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Little schoolboy in white shirt and eyeglasses standing against blackboard with animated chalk drawings of question marks, rubbing his chin and thinking about something

Genius little schoolboy in white shirt and eyeglasses standing against blackboard with animated chalk drawings of planets and shuttles flying in space, rubbing his chin and thinking

Tracking portrait shot of adorable little girl in glasses standing before blackboard with complex math formulas and thinking how to solve it

Idea And Success With Child Smiling Happy Boy At School

Close-up portrait of thoughtful Caucasian boy rubbing his chin, gesturing i got an idea, and going to the background. Flasks with chemical ingredients standing behind. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

Clever kid raising hand during lesson at elementary school. Cute student answering for question. Smiling girl talking with teacher in school classroom. Female pupil holding pencil in hand


Handheld shot of African-American 11-year-old girl sitting at desk in classroom and writing in her notebook during lesson

Portrait of clever child schooling at home. Closeup diligent pupil doing homework indoors. Smart student taking notes inside.

Lovely child playing with building blocks developing her creative skills

Side view close-up of concentrated genius schoolboy writing on chalkboard in slow motion. Portrait of focused confident Middle Eastern boy studying in classroom in primary school.


Digital literacy from early age. Single mother shows her 2 baby girls how to use smartphone with dog on couch

Portrait shot of happy little African-American schoolboy in glasses standing before blackboard with complex calculus formula and showing thumbs up

Portrait shot of adorable little girl in glasses standing against blackboard and thinking with her hand on chin

Boy improving his logical thinking by solving chess puzzles when traveling by car

Lviv \ Ukraine - July 7 2018: Close up view of beautiful green-eyed teenage girl actively listening and nodding. Lesson, attention. Natural beauty.

Pensive girl schooling in classroom at elementary school. Portrait of female student boring during lesson. Thoughtful schoolgirl holding hand on face. Female kid looking away in school class


First time to school. Happy cute clever boy in glasses with school bag and book in his hand. Back to school. Parent and pupil of primary school go hand in hand. Mother supports her son before study.

Thoughtful mixed race son making a move with knight while playing chess together with his handsome single father in domestic room. Dad and adorable boy enjoying leisure playing chess game at home

Closeup pensive girl in eyeglasses learning at school class. Thoughtful student writing in notebook at school desk. Portrait of dreamy child studying at elementary school

Boy adjust microscope on table

Thougthful clever boy lying on sofa, thinking about next move in chess game while stay-at-home father busy with housework. Handsome dad moving white pawn during chess game while playing with son

Intelligent Caucasian boy in eyeglasses and lab coat gesturing i got an idea and smiling. Cute kid taking flasks with chemicals for the experiment. Intelligence, chemistry. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

Portrait of cute Caucasian schoolboy studying at home. Little boy doing homework and smiling. Joy, lifestyle, education, intelligence.

Portrait of clever girl doing math homework indoors. Closeup diligent kid learning online at home. Smart student writing in notebook next to laptop computer.

Portrait of young boy doing homework using laptop computer at table indoors. Closeup clever kid using computer for distance education online inside. Serious schoolboy preparing for exam at home

Pensive student sitting at school desk in class. Female pupil learning science. Thoughtful girl looking in window. African american kid boring at lesson at elementary school

little Israeli caucasian teen gifted boy taking a test in an elementary school class. He tries to solve the exam and writing his answers on paper. Close up on his hands and the pen.

little Israeli caucasian teen gifted boy taking a test in an elementary school class. He tries to solve the exam and writing his answers on paper. OTS Close up on his hands and the pen.

The playful girl whirl on the floor. Real time capture

Portrait shot of cute little African-American boy standing before blackboard and thinking about something

Confident Latino Boy Smiling At Camera During Math Lesson

Handheld shot of adorable little African-American boy sitting at his desk and writing in notebook, then raising hand and answering question

Panning medium shot of afro-american man helping his cute little son with school homework sitting together at desk in living room

Close-up face of thoughtful bored Caucasian guy with brown eyes. Portrait of schoolboy in lesson. School. Indoors.

Close-up portrait of pretty Caucasian girl counting on fingers and writing result into exercise book. Smart schoolgirl doing math at home. Education, studying, learning. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

Smiling child raising hand at lesson in auditorium. School student answering question in classroom. Cheerful schoolboy talking with teacher. Clever kid getting education at elementary school

Smart teenage boy thinking. Thoughtful teenager portrait. Green screen hromakey background for keying.

Strong Male Child Showing Muscles In Classroom At Lesson

Close-up of cute Caucasian boy with curly hair taking off and putting on eyeglasses. Clever teenager looking at camera and smiling. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

Side view of genius little girl writing with chalk on blackboard in classroom. Portrait of concentrated intelligent Caucasian child studying in school or kindergarten indoors. Intelligence education.

Portrait of thoughtful pupil sitting in classroom. African american girl boring during lesson at elementary school. Pensive kid holding hand on face. Afro schoolgirl looking in window

little Israeli caucasian teen gifted girl writes in a notebook in an elementary school class. She tries to solve the exercise and writing her answers on paper. Close up on her hands and a pencil.

Portrait of cute concentrated Caucasian schoolgirl sitting at the table during lesson and listening carefully. Focused intelligent girl in classroom in public school. Intelligence and studying concept.

Close-up of Caucasian boy in striped jacket looking into the exercise book of his sister or classmate. Girl in eyeglasses notices her brother cheeting. Children studying at home or in school.

Slowmo close up of pretty afro boy lying on carpet floor in modern living room and reading interesting book

Portrait of clever boy nodding head during online lesson at home. Closeup cute schoolboy listening carefully information indoors. Point of view diligent kid looking camera in living room.

Portrait of a positive Caucasian girl in eyeglasses showing i got an idea gesture and smiling. Cute little schollgirl in mustard sweater looking at the camera as sitting at home.

Handsome young boy is attentively reading a book on a couch in his stylish room