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Mid-section shot of unrecognizable woman with fork and knife eating salad in restaurant

Close up shot of man hands slicing carrot and female hands cutting tomato on wooden cutting board for salad on the table with healthy food in the kitchen. Side view.

Female hands cutting tomato

Raw pumpkin cut. Close up of cutting pumpkin on wooden board. Healthy food. Cutting fresh pumpkin slice. Preparing healthy food. Pumpkin sliced. Cutting season vegetables

Cutting tomato by culinary knife. Slow motion

Woman cooking vegetables salad. Cooking healthy food. Close up of female hands cutting red pepper and putting in bowl. Woman preparing dinner


Close-up eggplant rolls with walnuts on white plate in restaurant. Cooked Georgian traditional cuisine dish with female hands cutting food with fork and knife. Unrecognizable client tasting meal.

Macro of slicing a fresh cucumber with kitchen knife on a wooden cutting board.

Hand slicing kiwi into slices on a cutting board

Female Hands Cutting Apple On Slices On Wooden Board


Woman cutting vegetables while man cooking food in kitchen 4k

Cutting pizza with a round cutter knife. Close-up of delicious pizza being cut into pieces. Slow motion close-up of a person slicing a pizza into multiple slices with a cutter.


Close-up tasty baked dessert on white dinner plate with female Caucasian hands cutting food with fork and knife in slow motion. Unrecognizable woman eating in luxurious restaurant at lunch.

Chef hands cutting food at kitchen. Closeup chef hands cutting salad with knife in slow motion. Close up male professional cooking healthy food.

Close up on female hands cutting fresh onion or other starchy white food on table

Knife cutting red chilli pepper on wood

Closeup view of african guy's hands cutting vegetables preparing food while his caucasian girlfriend is sitting on the table in the kitchen in the morning. Happy multiethnic couple cooking breakfast

Knife cutting red chilli pepper on wood

Female hands cutting bread on wooden board, close-up, selective focus.

Top view of woman hands cutting piece of fried egg with knife and fork. Close up of eating fried eggs. Traditional morning breakfast eggs in white plate. Eating eggs fried

Slicing toast with avocado and egg. Healthy vegan breakfast.

Handsome african guy is cutting vegetables preparing food while his caucasian girlfriend is sitting on the table in the kitchen in the morning. Happy multiethnic couple talking

Close up of a hand cutting onion with a knife and then dicing them into small pieces. Food preparation on a wooden cutting board with a chefs knife.

Woman's hand cutting carrot on board with knife

Closeup of Latino Man Cutting His Food

Midsection slow-motion close-up of unrecognizable male chef cutting fresh vegetables on wooden board cooking at restaurant kitchen

Male hands cutting chocolate cake on slices. Cut cake on pieces. Cutting brownie. Slicing cake. Cutting chocolate brownie. Baked chocolate dessert. Sweet food. Delicious dessert

Woman's hands chopping the fresh green lettuce on chopping board in the kitchen.


Top view of female hands cutting adjarian khachapuri on table in restaurant. Unrecognizable women slicing delicious tasty Georgian dish in cafe indoors. Food and leisure concept.

Slow-motion close up of unrecognizable male hands chopping garlic and onion on board during cooking class

Slow Motion Slider Shot of Cutting into a Pan Fried Salmon Fillet on a White Plate With Vegetables

Zooming shot of chopping raw carrot on the wooden board, cutting vegetables, slicing of the food, cut in circles, grinding the vegetables, cooking with carrot, ripe roots

Man slicing cake on wooden table. Prepared chocolate cake pieces on kitchen. Chef cutting chocolate cake. Brownie cake slices. Sweet food. Delicious dessert. Cutting chocolate brownie

Chef cooks broccoli, vegetable meals and dishes, diet food, proper nutrition, healthy cooking

The cook makes vegetable salad with cabbage and carrot, vegetarian meal, fresh food and vitamins, healthy food, greens and salad, cooking food

Woman takes out the pulp of the avocado from the peel with a spoon

Male hands cutting food on plate in restaurant. Man eating meat at dinner in restaurant. Close up of man hands slicing meat on plate in cafe

Woman peels avocado from skin and cutting it on the wooden board, dolly shot

Housewife peels carrot for vegetarian dish, vegetable salad, cooking at home

close-up of man hands cutting bread at the kitchen

Chef hands cutting meat with big knife in the kitchen close up. Man cutting pork beef on chopping board. Food sliced pieces raw meat

The cook slices tomato by sharp knife on the wooden board outdoors, making of vegetable salad, vegetarian meal, fresh tomatoes from own garden, cooking outside

Close-up. Knife cuts ripe avocado into slices. Female hands with knife is cutting green avocado on wooden cutting board in the kitchen at home, slow motion

Hands peeling orange. Fresh fruit close up.

Chef slicing peeled apple at wooden plank in kitchen. Slicing peeled apple. Apple slice. A knife cutting apple in half. Knife cut half apple. Sliced apple is a healthy food

Smiling mother and daughter preparing salad while cutting chopping cabbage in kitchen, on sunny day. Mother teach kid how to cook healthy vegetarian food

Young girl is cutting a cucumber with a knife.

Closeup of male hands cutting watermelon on the board, slow motion