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Close-up of black male hand changing tv channels with smart tv remote control while man enjoying leisure in domestic room.

Close-up of mixed race woman in gloves wiping floor, little children mopping and father cleaning window glass on background. Friendy family cleaning domestic room involving kids in household duties

Young multinational parents with baby son sitting on the carpet in domestic room. Golden retriever dog enjoying the caress while toddler boy playing with toy cars

Positive elementary age boy folding laundry while helping his busy single father with ironing clothes at home. Portrait of Loving son helping his dad to do household chores in domestic room.

Caring handsome bearded single father with happy elementary age son on his shoulders ironing clothes together in domestic room. Positive stay-at-home dad and son doing housework and chores at home.

Caring african father teaching lovely mixed race preschool son to use work tools while sitting on stairs in domestic room. Multiethnic family with boy enjoying playing developing games with toy tools.

Close-up of black female legs putting on cozy slippers, placing on wooden floor, after waking up in domestic room in early morning.

Close-up of child's hands is planting a houseplant in white pot at home. Kid is puts a some soil and tamps it in pot at domestic room. View from above.

Positive cheerful attractive elderly african american couple enjoying leisure on retirement, relaxing and bonding on sofa in domestic room, expressing happiness, strong relationship, love and care.

A young female plants lover sits and reading to her home growing pot plants, in meanwhile hands caring on trees leaf in domestic room on cozy weekend, indoor medical cannabis growing, leisure activity

Headshot of loving cute african teenage girl with braided hair hugging and kissing caring pretty mom, expressing warm feelings, affection, trust and happiness while family bonding in domestic room.

Curious cute fluffy one eyed cat getting off pet carrier, sniffing scent and carefully crawling on the floor in domestic room while exploring new apartment after adoption from animal shelter.

Happy diverse parents helping their cute baby boy to communicate with golden retriever dog. Family is sitting on the carpet in domestic room and the pet is lying near the owners waiting for caress

Cute affectionate green eyed shorthair tabby female cat lying peacefully and purring, enjoying tender smooth caressing of caring beloved owner while resting on pillow on couch in domestic room.

Adorable comely shorthair apple head male chihuahua dog relaxing on cozy sofa in domestic room, looking around with curious expression while patiently waiting for pet owner return to home.

Cute child girl is planting a houseplant in white pot at home. Kid is puts a some soil and tamps it indoor at domestic room.

Positive attractive mother and cute preadolescent daughter relaxing on cozy couch, bonding, having friendly talk and sharing happy moments while enjoying leisure together in domestic room.

Happy young multi ethnic family resting on the carpet in domestic room. Tender little toddler boy comes to kiss his beloved young mother while his younger brother biting soccer ball

Cute little child girl is plants a flower in pot at home. She is puts in pot some soil for replant a houseplant at domestic room, close-up.

Cute little child girl is plants a flower in pot at home. She is puts in pot some soil for replant a houseplant at domestic room.

Portrait of unwell sad elementary age african girl with influenza and high fever wrapped in warm blanket sitting on sofa in domestic room, looking unhealthy and depressed, feeling chills

Carefree playful adorable elementary age african sisters sitting face to face on cozy couch, playing staring contest, gesturing , tickiling each other and trying to force to blink in domestic room.

Cute cheerful school age African American girl playing with doll, imagining herself as mother, feeding and caring for baby, expressing happiness, love and joy while enjoying playtime in domestic room.

Cheerful single father and joyful boy creating toys from colored plastic blocks while relaxing on sofa in domestic room. Caring dad with son busy playing with toy construction bricks at home.

Affectionate adult mother comforting her upset teenage daughter, expressing support and understanding while sitting on sofa. Caring mom consoling and caressing her sulky sad girl in domestic room.

Carefree joyful diverse deaf-mute people speaking sign language, sharing funny stories and laughing sincerely on sofa at home. Cheerful hearing impaired friends enjoying leisure in domestic room.

Rear view of two women cleaners in aprons and gloves spraying detergent while wiping window glass in domestic room. Professional staff of cleaning company washing windowpane on background of cityscape

Caring affectionate beautiful mother comforting, caressing her sick sleeping mixed race preteen daughter with teddy bear on sofa. Mom taking care of ill child in domestic room, expressing love .

Concentrated multitasking attractive black male in apron making housekeeping duties, ironing shirt with electric iron and answering phone call while doing household chores in domestic room.

Close-up of focused future parents preparing for childbirth and training special breathing technique while sitting on couch in domestic room. Caring husband breathing with pregnant wife at home

Affectionate indian mother breastfeeding and caressing baby son while retriever dog sleeping on sofa in domestic room. Caring mum expressing her love and tenderness to little son while resting at home

Close-up of diverse deaf people's hands communicating with sign language while relaxing on sofa at home. Hearing impaired friends talking using sign language, enjoying leisure in domestic room.

Freezing attractive mixed race female hiding under warm blanket in bed at night before sleep. Lovely sleepy woman feeling cold, warming up under woollen duvet during bedtime in domestic room.

Affectionate attractive african american mother embracing, caressing and consoling troubled upset elementary age daughter on sofa in domestic room, expressing love, care, support and understanding.

Cute mixed race preadolescent sick girl with fever heat feeling cold and unwell while caring lovely mother covering kid with warm blanket and comforting on her lap in domestic room, caressing gently.

Portrait of positive multiracial family with two cute preadolescent mixed race girls sitting on sofa in love embrace, bonding, sharing and talking in domestic room, expressing unity, harmony and joy.

Joyful carefree elementary age son and cheerful father playing with handmade plane toy, created from colorful construction blocks while happy family enjoying freetime together in domestic room.

Headshot portrait of smiling cheerful lovely black adolescent girl embracing from behind positive beautiful mother, bonding and sharing moments of togetherness and harmony in domestic room.

Cute child girl is planting a houseplant in white pot at home. Kid is puts a some soil and tamps it in pot at domestic room. View from above.

Joyful happy mother and her excited laughing daughter with down syndrome playing table soccer in domestic room. Positive family with special needs child enjoying leisure playing football table soccer.

Affectionate charming muslim mother with adorable elementary age daughter in hijab reading fairy tale together while positive arab family sitting on couch, relaxing in domestic room.

Portrait of unwell beautiful adult woman using nebulizer for asthma and respiratory diseases at home. Sick female making medicine inhalation treatment using jet nebulizer in domestic room.

Close-up of woman in oversized pants showing achievement of slimming in domestic room. Midsection.

Portrait of concentrated pensive attractive adult woman in deep thoughts sitting on chair with clasped hands, pondering over problems and making hard decisions in domestic room.

Portrait of positive carefree cute african american elementary age muslim girl in hijab looking with radiant toothy smile, expressing cheerful mood, happiness and joy in domestic room.

Cute clever preadolescent African American boy in eyeglasses enjoying leisure, lying on couch, reading interesting comic book, expressing excitement and cheerful mood in domestic room.

Positive carefree lovely african adolescent girls with braided hair sitting on sofa, chatting and video conferencing online with friends using tablet pc while enjoying leisure in domestic room.

Rear view of pretty sporty fit female sitting on exercise mat, watching tutorial fitness video online using laptop pc while preparing for sport training in domestic room during weekend.