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Studio DJ Turntables

A female DJ puts her headphones on and off at a night club bobbing her head to the music

On Air, female radio announcer talking into a microphone in a sound booth

An African American millennial woman DJ dancing in a night club with colored strobe lights

Hand held of an African American woman DJ mixing music in an underground club

Handheld slowmo of group of friends dancing and having fun at house party with DJ

Close up shot of unrecognizable man turning knobs on DJ controller

A beautiful young woman DJ creating music on her console and dancing in a nightclub

Handheld shot of unrecognizable young woman DJing at Halloween party

Handheld slowmo shot of group of happy young men and women in halloween costumes toasting, drinking alcohol and dancing at house party

Concert Laser Lights

A female DJ with long braids takes photos and video of her scratching on her turntable during a music mix

OTS of a woman DJ taking photos of herself mixing music on a console

Slowmo shot of happy young people dancing at house party and high-fiving DJ

A beautiful mixed racial woman wearing headphones dancing and smiling with flashing colored lights in the background

A female DJ mixing and listening to music in a dance club

Close up slider of a DJ mixing turntable with flashing led lights in a dance club

A beautiful millennial woman with long braids listening to music on headphones - room for text

A beautiful millennial woman adjusts her headphones and smiles

An African American DJ mixing music on her turntable moving knobs and hitting buttons

Handheld shot of man wearing halloween makeup playing set on DJ mixer at house party. Woman dancing and drinking alcohol from plastic cup

Handheld tracking shot of young woman in clown halloween costume putting headphones on and playing music using DJ controller at house party

Handheld shot of young woman in clown costume using DJ controller and playing music at house party on Halloween

Handheld slowmo shot of young woman in clown costume DJing at house party while people dancing and celebrating Halloween

Handheld slowmo of young woman in clown costume putting headphones on and DJing at house party while people dancing

Handheld slowmo shot of bearded man wearing skull makeup drinking alcohol and DJing at house party on Halloween as people dancing and having fun

Slowmo shot of beautiful black woman holding pizza slice and dancing while DJing for group of friends at house party

A woman DJ mixing music takes a break to check her social media feed on her phone