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Positive confident young man passing documents presenting business strategy results at board meeting talking and smiling. Successful group of colleagues discussing project effectiveness in office.

Confident handsome businessman talking with colleagues on break outdoors drinking coffee. Portrait of successful Caucasian man and women discussing business strategy. Slow motion.

Back view of angry boss yelling and gesturing as group of colleagues sitting at conference table. Male Caucasian manager scolding office staff as woman leaving boardroom. Business conflicts concept.

Confident serious businesspeople crossing hands looking at camera posing outdoors. Successful Caucasian man and women at office building on sunny day. Business concept.

Confident CEO sitting at conference table with female assistant standing as employees passing documents. Portrait of concentrated serious Caucasian manager discussing business profitability with staff.

Male Caucasian hands counting dollars in office indoors. Unrecognizable successful wealthy businessman in elegant formal suit holding cash money. Richness and business success concept.

Portrait of angry middle aged man in eyeglasses shouting at assistant and employees sitting at conference table in office. Dissatisfied furious Caucasian CEO scolding office staff at meeting indoors.

Four in one: computer corporative server concept - communication equipment, blinking lights, close up

Gorgeous confident Caucasian businesswoman presenting business idea standing at whiteboard in office as group of colleagues clapping sitting at conference table. Business teamwork concept.

Young confident Caucasian woman discussing business plan with middle aged man sitting in office. Portrait of female employee talking with big business manager indoors at workplace. Cooperation.

Young and middle aged men analyzing business project as woman passing with documents consulting managers. Medium shot of confident professional people working in office indoors.

Portrait of young Caucasian elegant man standing in office corridor with middle aged business partner signing agreement. Confident successful businessmen in Covid face masks in hallway making deal.

Wide shot serious Caucasian man and woman walking for a meeting talking outdoors. Portrait of confident professional successful colleagues discussing business strolling in slow motion.

Portrait of concentrated confident Caucasian woman working in office sitting at table with laptop and documents. Gorgeous blond lady analyzing accounting business indoors. Lifestyle and confidence.

Business partners shaking hands making good deal in office boardroom. Confident serious successful men talking as women sitting at conference table smiling chatting. Cooperation and partnership.

Young Caucasian women gossiping as blurred coworkers talking at background at whiteboard. Smiling beautiful millennials chatting on business meeting discussing colleagues love affair.

Business center close-up

Serious confident middle aged Caucasian man in eyeglasses and elegant formal suit signing agreement shaking hands with young business partner. Successful men standing in office corridor indoors.

Slim young woman standing with coworkers drinking coffee on break outdoors talking. Portrait of professional success Caucasian colleagues chatting in slow motion. Business and lifestyle.

Handsome confident Caucasian man and beautiful elegant women crossing hands looking at camera. Medium shot portrait of successful professional team posing outdoors. Business concept.

Portrait of confident man looking back at blurred colleagues crossing hands smiling. Satisfied Caucasian male CEO proud with team posing outdoors. Business and confidence concept.

Live camera follows two confident elegant men walking in office corridor discussing business gesturing. Back view of young and middle aged Caucasian colleagues talking in hallway strolling.

Serious handsome confident businessman presenting business profitability report outdoors for colleagues sitting around. Successful Caucasian man talking pointing at graphs explaining strategy.

Middle aged Caucasian male confident bearded CEO sitting at table surfing Internet on laptop thinking. Portrait of serious successful man in eyeglasses planning business development in office.

Medium shot portrait of confident charming blond woman holding paperwork looking at camera smiling. Beautiful slim Caucasian employee posing outdoors with blurred colleagues talking at background.

Smiling men and women clapping spokesperson presenting business strategy idea on meeting. Positive confident successful Caucasian team planning outdoors. Slow motion.

Happy satisfied male CEO showing ascending business graph as assistant and employees clapping in boardroom. Successful group of business people meeting in office rejoicing profitability.

Female business analyst in Covid-19 face mask examining documents typing on laptop keyboard and looking at camera. Medium shot portrait of confident young beautiful Caucasian woman working in office.

Serious Caucasian woman explaining business strategy to middle aged man in eyeglasses standing in office corridor. Confident professional analyst talking with CEO manager in hallway indoors.

Corporate business presentation template

Confident man raising hand at business meeting standing up talking in slow motion. Portrait of Caucasian male employee suggesting idea for coworkers. Business lifestyle and confidence.

Business speech outdoor. Mature lady talking with microphone in the blurred city background.

Mature business woman singing with microphone. Singing karaoke on corporate. White isolated background.

Successful smiling man and woman giving high-five standing outdoors. Medium shot side view of Caucasian colleagues business partners celebrating strategy success. Slow motion.

Confident elegant young Caucasian man posing in office corridor with documents. Portrait of stylish businessman in formal suit standing in hallway looking at camera smiling. Confidence and business.


young female accountant is working on modern office, checking reports in laptop, sending email by internet corporative chat

Male CEO signing documents talking with female assistant standing outdoors. Confident intelligent Caucasian colleagues discussing project in slow motion outdoors. Business and success concept.

Sad disabled woman hanging up phone closing laptop sitting in wheelchair outdoors. Portrait of overwhelmed Caucasian manager having business problems. Slow motion.

Medium shot of busy young Caucasian elegant man in Covid-19 face mask analyzing documents standing in luxurious office entrance hall with people passing at background. Business concept.

bass guitarist play on bass on corporative banquet

Corporative Business Slides Foundsmiths

Corporative Business Slides Foundsmiths