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Dantist surgical instruments

Different dental instruments, tools in a dentist's clinic. Dental clinic 4K

dental unit, instruments and tools


Dental instruments on the dentist's desk in the clinic.

Close-up shot of attentive doctors performing surgical operation installing dental implants into patient's mouth in modern dental clinic. Dental instruments. Stomatology clinic. Dental surgery

Dantist surgical instruments

Young students using dental tools and practicing with mannequins


Dental instruments on the dentist's table. Close-up of medical instruments on the dentist's desk.

No people slowmo of different dental instruments and tools on control panel of chair at dentist office

Bottom view of mixed race stomatologist in face mask and gloves leaning towards patient holding instruments for dental examination. Ready for examination masked dentist with special dental instruments

Dantist surgical instruments

Dentist holds dental instruments in client's mouth

Close up of professional dental stomatology equipment in modern bright office, orthodontic drill prepared for medicine operation during dentistry appointment. Dentistry cabinet equipped dental tools

Young female dentist is examining patient's teeth. Closeup view of female dentist's hands in gloves holding the instruments. Healthy teeth and dental healthcare.

Closeup of mixed race woman stomatologist taking dental instruments and examining teeth of preteen girl lying on stomatological chair with wide open mouth. Calm kid during examination in dental office


Concentrated professional dentist adjusting dental headlight leaning to camera with instruments. Portrait of confident Middle Eastern doctor using tools examining teeth in slow motion. Patient POV.

Close up shot of hands in gloves taking instruments from the box for dental instruments disinfection. Ultraviolet sterile chamber. Shot in 4k

Group of students watching dentist practicing dental activity with mannequin

Doctor's hands are putting sets of dental instruments into autoclave for sterilization

Close-up view of dental instruments. Woman visiting clinic, lying in dental chair. Doctor checking-up her teeth.

Equipment in the dental office


Side view professional dental assistant passing instruments to doctor at dental microscope in slow motion. Caucasian woman in face mask assisting dentist curing ill tooth of patient in hospital.

Revealing shot of empty stomatology orthodontic office with teeth xray diagnosis images on monitors equipped with dentistry instruments ready for dental surgery. Dentist cabinet for oral care

Close up. Dental microscope. Dental Instruments. Medicine, Dentistry and Healthcare Concept. Dental equipment 4k

In the hands of a dentist, a dental medical instrument 4K

Close up of dental tools for hygienic cleaning and treatment of teeth. Preparation of medical equipment for high-quality work of the dentist. Concept of healthy and clean teeth

The dentist prepares instruments for sterilization.


Side view close-up of Caucasian man sitting in dental chair talking to blurred doctor preparing instruments at background in slow motion. Adult guy with toothache waiting for procedure in hospital.

Different dental instruments and tools in a dentists office. Dentist office 4K

Close-up of mixed race preteen girl opening mouth while masked female stomatologist taking instruments for dental examination. Calm preadolescent kid with open mouth during visit to pediatric dentist

Dental technician examining patient teeth with dental instruments. Medical checkup and treatment at dental office. Professional doctor practice in dentist clinic

Dentist working, closeup view of a hands and dental instruments

Close up of smiling male patient showing aching tooth to dentist

Woman opens her mouth for dental check up

Sad man in dental chair with toothache waiting for examination as doctor and assistant preparing instruments at background. Caucasian male patient in hospital thinking. Slow motion.

Dental cure. Patient pov of african american male dentist fixing lights and start treatment in mouth, using dental tools

Chernivtsi/Ukraine-27/09/2019. prepared sterile instruments are ready for use

Dentist picking up the instruments from the instrument table. Healthy teeth

Elderly woman showing aching tooth to male dental surgeon

Tools sterilization, bacterial purification and disinfection in dental clinic. Nurse putting instruments in special craft paper bags into autoclave for processing. Modern laboratory equipment

Dental instruments are tools that dental professionals use to provide dental treatment. Tools to examine, manipulate, treat, restore and remove teeth and surrounding oral structures on blue background


Patient opening mouth and dentist examining dentition work after surgery. Stomatologist doing oral care consultation with instruments, treating man at stomatology checkup appointment.

Young black woman stomatologist holding plastic jaw and teaching dental hygiene to camera, showing how to brush teeth

Professional african american doctor showing technique of teeth cleaning with plastic jaw, talking to camera at clinic

Close up back view of dentist showing X-ray of teeth on tablet to patient

Dentist preparing to examine the patient. He opening the package with sterile re-usable dental instruments

Senior dentist using dental tools and instruments to do consultation with patient in stomatology cabinet. Orthodontist checking denture and oral cavity at checkup appointment.

The dentist examines the patient's teeth. Healthy teeth. Dental instruments 4k