention of the home owner

Man walks up to a front door of a house and knocks on the door holding a notebook as if he is taking a survey, volunteering for a political campaign, or running a census

Man Welcoming Visiting Friends At Front Door

Man approaching a door and starts knocking holding a notebook wanting to talk to the home owner as if he is canvassing for a political campaign or taking a census


Courier in Covid-19 face mask knocking in door as positive woman opening taking food delivery. Side view Caucasian young man and woman passing parcel outdoors at house entrance.

Delivery man rolls a stack of cardboard shipping boxes to a customer's front door and knocks; customer opens the door to greet him

Man Walking up to Door and Knocking

A young employee comes into the director's room. Carries in hand the documents for signature. An employee knocks on the door.

Medium shot of attractive brunette waitress knocking on door of hotel room, delivering dinner to businessman staying there on business trip

Delivery man wearing face mask with groceries knocking at the door

A tourist wearing a backpack approaches an abandoned home and knocks on the door. This hand held shot follows this confused man to his poor vacation rental.

Young African American man knocking, hugging smiling Caucasian woman, and closing door. Positive interracial couple meeting in hotel during trip. Tourism and leisure concept.

Person trying to open medieval age door

Delivery driver knocking on door and delivering pizza

MS Schoolgirl knocking on door and hugging mother / China

Female person walk towards a door and try to open

Side view of confident African American supervisor with bag walking outdoors and knocking in door. Wide shot of professional inspector visiting manufacturing site in industrial suburb.

Knocking on door. Cute Caucasian girl with long curly hair opening door. Nobody. Pictures on walls. Schoolgirl alone in home.

Legs of rude angry African American man with bag hitting wooden red door in industrial suburb slums. Unrecognizable aggressive businessman in abandoned town on sunny summer day.

A rear close-up of a German soldier knocking at the door and looking in the window of a red brick house. WWII reenactment

A corner of a one-storied red brick house with cell windows and a street lamp over an entrance door. A German soldier with a rifle comes, knocks at the door, and walks away. WWII reenactment

delivery, mail and people concept - happy man delivering coffee and food in disposable paper bag to customer home and taking payment

Rear view of cute school age child wearing halloween vampire costume walking to house, knocking on door and asking for treats while trick or treating on halloween holiday in countryside.

Hotel cleaning staff man knocking on the room door for housekeeping service

Scary alien walking behind glass door knocking waving inviting outdoors with Halloween jack o'lantern decorations hanging indoors. Spooky paranormal creature on holiday at front yard. Slow motion.

Male courier puts paper bag and knocks on door of house outdoors spbd. Young man worker putting packaging on bench, knocking, then leaving place on summer afternoon. One employee delivered online

Back view of a German soldier with a rifle walking among some buildings, knocking at the door of one of the houses. WW2 reenactment

Mixed race female doctor wearing face mask knocking on doors at home