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Close up chef cooking vegetables in pan. Mixed vegetables being stewed in a frying pan. Food cooking concept.

Stewing beef and vegetables goulash

Beef steak fried in pan

Tasty Spanish dish paella

Chef Stir Meat In Frying Pan, Cooking Beef Stroganoff In Sauce

Risotto ready to be served

Fried Pork Meatballs or Cutlets in Frying Pan

Duck leg confit with mushroom and pumpkin sauce on plate, high kitchen gourmet food, famous chef and traditional chinese dish

Restaurant food close up. Tasty duck breast dish.

Crane zoom in footage on delicious meal from cooked pork chops meat with grilled mushrooms next to oregano spices and cherry tomatoes on wooden board

Chef prepares a salad by adding herbs and spices, vegetables in the foreground

Thai Chinese local style breakfast, pig blood and organ soup. Restaurant boiling in big pot

Woman adding chopped tomatoes to the cooked meal and mixing them on frying pan,

Cooking tortillas in hot griddle

Singapore style grilling chicken wings BBQ with charcoal

grill shrimp , barbecue sea food on fire flaming slow motion background.

Fork With Spaghetti and Parsley on Black Background

Indian popular food Dal fry or traditional Dal Tadka Curry served in ceramic bowl with rice and naan bread. Placed on white wooden table. Closeup view over.

Grilled chicken legs flipping in a pan. Tossing grilled chicken legs in the air, slow-mo.

Close-up of male senior Caucasian hand turning potatoes on bbq grill. Unrecognizable old man grilling dinner on countryside. Rural lifestyle, healthy homegrown food, cookout.

Two preschool girls bakers eats cooked cheesecakes and shows big finger up

Close up shot of a cooked food and fresh vegetable in food trays in buffet. Different kind of food. Big choice.

Hot and tasty deep fried polish dumplings with meat filling sprinkled with fresh pepper. Placed on a blue ceramic plate. Top view on rusty white background with copy space

Delicious whole chicken cooked with pumpkin, pepper and potatoes. Served in metal baking pan.

Chef fryes onion in a hot frying pan, vegetables are cooked, meals with vegetables

Fried pork meatballs or cutlets in frying pan, they are almost ready.

Street fast food. Roasted chestnuts steaming on big metal pan in the street vendor in night time in Rome, Italy. 4K (UHD).

Hands put eggs on plate. White plate with cherry tomatoes. Boiled quail eggs and pepper. Proven recipe of delicious salad.

Garnished pasta close up. Tasty Italian food.

Deep frying cut potato cubes with cooking oil in a hot pan.

Cooking on a campfire on a hike. A girl prepares eggs with tomatoes and bacon in a pan on a campfire. Camping in the forest. Camping Cooking Breakfast Concept.

Shish kebab on skewers cooking over live coals

Pan-fried fish, The tuna fillet on the steaming frying pan in slow motion.

Pieces of tasty bacon is fried on the hot pan, hot boiling fat, cooking meat, meals with meat, bacon for breakfast, pork's meat

Chef prepares roast chicken (focus on chicken) in the oven, view from the inside of the oven. Cooking in the oven.

Jug pours sauce on mussels. Cooked mussels on white background. Delicious mussels in wine sauce. Delicacy with incredible taste.

Baked fish with salsa vegetables

Pouring tomato sauce on pasta

Woman taking a photos with mobile phone of delicious fried rice with chicken and vegetables served in pan. Placed on white wooden table. Slow motion video.

Chef mixing and salting french fries in steel bowl, close-up slow motion.

Green vegetables cream soup in grey bowl placed among fresh peas and bean pods with full grain bread on wooden background. Top view with copy space.

Pouring golden french fries on the plate. Popular fast food, deep fried potato chips. Super slow motion video

Shrimp in frying pan with hot oil

Main courses of dining on a smorgasbord in a restaurant. Fried potatoes, sausages, boiled vegetables and other are in a metal plates

two boiled lobster on table

Mixing paella and seafood in a pan, cooking


Closeup grilled sausages browning on grill outdoors. Meat sausages frying on barbecue grill at backyard. Side view on juicy sausages preparing on round grill outside.


Slow-motion medium shot of young male chef tasting just made bechamel sauce in frying pan cooked by his students during cooking class