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Close up shot of man hands slicing carrot and female hands cutting tomato on wooden cutting board for salad on the table with healthy food in the kitchen. Side view.

Cutting red onions on a cutting board

Close up of young woman's hand cutting chicken breast on a wooden cutting board

A chef chops green spring onions beautiful shot with soft focus. Healty food concept, vegetarian.

Potato fruit rolls along a cutting board on a kitchen table with vegetables.

Female chef cuts the pork on a cutting Board in the restaurant

Close-up of a female hands cutting red hot pepper on cutting board at home in the kitchen. Female hands is cutting red chili pepper, slow motion

Unrecognizable woman standing near kitchen table and cutting fresh cucumber on cutting board while preparing vegetable salad

Female hands slicing cucumber on cutting board

Milk pouring into a bowl of cereal with sliced bananas - slow pushin, slow motion overhead shot

Young woman cutting vegetables in kitchen

Putting cooked steak on cutting board. Place just-grilled beef steak on cutting board, adding garlic butter garnish, ready for serving and eating.

Hands of woman cut a smoked sausage on the wooden cutting board

Girl cut cabbage at cutting board

Chicken Farm, eggs and poultry production

Parsley leaves falling on a cutting board with organic vegetables around

Preparation of bluefin tuna for sashimi: on the wooden cutting board a large piece of tuna, the hands of a Caucasian man with a long blade knife cut a nice slice.

Tilt Up of Latino Couple Making a Tossed Salad

chef peeling onion

Close-up. Knife cuts ripe avocado into slices. Female hands with knife is cutting green avocado on wooden cutting board in the kitchen at home, slow motion

Close-up of woman hands cutting carrot on wooden board

Closeup of celery being sliced.


Middle shot front view of cheerful African American handsome man dancing in slow motion cutting tomato with knife for healthful morning salad in kitchen. Relaxed millennial cooking at home.

Cook chops onions on wooden board


Slicece of Bread Falls on a Cutting Board close-up. Slow Motion

Portrait of young confident Caucasian woman cutting ingredients for organic salad indoors. Beautiful concentrated girl cooking vegan food at home. Healthy lifestyle, vegetarianism, health.

Top View of Chefs Hands Chopping Ginger And Garlic On Wooden Board, Healthy Food Concept

The cook slices tomato by sharp knife on the wooden board outdoors, making of vegetable salad, vegetarian meal, fresh tomatoes from own garden, cooking outside

Chef washes cauliflower for vegetable ragout cooking, housewife cooks vegetables, woman makes vegetable salad, fresh and healthy food from kitchen-garden

Knife cuts greek Halloumi cheese into slices on kitchen counter cutting board

Chief Cutting Raw Beef On Cutting Board, Close - Up Shot

Cutting Up Swiss Chard On Kitchen Wood Cutting Board 01

Close-up of woman hands cutting carrot on wooden board, graded

A close-up look of chopping garlic cloves on a cutting board in 4K. Concept of cutting garlic with a chef knife as an ingredient for seared Tuna.

close up shot of the chef's hands, a man cuts a leek on a piece, then cuts off the tail of the pepper, he works on the cutting board, in the hands of the cook is a sharp knife

Man Cutting Chili on Cutting Board with Ceramic White Knife - Color Graded Close Up 4K Resolution

Dark skinned male chef chopping chives on a rustic wooden cutting board


Portrait of young beautiful Caucasian mother cutting vegetables for healthful salad as African American teen daughter learning cooking. Happy positive parent and teenager talking preparing picnic.

fresh raw meat for steak on wooden cutting board

Close up of squeezing lemon on squeezer and pouring lemon juice into glass

Happy woman slicing fresh tomato on cutting board at home. Pretty girl throwing vegetables in salad bowl. Young lady getting idea during cooking in kitchen. Fresh vegetables on kitchen table.

Hands slicing fish close up. Raw salmon on cutting board.

Cutting peace of boiled beef meat on a wooden cutting board

Loaf and sliced bread

Ripe red pepper female hands closeup cuts on a cutting Board with a knife

Slow-motion medium side-view shot of professional caucasian chef cooking healthy dish, slicing some fresh organic zucchini on wooden cutting board in restaurant kitchen

Chef is cutting mozzarella cheese on cutting board near the vegetables.

Toast Bread On A Wooden Cutting Board