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Portrait tracking of happy bearded businessman in suit standing with his arms crossed and smiling for camera in office

Tracking portrait of assertive black businessman or hotel employee standing in lobby with crossed arms and looking at camera

Happy young man. Portrait of handsome young man in casual shirt keeping arms crossed and smiling while standing against grey background

Successful career concept. Zoom in portrait of positive young african american business lady posing with crossed arms

Tilt up of businessman standing with crossed arms and looking at camera

Portrait of mixed race businesswoman standing in office with arms crossed smiling to camera

An athlete flying around the camera in a circle with crossed arms

Time lapse shot of confident businessman in glasses and beige suit posing on camera with arms crossed while standing in open office during workday


Portrait of smiling bearded man in casual wear and eyeglasses sitting with crossed arms at bright modern office. Concept of people, occupation and successful career.

Man crossing arms gesturing no

Attractive joyful professional young businesswoman with ring in her nose posing on camera in contemporary office room with crossed arms

Close up of good-looking smiling confident successful adult bearded businessman in suit which looking into camera with crossed arms on the modern office room background

Portrait of successful beautiful executive businesswoman smart casual wear looking at camera and smile, arms crossed in modern office workplace. Young lady standing in contemporary meeting room.

Group photo concept where good-looking positive successful high-skilled diverse creative colleagues pose on camera with crossed arms in modern office room


African American woman with crossed arms looks at camera

Closeup of confident businessman and businesswoman looking at camera with crossed arms standing outside building

Good-looking satisfied professional confident young male worker with beard looking at camera with crossed arms in modern workroom

Disappointed young man with arms crossed

Tracking medium shot of two young bearded twin brothers in white shirts and neckties standing with crossed arms against white brick background and looking at camera


Young mom, daughter meditating and doing yoga while sitting on couch in home room spbi. Closeup view of Caucasian woman, girl sit on sofa and does asana with closed eyes and crossed arms in light

A man in suit with a beard crossed his arms over his chest, modern glass office building background. A man looks in camera, proud and sure of himself. Concept of politics, business, finance, banking.

Portrait young caucasian man on grey background with crossed arms. caucasian guy with red hair posing showing hand gesture do not offer. handsome redhead men wearing in casual t-shirt

Confident business man with crossed arms inside of private jet seriously looking at You

Smiling woman with crossed arms

Front view of good-looking concentrated successful international team of workers which standing in front of camera with crossed arms in modern meeting room


Latin young man with crossed arms looks at camera smiling

Portrait of elegant man sitting with crossed arms in dark office room. Closeup attractive man looking around in luxury hotel interior. Handsome boss planning business indoors.

Woman crossing arms gesturing no

Strong independent woman in co-working space. Successful businesswoman crossing her arms.

Successful group of business people smiling while standing with crossed arms in office, business team in formal suits they are folding their arms over the chest and looking at camera

Man with crossed arms Rotates

Positive black female entrepreneur with crossed arms smiling and looking at camera against gray background


Closeup view of young mom, daughter meditating and sitting on couch in home room spbi. Beautiful woman, cute little girl do exercise on sofa and sit in lotus position with closed eyes and crossed arms

Portrait of a young brunette woman in white jacket posing with crossed arms, busy modern street on background

Attractive smiling happy confident experienced diverse businesspeople posing on camera with crossed arms on workroom with night lightings background,front view


Portrait of happy farmer standing in ripe wheat field and crossing arms on chest. Proud agronomist looking at camera on a farmland on sunset. Rancher with rich harvest of cultivated cereal hybrid crop

Portrait of pensive senior gentleman sitting with crossed arms at table in luxury cabinet. Closeup greyhaired man looking at camera in vintage interior. Serious male person turning head indoors.

Attractive confident woman with vivid makeup standing in autumn park, keeping her arms crossed and looking at camera.


Young woman meditating and sitting in lotus position on floor in home room spbi. Closeup view of beautiful female does asana with crossed arms and breathes slowly, sits on mat in light interior

Young brunette businesswoman in a white T-shirt shook her head and crossed her arms, gesturing "No". Disapproval, denial, refusal, disagreement.

Attractive positive confident successful young bearded businessman standing with crossed arms in front of camera in beautifully decorated office room at daytime

A girl on the street with her arms crossed. A cute brunette female stands on the street with her arms crossed looking at camera


Showroom car, old man examining automotive for sale at the dealership Spbi. Male client stand with crossed arms look at vehicle option and think, doubt about purchase. Aged customer

Titan of industry - businessman crosses arms in a power pose.

Blond woman with crossed arms sharing mental problems with people during group psychotherapy session

Portrait of four multiracial serious successful business women are standing with crossed arms smiling looking at camera, posing in modern office


Confident male farm inspector standing with crossed arms at organic lettuce greenhouse plantation. Middle aged man with curly hair examining vegetables during work at modern hydroponic nursery.


Closeup man crossed arms at agricultural field. Farm worker resting after hard working day. Unrecognized farmer observing machinery inspecting autumn harvesting season. Farming specialist work hard.