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Pretty woman doesn't not know what to do. She thinking a lot about something, but she has a doubt.

Young caucasian man making I don t know gestures to the camera isolated on yellow orange background

A clueless attractive businessman in early 30s shrugging his shoulders showing uncertainty and expressing that he doesn't know something

Man gesturing I don't know or can't help anything

Elegant man in suit spreading hands to the sides and saying I don't know . There is yellow background.

Portrait of smiling attractive woman shrugging shoulders on grey background. Closeup excited lady laughing in studio. Happy girl showing not know gesture indoors. Happy female model smiling at camera.

Stylish Young Man Stands In The Library. He Shows With His Gestures That He Does Not Know What Is Necessary.

Woman In Studio Saying I Don't Know

A serious man about something thinking and making a decision. Sad guy scratching his forehead and doesnt know what to do

Female shrugging shoulders, saying i do not know, smiling. Posing on orange background

Portrait of african man showing dont know gesture in grey background. Doubtful african american guy posing at camera. Afro handsome shrugging shoulders. Afro male model standing in studio.

Attractive young businesswoman in a white T-shirt frowns her eyebrows and shakes her head showing the STOP gesture. Do not do it! Disapproval, denial, refusal, disagreement.

Businessman waiving his finger no and shaking his head looking at the camera suggesting that the viewer not do something silly or stupid

An elderly man with glasses says and shows that he does not remember anything and does not know. Close up

Sequence of different emotions and gestures. Ok, pointing finger and i dont know gesture indoor, windows background.

people, emotion and expression concept - confused Girl shrugging shoulders and rise hands. I dont know. Its not me. Green Screen, Chroma Key.

Guy in blue T shirt making silly faces and do not hear sign isolated on orange yellow background

Young man is asking what, saying I do not know, spreading his arms and shaking head, posing against blue background

Confused caucasian boy with I do not know gesture. Portrait of a handsome child gesturing do not know sign against blurred background.

Husband and wife do not talk to each other

Blonde attractive woman wearing a summer dress and hat rises her hands up in I do not know gesture

Confused man making innocent I dont know expression. Closeup fashionable rocker shrugging shoulders in studio. Stylish guy looking around. Portrait of rocker posing at camera on yellow background

Portrait young caucasian man on grey background with crossed arms. caucasian guy with red hair posing showing hand gesture do not offer. handsome redhead men wearing in casual t-shirt

Did You Know Thinking Person Question Words 3d Animation

Frustrated young man stands and looks at camera. He doesn't know what to do. Guy tries to explain and to reach. Isolated on black background.

Close-up of upset chinese schoolgirl sitting on floor in school corridor while other students passing by ignoring her. Indifferent classmates leaving despaired girl out and do not pay attention to her

Cute preteen boy shrugging shoulders. Handsome little boy with I do not know gesture on white background. Human body language.

Top view from shoulder with close focus on business notebook where male hands writing very important to do list with lifestyle goals and achievements to do. Handheld shot with moving focus

Did You Know Spinning Newspaper Headline News Update 3 D Animation

Portrait of an unsure man, shows emotions I do not know in slow motion, waving his head no on the green screen.

African young woman saying I don't know and spreading her hands to the sides. There is yellow background.

Did You Know Question News Information Trivia 3d Animation

Portrait of confused woman making innocent I dont know expression. Closeup frustrated girl shrugging shoulders in studio. Ginger hair female model posing at camera on grey background

The End Of Civilisation As We Know It

young attractive asian woman do not understand - green screen studio

Know Your Limits Maze Limitations Sign 3 D Illustration

Group of people teaching someone and do not allow for do something

Depressed young grown daughter do not talk to mom.

Friends sitting on the sofa and do not agree with something

Know The Facts Research Information Learn Pen Writing Words 3 D Animation

What You Need To Know Important Information Sign 3 D Animation

young handsome black man do not understand - green screen - studio

Displeased senior woman. Lady with crossed arms isolated. I know better.

Thinking Businessman Portrait From the Back/We see a man who is sitting with his back to us. This is a Afro-American businessman. We do not see his face, but we understand that he is upset

Did You Know Question Trivia Bullhorn Megaphone 3d Animation

What Happened Newspaper Headlines Did You Know Have Heard 3 D Animation

A family of 5 express that they don't know what is going on, or that they are confused . They all are shrugging at the same time.

Bad News From the Head Office/ Young business women gets the bad news. She is very upset. She helplessly closes the laptop. The tears in her eyes. She does not know how she will solve these problems