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closeup of Brangus cow standing in pasture.

Two inquisitive tabby cat enjoy sipping water from a running kitchen faucet

Horse stables with wooden doors and horses. Moving camera. sun shines in the camera. 3 horses in the stable eat grass

Rider mounts her saddled horse

Herd of white geese yelling on green pasture. White domestic geese walking on green grass on rural farmland

Puppies in cage for sale at pet store 4k

happy english bulldog jumping on camera

Editorial rodeo clown dodges giant bull at a PRCA rodeo

Close up of a brown mixed breed dog eating food in a home in slow motion

Obedient female pit bull dog patiently waiting in a sit stay in a lovely outdoor garden on a stone path - dolly shot

Close up of adorable guinea pig with red fur and human hand petting it

Reindeer Herd In The Snow

SB0168 A lazy pug dog sleeps on the living room sofa. With audio.

Dog playing in Living Room

Pretty Girl Gets Horse Kisses

Medium shot of female vet holding guinea pig in her hands, then putting it on desktop and starting examining its ears

Two conure parrots perched on a plastic crate and wooden stick while one takes a drink out of water out of a glass bowl outside of a cage.

Caged mice eating in food bowl

Funny Thirsty Cats In Bathroom

The groomer combs a puppy's fur on a muzzle

Slow Motion Munching White Rabbit 2


Close-up of golden retriever wearing glasses, lying on sofa in living room. Happy brown dog looking in camera and posing. Puppy breathing with tongue out. Business funny domestic animal at home.


Cute young kitty sitting on bed in sunshine 4k


Elderly male farmer caressing goats while little girl feeding animals in sunlit stall on ranch

A young playful cow of a beautiful color looks directly into the camera. Brown cow with beautiful eyes. A beef cow in a field among other cows looks curiously at the camera.


Rooster Looking At Camera And Posing In The Village Yard

meeting two dogs for a walk in the park

Editorial a saddle bronc at a PRCA Oakley rodeo

Editorial horses and colts in the PRCA rodeo event slow motion

Slow Motion Munching White Rabbit 1

Groomer holds small yorkshire terrier on hands and combs his fur

Man with his dog playing guitar in the garden 4k


Cat scoring food from feeding tower 4k


Skewbald horse eating grass near herd while grazing on pasture on hill on sunny summer day in highlands

Hen grazing in the farm 4k

Young deer at breeding farm. Brown deer with horns close up. Farming of deers.

Slow Motion Puppies Wrestling 2


Elderly man in denim clothes and straw hat giving dry hay with love to horses in paddock while working on farm on sunny summer day


Golden retriever lying on sofa in living room and using laptop for online shopping in pet store, delivering animal food. Dog lays with computer and waiting for order.


Trapped gray elephant stands in fence. Animals held by humans and prevented from escaping are said to be in captivity. Conditions of confinement


Close-up of golden retriever lying on sofa in living-room, man using smartphone, chatting, guy petting his obedient dog. Puppy breathing with tongue out, waiting for his owner, relaxing.


Little girl in checkered dress brushing coat of bay horse during grooming procedure in stable on farm


Close-up of golden retriever lying on sofa in living-room, man using smartphone, chatting, guy petting his obedient dog. Puppy breathing with tongue out, looking at his owner, relaxing.

Cat rubbing against bars and person petting in cage 4k


Cat face laying in bed close up 4k


Obedient brown horse with bridle waiting for anonymous kid to brush coat in stable on farm


Girl with long hair combing tail of obedient chestnut horse during grooming procedure in stable on ranch


Little girl using napkin to clean muzzle of chestnut horse with bridle in stable on farm