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Industrial washing machine washing clothes. Laundry machine working. Industrial machine washing clothing. Laundry washing machine. Industry laundry service

Drying laundry clothes. Close up of drying machine. Closeup of industry washing machine. Uniform turning in dryer machine. Dryer laundry machine. Laundry washing clothes

Ready PET bottles sent away on guide rails for cleaning.


Worker working in foundry workshop 4k

aerial view of sewage treatment plant in wroclaw city

Industrial laundry room. Washer machines in laundry service. Industrial laundry machine washing clothes. Hotel laundry room. Industrial washer and dryer working

Industry concept. Man removing dirt from the floor in one pile with a broom

Dirty hands of automechanic


African American male car mechanic cleaning his hands with a rag and looking at the camera

Positive workers of cleaning service using cleansers while washing windows and wiping table in the house. Professional cleaners communicating during working process achieving crystal clearness around

Industrial washing machine. Close up of washing machine loading clothes. Industrial uniform washing. Pharmaceutical factory worker loading industrial washing machine with industry uniform

Responsible hotel staff using vacuum cleaner while serving room. Maid in uniform, protective mask and gloves working with vaccum cleaner while cleaning hotel room during covid-19 epidemic spread

Labor of migrant workers. Packing conveyor packing carrots

Dumper on landfill

Side view of two smiling women, workers of cleaning service, in aprons and gloves spraying detergent and wiping window glass in city apartment. Professional cleaning ladies during joint work


African American male car mechanic cleaning a steering wheel with a rag

A man worker hanging on ropes and wipes the exterior windows of a business skyscraper - industrial alpinism - overcast weather

Washing machine with digital command

Men work cutting and cleaning fish on an assembly line at a fish processing factory.

Time lapse of cleaning service work, cleaning ladies mopping, vacuuming, wiping, dusting all around kitchen area in house. Professional cleaners providing wide range of home cleaning services

Worker cleans machine with vacuum cleaner

Industrial washer in laundry

Close-up of female cleaner's hands in gloves carefully wiping hob while washing modern stove in kitchen. Cleaning lady in apron professionally doing her job and achieving surface gloss during work

Woman picking up plastic bottle

Two men workers in red and yellow work clothes cleaning the exterior windows of a skyscraper - industrial alpinism

Employees of cleaning service washing windows and wiping table while working in studio apartment. Professional cleaners in aprons and gloves during clean up, surfaces of fridge and oven shining clean

Two female janitors in aprons and gloves wiping kitchen surface and mopping, close-up on cleaning tools and detergents. Professional cleaners washing kitchen area during house clean up

Factory worker sweep the floor. Factory operator man sweeping floor near manufacturing equipment. Factory interior cleaning service. Man brooming in factory workshop

Industrial washer machine working. Clothes laundry machine. Close up of laundry clothes in industry washing machine. Working washing machine. Closeup of clothes washer. Laundry clothes washing

Close-up of attractive cleaning lady in apron and gloves spraying cleanser on hob while washing kitchen stove in house. Professional female employee of cleaning service during working process

Industrial washer. Cleaning service

Worker cleans machine at the factory with vacuum cleaner

Water Treatment 07

Two buckets with disinfectant. Worker takes cleaning brush from water in buckets. Cleaning equipment. Dairy food processing plant

Industry concept. Man removing dirt with a dust from the floor in one pile with a broom

Female worker loading washing machine at hotel laundry. Woman working at industrial laundry service. Employee loading laundry in industrial washer. Commercial laundry room.

Factory worker mopping floor in hospital corridor. Worker cleaning corridor. Woman in uniform cleaning flour in empty corridor. Female cleaner mopping floor in white corridor hospital

Positive female cleaner in apron and gloves posing with bucket full of detergents in kitchen shining with cleanliness. Blonde worker of cleaning company smiling while looking at camera after clean up

Midsection of employee holding professional dry cleaning tool firstly steaming and then drying woman's cardigan. Female worker using steamer to remove stains from clothes in process of dry cleaning

Close-up of water mixed with washing detergent flowing down glass of laundry machine in dry-cleaning salon. Industrial washing machine during work in dry cleaning, close-up on flowing foam

Automatic gates open in production workshop. Modern workshop with machine tools. Automated gates of industrial warehouse. Production section of mechanical cleaning in factory

Men work cutting and cleaning fish on an assembly line at a fish processing factory.

Girl in gloves is puting cream on the brush and washing a car interior

Hand of caucasian carpenter cleaning bench by air compressor

Removing cleaning tool from sewer water line

Dump truck in the city dump. Car unloads garbage in a landfill. Dump truck unloads material debris on junkyard

MUMBAI, INDIA - 12 JANUARY 2015: Men cleaning sewerage at street in Mumbai.

Front view of good-looking professional confident multiracial cleaning team from service industries which posing on camera with different items for cleaning in customer house