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Businesswoman and Businessman are working on Laptop while discussion a Project. Professional Layers in Classical Dressed working concentrating. Business Conversations. Professional Partnership.

Two attractive girls friends young female standing on high hill and conversations at summer evening, close up

Positive man and woman sitting in cafe with coworkers, talking and laughing. Group of positive colleagues on lunch in restaurant. Lifestyle concept.

Positive multiethnic colleagues chatting in office. Portrait of relaxed Caucasian and African American coworkers talking and smiling. Business meeting concept. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

Close-up of confident African American man in eyeglasses talking in video chat online. Portrait of positive handsome young freelancer or businessman discussing strategy online. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

Portrait of excited Caucasian woman sitting with coworkers in cafe and talking. Positive successful businesswoman chatting with colleagues in restaurant during break.

Three confused nervous coworkers discussing startup in office. Portrait of multiethnic team planning project indoors. Young men and woman talking and gesturing. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

POV of camera walking through a bar with people drinking beer, talking, laughing, socializing, and smoking cigarettes

A young brunette and young man are sitting next to each other on a bench and talking.

Gorgeous young businesswoman talking with colleague in cafe waiting for coffee. Portrait of beautiful Caucasian woman flirting with coworker during break. Business romance and flirt concept.

Portrait of confident African American man eating sandwich and drinking tea as Caucasian woman talking at front. Young happy interracial couple having breakfast in kitchen.

lose up frame of the conversations between lovers

Positive multiethnic colleagues talking and surfing Internet in lunchroom as blurred young woman dining at background. Smiling Caucasian and African American coworkers discussing project at lunch.

Asian female office employees in formal business attire standing outside the office building having productive conversations before work, modern smart life surrounded by city, feminine society lgbtq

Bored Caucasian man using smartphone while cheerful colleagues talking and laughing at the table in cafe. Portrait of handsome successful businessman uninterested in conversations with coworkers.

Confident young Caucasian women gossiping in lunchroom on break. Portrait of two beautiful colleagues talking and drinking tea or coffee sitting in lunchroom with laptop. Lunch and rumors.

Four young Caucasian coworkers discussing paperwork in office. Serious millennial men and women analyzing documents and talking. Business meeting of professional team of colleagues indoors.

Father agrees with the child. Father gives to his little son pocket money. Father-son relationship.

Three young colleagues discussing business project in cafe on break. Meeting of multiethnic coworkers in restaurant. Men and woman sitting at the table with laptop and coffee and talking.

Portrait of two excited male colleagues talking shaking hands in office hugging. Positive young Caucasian men planning startup project with blurred female coworkers at background. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

Large group of people socializing, drinking beer, laughing, smiling, and talking at a bar pub

Side view close-up of Caucasian man talking at headset. Technical support professional employee consulting customer or client in office. IT specialist working in contact center.

Adult friends woman and their male buddy are drinking in a pizzeria. They are smiling during conversations and remembering old times

Wide shot, business meeting of cheerful millennial multiethnic colleagues in sunny office. Positive Caucasian and African American men and woman gathering, smiling and talking. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.


Handsome man with nice Appearance having a walk in the Town and speaking Pleasant. Having interesting Conversations on his Mobile Phone. Having stylish clothes and nice Hairstyleю

Young millennial handsome redhead man talking and thinking. Close-up portrait of confident Caucasian businessman or investor discussing startup with someone indoors. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

Concentrated colleagues surfing Internet on tablet in cafe with blurred bartender preparing order at the background. Portrait of confident Caucasian businessman and businesswoman talking at counter.

Cheerful young couple talking and laughing in kitchen at home. Portrait of positive interracial boyfriend and girlfriend enjoying conversation in the morning. Happy relationship concept.


Attractive Businessman actively holding Video Conference using Laptop Webcam. Working Distant while sitting at Home Workplace. Having Online Conversations with Colleagues. Virtual Meeting.

Close-up portrait of beautiful young Caucasian woman sitting in office with laptop and talking to unrecognizable coworkers. Cheerful employee smiling and chatting with colleagues. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

Three positive young people walking along corridor in modern office and chatting. Caucasian and African American men and women talking and laughing returning from break to work. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

Positive young Caucasian coworkers sitting in office talking as man entering. Portrait of smiling colleagues discussing project indoors. Cooperation and teamwork. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

Beautiful smiling Caucasian women drinking tea or coffee in cafeteria and talking. Portrait of positive female friends or coworkers on lunch using laptop and chatting. Female friendship and gossiping.

Confident Caucasian man joining multiethnic colleagues sitting in cafe and talking. Positive coworkers having lunch in restaurant. Business lifestyle.


young couple drinking tea and enjoying each other during warm conversations

Elegant Woman on a Street use Mobile Smart Phone with Cup of Coffee in Hand - Au

Medium long view through glass partition of office workers having regular workday, sitting at desks, using computers, having conversations

Young African American man and Caucasian woman using laptop and talking sitting in lunchroom as blurred employee having meal at background. Concentrated colleagues discussing project on lunch.

Group of positive young Caucasian coworkers talking and laughing sitting in office. Cheerful millennial men and women enjoying teamwork indoors. Cooperation and success concept.

Group of positive colleagues chatting and clapping hands in office. Multiethnic coworkers talking and smiling indoors. Cooperation and teamwork concept. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

Excited young millennial employees talking smiling and giving high-five. Positive happy Caucasian men and women rejoicing success in office. Cooperation and successful teamwork.

Young Caucasian woman and African American man drinking tea or coffee from orange cups and talking. Happy relaxed interracial couple chatting in the morning in kitchen at home.

Two young Caucasian women in Covid face masks discussing startup strategy in office. Portrait of confident concentrated Caucasian colleagues talking indoors on coronavirus pandemic outbreak.

Asian middle age couple spending time together while taking a ride, parking motorbike on the street side having a joyful conversations with each other, family enjoyable moment, love happiness smiling

Male and female colleagues in Covid face masks discussing paperwork in office on coronavirus pandemic outbreak. Confident young Caucasian men and women talking project on Covid-19 lockdown.

Caucasian female CEO walking with African American employee in office corridor and talking. Serious multiethnic coworkers standing and discussing project. Teamwork concept. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

Businesspeople sitting together and having conversations

dolly 1940s man dialing on a candlestick phone