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Tired businessman standing in his hotel room

Son comforting his worried father in the cafe

Tired businessman with headache in the office

Funny portrait of a disheveled business woman tired from work

Tired man crawling on the beach, steadycam shot, slow motion shot at 240fps

Quarrel between husband and wife

Worried man sitting at the table in his apartment

Unhappy woman sitting at home and looking thoughtful

sad business couple checking bills in the kitchen

Stressful woman working on laptop computer at working place. Sleepy businesswoman typing on computer in late night office. Overworked hipster girl making project at workplace.

Tired man crawling on the beach, steadycam shot, slow motion shot at 240fps

Sad man standing next to the window at home

Young girl comforting her friend in the outdoor cafe

Worried girl is telling something to her friend in the cafe

Woman comforts her sad boyfriend and speaks to him, steadycam shot

Couple lying on the bed and quarreling with each other

Stress from Overtime Work/Young designer is staying late at the office. He’s stressed and exhausted. He works quite a lot overtime, because of tight deadlines

Very sad girl sitting alone and crying about her problems

View of men's hands gesticulating in anger during quarrel, steadycam shot

Sad girl crying while reading love letter next to the river

Easy Difficulty Level Speedometer Ease Of Use 3 D Animation

Young overwhelmed businesspeople working with documents in the kitchen, top view

Man looking morose while having headache in the park

Boy sitting on blanket in the park and doing serious look to the camera

man with bad eyesight

Love in spite of the difficulty

Businessman have headache and feel discomfort, steadycam shot.

Wife calms her husband at home

Very sad girl sitting in the restaurant and looks hopeless

Complicated Difficult Challenging Complications Word Cycle 3 D Animation

Sad woman looking through window at home


Confused Man In Lounge At Home Reading Instructions For Flat Pack Furniture Assembly

Architect working on the project and looks unhappy while checking data on tablet

Pretty girl looks really worried while thinking about something

Attractive woman looks worried while thinking about something in the park, stead

Handsome man with long hair sitting next to the window and looks worried

A person desperately trying to solve the Rubik´s cube, but it is not an easy task


Tired exhausted man crawling into the drifts in the snow.

Sad man looking to the camer and riding on metro, steadycam shot

Unhappy woman sitting at the sea, steadycam shot, slow motion shot

Sad man sitting on balustrade next to the sea and thinking, steadycam shot, slow

Boy sitting on the bench and having a headache

Handsome man sitting on window's sill and looks very worried, steadycam shot

Man having painful headache while sitting in the cafe at lunchtime


Remote work problems. Businesswoman trying to work on laptop at home, having troubles with family noise

Fit man jogging in a beautiful green park in the morning in summer. Male runner exhausted resting after a jog difficulty breathing. Slow motion 120fps.


Tired woman skier at a ski resort on top of a mountain.


Two men doctors relieve stress alcohol in the doctor's lounge after a hard working day.