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young man making decision on the background of a board. The concept of creativity and erudition

Portrait of scientist man with mathematical equations background. He put on his glasses and smile at camera. Clever and smart teacher lecturer concept. Let's study!

Smart little schoolboy in white shirt and eyeglasses standing against blackboard with animated chalk drawings of light bulb, rubbing his chin and thinking hard about something

Dolly-in shot of male Arab university professor solving complex calculus problem on blackboard, then turning towards camera and smiling

Agreeable clever bearded office manager drinking coffee from paper cup while reading financial report in the separate area in office

Adult bearded man in glasses reading book at table and looking at camera

Happy Girl Writing On Blackboard In Class And Smiling

Little schoolboy in white shirt and eyeglasses standing against blackboard with animated chalk drawings of question marks, rubbing his chin and thinking about something

Close-up face of confident coquette teenage girl winking and smiling. Portrait of beautiful Caucasian brunette teenager flirting with camera indoors. Adolescence and confidence concept.

The student work with a laptop and paper. Real time capture


Smart young African American man taking book from shelf sitting down at table reading. Portrait of intelligent handsome male reader in pajamas enjoying weekend at home indoors. Hobby and lifestyle.


female student writes course work on her computer, freelancer girl working at cafe via notebook laptop, write in book

Closeup shot of young man surfing internet, Teenage boy using tablet pc. Person reading, close up

Businessman in funny glasses typing on keyboard has very good idea


Pretty girl in eyeglasses answering for question at lesson in school. Portrait of smart student talking in classroom. Smiling pupil gesturing hands during conversation. Schoolgirl studying at school


Portrait of cheerful schoolgirl with positive face expression. Cute pupil sitting at desk at elementary school. Smiling girl looking at camera in classroom. School student posing at camera.


Concentrated young African American woman surfing Internet on laptop sitting at table. Portrait of confident intelligent millennial messaging online typing on keyboard in slow motion. Remote working,

the schoolboy writes an example on the Board


Diligent schoolgirl making notes in notebook at elementary school. Smart student writing in exercise book at lesson. Focused pupil doing class work. Clever girl learning in school classroom


Focused schoolgirl learning in classroom. Cheerful pupil sitting at desk during lesson. Smart girl writing in notebook. Female student getting education at elementary school


Smiling girl sitting at desk in classroom. Clever pupil raising hand during lesson at elementary school. Positive student answering question. Female child discussing science with teacher


Cheerful schoolgirl talking at lesson in classroom. Portrait of pretty girl posing at school. Female student learning in school class at elementary school. Serious pupil looking at camera


Serious pupil sitting at school desk. Cheerful child making notes in exercise book. Smart student studying in classroom. Focused schoolgirl doing class work at elementary school


Closeup pensive girl in eyeglasses learning at school class. Thoughtful student writing in notebook at school desk. Portrait of dreamy child studying at elementary school

Portrait shot of cute schoolgirl standing against blackboard with complex calculus formulas and posing with her arms crossed

Handsome wise bearded grandfather spending time in library with his teen grandson


Crane shot of smiling teacher asking questions to kids in school class. Clever schoolchildren raising hands at lesson in classroom. Mixed race pupils answering questions of schoolteacher at school

Closeup of young woman's face behind book cover

Tired college student taking off eyeglasses and rubbing eyes. Portrait of serious Caucasian boy studying at home. E-learning, lifestyle, education, overworking.


Smart girl raising hand at lesson in school classroom. Smiling student answering question in auditorium. Cheerful schoolgirl talking with teacher. Clever kid getting education at elementary school

Young beautiful female in eyeglasses and pajamas sitting on window sill at home and reading book.

Wise male pensioner with beard in glasses sitting in the library and flipping through book pages,reading using magnifying glass

Thoughtful teen boy adjusting his eyeglasses. Surprised nerdy boy in glasses on blurred city background. Human expression of surprise.

Idea And Success With Child Smiling Happy Boy At School


Cheerful schoolgirls playing hand clapping game sitting at desk in classroom. Positive happy Caucasian and African American girls enjoying education break in middle school. Joy and intelligence.

Dolly-in portrait shot of smart male mathematician with serious expression on his face standing with his arms crossed before blackboard with complex calculus formulas

group of students raise hands up

Close up of female hands looking for a book from a bookshelf in library

Confident teenage high school students standing on stairs during break and chatting. Portrait of handsome teen boys talking and laughing. Relaxed friends gossiping indoors. Friendship and studying.

Handsome experienced bearded man with wrinkled face putting on his eyeglasses and posing on camera with sincerely smile in the library


Young handsome African American man talking on the phone checking sticky notes on table. Portrait of concentrated manager discussing business idea sitting at table in home office.

Boy is being bored with car travel and trying to entertain himself with solving logic chess puzzles


Young busy expert reading professional literature and messaging online on laptop in slow motion. Portrait of concentrated serious African American man working in home office remotely indoors.

Lazy Caucasian girl sitting at the table having no wish to study. Young mother trying to help daughter doing homework. Education concept, intelligence, support. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

Side profile half-faced photo of busy concentrated smart clever beautiful woman wearing checkered shirt and glasses, she has remote work, typing on laptop and sending emails to clients, soft light

Business coach talking on camera at coworking space. Energy teacher motivating students to act. Clever woman broadcasting video about self motivation

Portrait of young smart clever woman teacher lecturer standing with chalk board full of math equations at background. Lady sure in herself with crossed arms and smile a little. Glidetrack

A stylish school boy wearing glasses sits on the background of a white wall and makes interesting notes in a notebook. A conceived boy makes notes in a yellow textbook. The guy wears a yellow blouse