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Manure & Bedding Fork cleaning the floor of a horse box stall or stable

15. 07. 2013 Kyiv, Ukraine. Bulldozer packs up waste for recycling

adult handsome man is hoovering carpet in apartment, using vacuum cleaner for cleaning room at weekend

Close-up of female hand in orange protective glove holding spray bottle with chemical cleaning liquid during spring cleanup in domestic interior. Housekeeping woman spraying detergent indoors.

bulldozer packs up waste for recycling

A man cleaning the asphalt with a broom

Chainsaw cutting through tree limb slow motion

RUSSIA, KAZAN 21-08-2020: A man cleaning the asphalt with a broom

bulldozer packs up waste for recycling

Close-up of female cleaner's hands in gloves carefully wiping hob while washing modern stove in kitchen. Cleaning lady in apron professionally doing her job and achieving surface gloss during work

Closeup of female hand in glove thoroughly wiping table with duster after spraying detergent, blurred silhouette of workmate washing window. Skillful employees of cleaning service working in apartment

Kiev, Ukraine 25. 06. 2014. Grounds maintenance. Garbage removal. Garbage truck.

Push broom sweeping dog fur. Pet hair on the floor.

bulldozer packs up waste for recycling

Exhausted young woman after cleaning the house floor with mop.

Rake and legs of gardener. Grass and dry leaves. Fall garden clean up.

Crimea, Ukraine 23. 07. 2013. Machine unloads garbage in a landfill. City dump.

Young man from cleaning service using vacuum cleaner and hoovering the light green sofa

Man cleaning leaves and debris from the roof of a modern suburban home with a backpack style leaf blower.

home clean-up at weekend, man is hoovering carpet in living room, using vacuum cleaner for tidy apartment at sunny day

Cleaning the kitchen. Housekeeper washes the kitchen table.

Cleaning service team at work in kitchen.

Side view of two smiling women, workers of cleaning service, in aprons and gloves spraying detergent and wiping window glass in city apartment. Professional cleaning ladies during joint work

young woman is dancing with mop and singing during clean-up of home at weekend in living room

pour detergent into the bucket to clean the room.

Kiev, Ukraine 25. 06. 2014. Garbage collection with plastic containers.

Workers at the city dump. Trucks unload garbage to the dump. Recycling of of municipal waste. Recycle Garbage machines on a landfill.

A man washing a stainless steel pot under a faucet with a fast shutter speed

Female gardener smiling and working. Happy old woman in apron. Tips for gardening at home.

Kiev, Ukraine 25. 06. 2014. Garbage car down the container. Removal of garbage from the apartment.

Kiev, Ukraine 25. 06. 2014. Maintenance of residential buildings. Garbage recycling.

bulldozer packs up waste for recycling

woman is using modern vacuum cleaner for cleaning carpet in living room, housewife is doing housework at weekend and dancing

Barcelona, Spain September 2018: Garbage truck is loading waste automatically, shifting dumpster

Urban garbage dump. Eco pollution environment. Problem of ecology in the world. Garbage of municipal waste.

Professional cleaners in uniform washing floor and wiping dust from the furniture in the living room of the apartment. Cleaning service concept.

Optimistic joyful handsome african american male in apron dancing with mop in domestic kitchen, having fun and singing during household chores. Positive man enjoying spring cleaning indoors.

Woman using vacuum cleaner cleaning blue carpet in living room

Cleaning cooktop cooking panel in kitchen with fat remover spray and a duster by a woman in yellow rubber gloves.

Happy cleaning service employee ready to start working, positive work attitude.

Positive workers of cleaning service using cleansers while washing windows and wiping table in the house. Professional cleaners communicating during working process achieving crystal clearness around

Happy young beautiful woman cleaning kitchen in rubber gloves.

Positive industrious attractive african american woman in rubber gloves with bucket mopping kitchen floor during cleanup. Housekeeping mixed race female washing floor with mop and cleaning detergent.

Footage of a person cleaning a mattress with a steam cleaner...

Tired young man after cleaning the house floor with detergent.

Wringing a cleaning rag

Woman cleaning using vacuum cleaner, effective. Vacuum cleaner carpet

Positive cheerful african american man in apron cleaning kitchen table with rag, singing along, expressing carefree mood and happiness while doing household chores in domestic interior.