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Refreshing beverages in store cooler for sale 4k

Soda drinks for sale in refrigerator 4k

Bartender pouring cold beer into glass close-up, festival drink, cold beverage. Stock footage


Cold glass with sparkling wine is standing on the bar counter, alcohol drinks and beverage, non-alcohol cocktail with soda water, object video of lemonade, 4k Prores HQ 120 fps

Teenager drinking a glass of refreshing cold fizzy cola drink

Adult man's lips drink an ice cold water drink for refreshment.

Junk food with cold drinks. Burgers and cola on table. So much calories. Freshness and taste.


Close up asian woman drinking hot beverage, holding white coffee cup, hot tea on relaxing night at home, healthy lifestyle, stay warm in cold winter, wearing sweater simple domestic life, side view

Refreshing Drink Water

The Barman's Hand Puts a Piece of Mint into a Cool Strawberry Cocktail. Pieces of Frozen Ice around the Drink. Cold Drink, professional Barman, Desire to quench the thirst.


Mid section of man holding cocktail drink near swimming pool 4k

Stirring Glass of Ice Water

Pouring Whiskey into a Glass With Ice. Slow Motion

Athletic sport man drinking water from bottle. Cold drink after outdoor fitness. Young fit man drinking water after sport workout. Healthy lifestyle drink water after exercise. Drinking cold water.

Water flowing into plastic cup. Water cooler. Closeup of hand holding cup with water. Mineral water pouring in transparent cup and overflow. Natural refreshing water in plastic cup and overflows


High angle viewof black man rlaaxing with his feet in swimming pool 4k

Glass with a cold drink

Woman's hand pouring fresh pure water from juginto a glass on the table, health and diet concept.

Cold citrusy lemonade in jug with ice and mint.

Caucasian man drinking soda in a cafe


Low section of black man drinking cocktail drink near swimming pool 4k

Slow motion of cold beer poured into a tall glass

Cup with hot tea against the sun in the winter

Elegant Alcoholic Cocktail. Whiff On Cold Drink. Motion. Close-up.

Soft Drink is Poured Into a Glass With Ice Cubes. Slow Motion


Close-up young beautiful woman drinking lemon detox water. Healthy eating, portrait of beautiful woman in park

Glass with drink and ice. Tongs put lemon into beverage. Cold cocktail served at club. Tom collins served at bar.

Vodka Poured Into A Ice Glass

Close up of ice coffee being mixed by a woman, steadycam shot

Girl drinks cold iced coffee with a straw in a summer cafe, slow motion

Ice cold water in plastic cup on table

Alcohol flow in a glass with ice. Vodka pouring

Fresh pomegranate juice in glass cup. Glass of cold refreshing cocktail on abstract blurred background. Healthy delicious drink.

The man at the bar is drinking whiskey. Close-up. Stirs drink with ice.

Glass with ice and scotch whiskey on wooden glass

Fresh pomegranate juice being poured into glass. Glass of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice. Pouring a red beverage into a clear glass. Tasty refreshing drink.

Young woman sipping a cold drink as she reads a text message on her mobile seated at an outdoor restaurant

Beach Woman Drinking Cold Exotic Drink Beverage on Vacation

Soft drinks for sale at airport convenience shop 4k

Cold drink sign at carnival stand

Young woman drinking energy drink. Asian woman drinking soda. Sport woman drinking energy drink. Closeup of asian girl holding soda can. Sporty woman drinking energy drink outdoors

Pouring Pink Lemonade into a Glass, Slow Motion

Grapefruit juice squeezed into lemonade. Jug of cold refreshing lemonade.

Pouring coke soft drink beverage into glass causing bubbles

health, cold and people concept - sick young woman in scarf coughing and drinking hot tea at home

Elegant Alcoholic Cocktail. Hot And Cold Drink. Smoke. Close-up.

The barman's hand holds a shot on the table and pours the chilled tequila from the bottle. Slow mo

Pouring Water in a Glass. Closeup.