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The boss in a rage beats his fist on the table, close-up. Concept of violence and aggression and abuse of power

4k. Ultra HD. Portrait of young confident sexy caucasian businesswoman with arms crossed disapproval Your opinion. Pomade, brownhair, lady. Negation concept. Formal suit. Modern glass buildings bg

4k. POV. Three business people businessman and businesswoman loudly reproach negative discontent and reject Your opinion in formal suits outdoors. Teal orange sunrise. Wide. Business glass building bg

Annoyed man screaming and gesturing, view through the door glass

Change of emotion of positive to negative. Close-up

Angry gaze of a young guy looking into the camera. Resentment and discontent in the look of a guy

Late night pro choice peaceful march to show public discontent with anti abortion law. Warsaw-Poland-2020

Young man disorder and discontent, sadness, punches.

Young brunette businesswoman in a white T-shirt shook her head and crossed her arms, gesturing "No". Disapproval, denial, refusal, disagreement.

Man is being irritated. Man does not like his smartphone. Man holds a smartphone in his hand. Modern technology.

Rack focus of irritated senior husband sitting on sofa and shouting at angry wife during quarrel in living room at home

Feeling surprised. Man is being emotional looking at his smartphone. Man s facepalm. Man is putting his hand on face.

Attractive girl in a white T-shirt shakes her head with a finger gesture - "Don't do it, it's a mistake!" "No, be careful. " Sign of disapproval, denial, refusal, disagreement.

Woman driver stuck in the traffic jam because of car accident and getting angry and irritated

Don't do it, it's a mistake! The African American shook his head, warned with a finger gesture, said, "No, be careful. " Disapproval, denial, rejection, disagreement.

Journalist Interviews of discontented, nervous, aggressive driver, close-up

Arrogant dark-skinned man looks suspiciously. Grey isolated background.

Portraint of indian man with arrogant sight. Suspicious look, co-worker envying.

Close up of bossy business woman frowning at her interlocutor sitting with her back to the camera

African american girl expresses frustration looking to camera brown background

The guy does not want to be photographed, he resists and is indignant

Frustrated woman talking on mobile phone. Business lady working in startup office. Disappointed woman working on business project on laptop. Close up of female specialist speaking phone at workplace

Portrait of blond toddler in bright yellow blouse expressing discontent on the sandy seashore

Little girl with shows anger, discontent

Serious confident handsome african american guy with dreadlocks looking with intense eye stare at camera, expressing brutality, undivided attention and questioned inndoors.

Angry boss or business man punches the table, close up. Concept of violence and aggression and abuse of power

Yellow unhappy dissatisfied smile face and thumbs down showing negative opinion on black background. Yellow sad smile and thumbs down with negative emotion icon

Irritation and accusation of stupidity. The guy is struck by the stupidity of the interlocutor

African american boxer wipes sweat on face after hard training

4k. UltraHD. Unhappy customers discontent of constructor architect foreman worker with helmet in suit and outdoors on newly house building blueprints with crane and beams at bg. Middle shot

Unhappy and aggressive driver gives interview to journalist, closeup

Portrait of lovely stubborn unhappy school age girl standing with arms crossed, pouting and expressing disagreement with body language, feeling resentment and discontent while posing at home.

Ostentatious resentment. Young funny african american man pouting lips and touching eyes like crying, showing offence

Portrait of a serious cute caucasian man wearing a hat

Tired young bearded businessman massages irritated eyes, experiences eye strain, headache, fatigue.

Discontent. The concept of an unsuccessful show. The guy applauding with irritation

Young couple lying in bed close-up. Girl offended and turned away from the man. Difficulties in the relationship between man and woman. Side view

Young stressed woman desperatley looking at books and throwing a pencil in anger

Tired young bearded man from the Middle East wearing stylish watches and casual clothes is experiencing severe headache, irritation, tension and powerlessness.

Disappointed car owner noticed scratches on the body

Evil business man throwing data document on computer table in dark office. Stressed business analyst working late in night office. Exhausted man having problem at work.

Portrait of African American girl shows angry emotion standing on blue background. Kid disagrees with something. Child expresses discontent.

Emotional boss swears and punches himself in the chest, vowing to do something

Impatient person tapping on the table with fingers

Portrait of irritated cute preadolescent african american girl with pigtails gesturing and waving aside, showing her disagreement, discontent and stubbornness, ignoring and being naughty indoors.

Little boy is crying because he doesn't want to eat more cereal. The concept of parents, lifestyle, feeding children.

Portrait of a sad and crying curly little girl

The girl wipes the tears with her hands. Close-up of a girl's face.