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Close up view of a door handle. The door being opened, unrecognizable person enters the room, and closes the door. Being in a hurry, documents, courier.

Caucasian man in apartment open door to empty hallway

Man closes door to the key. Door lock with key. Metal door lock


Teen Girl Gets into a Car Closing the Door and Looking at Camera in Rocks. Travelling by Vintage Retro Cabriolet Car in Amazing Natural Places Concept. Road Trip among rocks in canyon.

Shadow of Jail Bars closing in perspective view

Elevator Door closing as Man Waves

Black Man Going Outside And Locking Door After Turning Handle

Male hand opening and closing glass door in office indoors. Unrecognizable young Caucasian male employee in suit has doubts entering business center.

Scary zombie-like fingers try to enter a room from behind a closed door. Old film look stylized treatment.

Woman closes door to the safety chain. Hand and door safety chain


Close-up shelf in pharmacy with female Caucasian hand taking pills leaving closing glass door. Unrecognizable young woman choosing medication buying drugs in drugstore indoors.

Sorry We Are Closed Sign

Sci-Fi Gate Opening on Green Screen 3d render

Beautiful waitress comes to the café entrance and flips the open sign to close, then looks around and goes away into the shop/café. The end of the working day. Working hard, being tired.

View from inside of van of positive African American man and young Caucasian woman loading vegetables and gardening tools in trunk, high fiving and closing door after harvesting farm field together


Close-up. Car door handle. The girl approaches, opens the door and sits in the car

Person Opens Door To Beautiful Sunny Sky

A slow motion low angle view of subway doors closing.

Young businessman in formal suit entering hotel room with luggage and closing the door

Woman Closing The Door And Key Unlocks The Door


The girl drives the car, stops at the intersection, looks at the road goes further

Prison cell doors closing.

Person Watching Ocean Sunset Closes Door And Window Transition To Black

Young businessman with case leaving the hotel room

CU Cropped shot of businessman entering elevator, doors closing

Colored Stripes Closing Door Transition Red

Colored Stripes Closing Door Transition Navy


View through the windshield. The girl gets in the car fastens a seat belt, starts the car

Employees sitting at conference table waiting as colleagues entering board room closing door. Confident serious Caucasian and African American men and women meeting in office indoors.

Unrecognizable man in the jacket entering sliding doors and closing doors behind him close up in the restaurant. Beautiful interior details

Closeup of old lock on red metal garage door. Rusty lock on an old wooden gate. Old padlock on closed doors

Woman closing curtains and terrace doors in hotel room

Women's hand presses button. elevator doors closed

Dolly shot of woman closing the glass door and turning over vintage style shop-sign from open to closed


Asian woman walking into her apartment after closing the door

African American man and young Caucasian woman loading harvest in van trunk, high fiving and closing door after working on farm field together


Chest-up shot of man trying to open bedroom door by force and walk in, and tearful Caucasian woman shouting, pushing him out and closing it

Black Man Coming Home From Outside And Locking The Door

Metro Doors Opening and Closing in Station

Happy Asian handsome young man staff turning round sign to close on door, Male owner of coffee shop closed the service on window, small business

Man sitting in old fashioned car and closing door, close-up

Mother Getting Children Ready To Leave House For School

Local Business Owner Closing Business Sign

Young Asian lady carrying carton box leaving apartment room and closing the door, carton cardboard box, selling property condo, Relocation moving out, single woman on the move, financial crisis

the Elevator Door Closes

Woman pushing number buttons to insert code on digital security lock of hotel room. She opening and closing the door

Unrecognizable man in the jacket entering sliding doors and closing doors behind him close up in the restaurant. Beautiful interior details

Behind closed doors staff and leader gathered on morning briefing