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childhood, healthcare and medicine concept - ill man with thermometer checking temperature having flu at home

Covered with blue plaid brunette girl freezing feeling cold at home . Sick girl having fever flu influenza temperature symptoms wrapped in blanket shivering indoors

Sick girl laying on couch blowing her nose


A young beautiful asian woman stands on roadside with holding a blue umbrella on rainy day caused by a tropical typhoon, waiting for bus on city roadside, weather forecasting, cold and flu prevention

Disgusted or nauseous feeling woman on the verge of vomiting

Sick person with symptoms of nausea and breathing problems.

Young woman lying in bed with a headache experiencing sinus pain during an illness such as the common cold, flu, or allergies - dolly shot

A person with cold or flu symptoms on the street using a handkerchief without a headdress

Portrait of ill woman at home. Young woman coughing in bedroom. Close up of sick girl cough cold. Female person face with flu symptoms. Closeup of brunette woman squeezing


Person with disease sleeping wrapped in blanket on sofa while feeling cold and shivering. Woman with sickness laying at home trying to cure virus infections and flu with fever.

Sick man with fever and shortness of breath in bed, close-up

Sick Man with Flu

Close up portrait of a young woman blowing her nose with a common cold or flu at home in her bed wearing a bathrobe

Unwell young man with flu symptoms lying in bed at home

Ill woman getting throat virus lying in bedroom. Upset woman feeling unwell. Closeup female hands taking napkin at bedside table. Sick female person sneezing at bed.


African american girl blowing her nose outside

man spreading flu in the office

sick woman lying in her bed

Woman feeling sore throat home


Unwell man with headache rubbing temples and feeling sick in blanket. Ill adult with cold and flu symptoms having migraine because of seasonal coronavirus pandemic. Person with disease

home, healthcare and medicine concept - ill man with flu drinking hot tea at home

Weak Young Woman Lying In Bed For Flu And Cold

people, healthcare, rhinitis, cold and allergy concept - unhealthy indian man with paper napkin blowing nose over gray background


Side view of Caucasian man wearing a corovirus covid19 mask and coughing

Sick man lying in the bed

Ill young Caucasian girl sitting on sofa in living room under blanket drinking hot tea and caughing as having covid. Unhealthy infected female at home during pandemic. Sick woman sipping drink.

Sick Man Coughing

Young woman Lying in bed in the bedroom with plaid shiver freeze feeling cold at home with no central heating problem in chill season, sick ill girl wrapped in blanket having fever flu symptoms

Woman in scarf coughing on couch

people, healthcare and health problem concept - unhappy man coughing at home

people, healthcare and health problem concept - unhappy man coughing at home

Medium shot of a young man wrapped in blanket having chills

Sick Woman Blowing Her Nose Into Tissue Outdoors. Young Female having cold or flu symptoms. Winter cold weather

Young people, illness, disease and health. Sick african american girl sneezing for flu virus. Ill black woman with cold and allergy

Woman coughing and sneezing

Young Girl Portrait Sad Ill Cold on Winter Virus Fever on Christmas Tree Bokeh Xmas Eve Lights New Year Confetti Background at Home

Unhealthy young african american woman suffering from flu.

Sick young caucasian girl coughing while lying under blanket at home. The child has fever. Concept of health, illness, sickness, common cold, treatment

African-american female feeling pain in throat and coughing, looking unhappy and ill while posing against blue background

Man with chills on sofa wrapped with blanket during covid-19 lockdown.

An employee with symptoms of a cold or flu in the office

Woman with the chills coughing and blowing her nose in bed with a box of facial tissue on her bathrobe as if she has the flu

Sick woman sneezing at home. Close up of young woman sneeze and cough in bedroom. Unwell woman feeling flu symptoms. Portrait of illness girl feeling temperature disease

A man with symptoms of suffocation and coughing lies on the sofa, close-up. Lack of air, cough, suffocation and other symptoms of coronavirus

healthcare, flu, hygiene and people concept - sick man blowing nose to paper napkin at home

Home quarantine. A woman with fever lying on the couch with a thermometer in his mouth. Dolly shot.

Ill old man coughs in bed.

Mother Checking Temperature To Ill Daughter With Thermometer