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Concentrated girl watching thrilling movie at cinema. Young woman watching movie in movie theater. Pretty girl watching exciting movie in cinema. Enjoy cinema concept

Portrait of pensive handsome african man in deep thoughts sitting on sofa in domestic interior, thinking about problems and solutions, making hard decisions, expressing worry and unconfident.


Successful manager thinking business planning at office panorama window closeup. Pensive stressed businessman looking distance consider future decisions problem in glasses. Male professional concept

Medium close up of young concentrated woman sitting with legs crossed breathing deeply and meditating in bright yoga studio


Close-up portrait of concentrated brunette woman creating floral bouquet in workshop talking in slow motion. Focused Caucasian beautiful florist in flower shop indoors.

Intelligent Business Man with Glasses Working On Computer at night

A close-up view into the eye of a computer hacker as he monitors a computer screen in real-time.

Close up of tired woman working at night on laptop, girl in eye glasses with reflections overworking busy, using computer in dark office

Close up macro shot of reflection in glasses. Young woman with beautiful blue eyes look at screen of laptop or desktop computer. Processing of big data and internet information

The silhouette of a thoughtful man sitting at a table against the background of a window with oceans and the sea. A restless man sitting at a table with a desk lamp

Super close-up, face and hand of young bearded Caucasian man at the window thinking and reflecting on life slow motion.


Close up shot of concentrated male musician playing snare drum in rehearsal studio

young man making decision on the background of a board. The concept of creativity and erudition

Close-up of asian man with social media reflecting in his glass lenses

Pensive employee thinking about executive solution in office, brainstorming ideas and planning business project. Thoughtful man pondering decision to obtain financial development.


Close up shot of concentrated male pianist in glasses and white shirt performing music on stage

Portrait of thoughtful entrepreneur sitting in cafe and looking out the window. Close-up of young handsome Caucasian man thinking. Successful businessman having coffee break.


Close up portrait of handsome grey haired mature man taking off eyeglasses and looking aside, thinking at office

Serious focused woman reading news on laptop in the dark room at home, close up

Close up portrait of beautiful young woman meditating with closed eyes, breathe deeply and showing hand namaste gesture with at home


Close up selective focus shot of concentrated male musician playing intense piano music on stage

Computer screen reflected on male eyes and glasses - Hacking and Downloading file - Extreme close-up. Breaching security system

Close-up eyes of Caucasian man with reflection of multiple computers screens on eyeglasses. Young concentrated hacker or programmer working online in global network.

Pleasant intelligent old man sitting at the library table and reading book with magnifying glaass, recording notes on the paper

CLose-up of intense eyes stare of determined muscular built man looking at camera on outdoor sport facilities, expressing confidence, strength, conviction, masculinity and readiness for competition.

Headshot portrait of concentrated woman checking nasal canal of patient using headlight and nasal forceps. Close-up focused Caucasian woman doing medical examination indoors.

Midsection of woman believer folded hands in prayer, holding rosary beads with crucifix on cross, praying for mercy and forgiveness, showing faith, devotion an hope. Close-up.

Headshot portrait of Middle Eastern young man listening carefully talking with friend standing in urban city outdoors. Close-up concentrated handsome millennial guy chatting outdoors on sunny day.

young woman with hat looks at the sun through her hand in field sunset sunlight nature freedom grass yellow human beauty inspiration outdoors summer view close up slow motion


Close up portrait of a young adult african man browsing on his smartphone looking for a solution

Time to work hard. Close-up woman using computer while sitting in cafe

Close-up of focused handsome young businessman thinking and messaging online on laptop. Portrait of worried brunette Caucasian millennial entrepreneur indoors. Business lifestyle and stress.

Attractive concentrated bearded young african american student sitting in the library and working over home task

Slow motion of fit strong young woman tired of exercise in a darkened gym, deeply breathes close up of the determined expression on her face and strain and effort as she raises the bar

Close-up of focused middle age man wearing computer glasses for reducing eye strain, browsing internet, reading news, watching screen working online late. Tracking dolli shot

Close-up portrait concentrated bearded Middle Eastern student memorizing material reading book talking in slow motion touching temples. Handsome young man studying outdoors on university yard.

Close-up face of thoughtful Caucasian man sitting indoors. Headshot portrait of concentrated businessman thinking creating startup ideas. Business and creativity concept.

Expressive little 7-8year child with a beautiful smile and blue eyes with glasses is thinking about an interesting idea, looking up with a smart face and holds his beard with his hand, white

A thoughtful man sitting at a table with a desk lamp writes with a pen. Dark time of the day twilight on the background of the window a sad man thinks and writes

Medium close-up of a young man watching movie in cinema

Medium slow-motion close-up of concentrated male artist with brush in hand creating something beautiful on white canvas in dark empty art studio

Girl Typing Message With Phone On Social Network At Night

Thoughtful Male Elementary School Pupil Wearing Uniform Working At Desk

Closeup young attractive woman thinking idea on grey background. Portrait of thoughtful woman posing in studio. Female person finding solution. Smiling girl holding finger up at camera.


Tilting close-up shot of focused young Afro-American man in casual shirt and glasses sitting at table in cafe, working on laptop, looking at screen with concentration then away at window

Side view close-up of concentrated genius schoolboy writing on chalkboard in slow motion. Portrait of focused confident Middle Eastern boy studying in classroom in primary school.

The young man anxiously thinks about something and scratches his chin

Close-up face of concentrated thoughtful young beautiful woman looking out the window planning business idea. Headshot portrait of confident African American millennial thinking indoors.