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Female business manager reviews a paper contract and writes a correcting note.

Male hands adjusting bow tie closeup. Young man touching puts and adjusts touching funky dots bow tie on white shirt. Dressing man straightens bow-tie shallow depth of field outdoor

Close up of female hands typing a message or correcting a text on her laptop.

Young female professor correcting her report late at night and checking smartphone for missed calls or new messages

business boss woman criticizing young specialist work in dark office. Upset business woman correcting bad work at workplace. Stressed man feeling emotional pressure in open space.

Man sitting at the table correcting his essay wrote on the paper at home. Profession concept, writer, copywriter, editor. Real people series.

Portrait of young man walking street in black jacket. Handsome man correcting hood outside in slow motion

Mixed race female teacher correcting diverse group of schoolchildren while yoga stretching outdoors

Happy photographer correcting photos in office. African professional enjoy positive work results. Closeup Black man satisfied of project results at coworking.

Time For Corrective Action Clock Words 3 D Animation

Mixed race female teacher correcting diverse group of schoolchildren while yoga stretching outdoors

Confident attractive young woman wearing trendy accessories, with mate lipstick and light makeup, corrects her sunglasses while seductively posing to camera. Female portrait, close up view

Physiotherapist correcting position of senior woman 4k

Guy correcting the inscription is impossible in possible. the concept of motivation and self-belief

Rear-view medium shot of hard-working graceful little ballerina standing in ballet pose in front of window while female trainer correcting her posture in dance school

Young beautiful muslim girl in hijab with perfect makeup open the door and sitting in car in warm weather, watching at mirror correcting her scarf. Ready to drive. Religiuos, transport concept

Right Vs Wrong Correct Accurate Puzzle Pieces 3d Animation

Surgeon oculist is performing surgeon treatment of correcting vision. He is using sharp tools for cutting eye cornea, crosslinking operation

Lovely professional african american female personal trainer helping active concentrated sporty fit asian woman working out at gym, correcting right posture during warm up arm stretch exercise.

A man in a business suit looking at himself in a mirror, getting ready, before leaving home

A young man in black suit adjusts his cufflinks of white shirt.


Supervisor hands touching keyboard laptop closeup. Unknown expert working computer swiping touchpad at luxury panoramic window office. Unrecognizable manager correcting report invoice sea view hotel

plastic surgeon checking middle aged woman face before cosmetic surgery

Male model in stylish suite corrects his necktie

Portrait of beautiful charming african female in trendy white dress sitting on bench in public park, looking at her reflection in pocket mirror while applying lipstick, correcting lip gloss.

Adult bearded system administrator in glasses working on laptop and correcting errors in server hardware

Closeup view of young woman sitting in the beauty studio while the makeup artist is correcting eyebrows using special brush. Slowmotion shot

Fitness woman squatting with in gym. Trainer male correcting woman in sport club. Sportswoman doing squat exercise with barbell.

Close up of pleasant purposeful concentrated 35-aged bearded office manager which correcting his glasses while looking at camera outdoors near office building at daytime

Professional trainer correcting training of people in gym. Exhausted man and slim women riding exercise bikes. Sportive people exercising indoors. Sportive lifestyle.

Closeup view of the makeup artist's hands correcting eyebrows using special brush.

Man and woman specialists are discussing contract in office, correcting

Front view of good-looking satisfied young bearded african american which correcting his stylish beard wih trimmer when sitting in front of small mirror at home

Groom Correcting His Bowtie Outdoor

Portrait of likable happy in good mood young african american which correcting his beard with trimmer in front of camera at home,daily routine concept

Caring attractive sporty mother helping adorable fit elementary age daughter to do side split stretch, correcting right posture, enhancing flexibility of hamstring muscles during indoor sport training

Closeup business woman correcting notes on sticker board indoors. Intelligent lady organizing brainstorm data on wall in modern office. Female professional enjoying work in hipster office.

1940s vintage writer typing and correcting his story

Worker is correcting folds in upholstery of the sofa. Exclusive soft furniture, producing for order in a craft workshop

Handsome smiling young bearded african american sitting in front of small mirror and correcting his stylish beard preparing to go out from home

Young woman touching face skin in studio. Close up of fashion model correcting makeup. Portrait of stylish woman checking makeup face. Beauty and skin care concept

plastic surgeon checking middle aged woman face before cosmetic surgery

Closeup old man hands correcting document on wooden table at home. Elderly man arms working with contract indoors. Unrecognizable male person making marks in papers inside. Paperwork concept.

Dance teacher correcting pose of little boy rehearsing in dance studio. Young Caucasian man teaching children in dancing school. Talent and art.

Young man and woman in the city correcting hair each other. Happy pair rejoice to spend time together. Couple in love looking with smile. Attractive girl and handsome man wearing in casual denim shirt

Woman is looking at mirror and correcting her hairstyle

Close up brides correcting wedding ring on her hand.

Cosmetologist drawing lines under girl's eye at the beauty center. Beauty specialist preparing asian woman for plastic surgery operation. Cosmetic surgeon modeling new facial features for brunette