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Back view of people watching movie in the cinema. Defocused screen with film lightening viewers in dark hall

Love couples watching exciting movie in cinema theatre. Young people watching movie in cinema in slow motion. Happy couple embracing. Date in movie theater

Side view of an old-fashioned antique film projector

Panorama of the cinema theater with comfort leather armchairs, cinema without people, cinema before the session, vip hall, slow motion

Focused man looking interesting film in dark hall. Portrait of surprised guy eating popcorn in movie theater. Closeup worried male person spending evening in cinema.

Smiling women spending time in movie theater. Joyful girls eating popcorn in cinema. Happy female friends looking comedy movie indoor.

Portrait of young female person watching movie in dark hall. Attractive girl with long hair eating popcorn in movie theater in slow motion. Closeup beautiful woman enjoying interesting film in cinema.

Young Stylish Man watching movie in cinema

Spectators in 3d glasses watching film in cinema. People watching film at movie theatre. 3d movie audience. People in 3d glasses at movie hall in slow motion

Closeup amazed woman applauding at movie premiere in dark hall. Portrait of smiling girl enjoying film in movie theater. Happy female person spending evening in cinema.

A montage of shutter effects, film burns, projector flickers, and other flashy film effects.

MOSCOW - May 21: Grateful audience giving applause in movie hall on May 21, 2013 in Moscow, Russia.

Medium close-up of a young man watching movie in cinema

Traveling over red cinema seat row with screen in background. Movie theater smooth gimbal shot.

A retro 3d rendering of Movie making film tape of white and black colors. The film tape moves horizontally and slowly in the bright yellow background. It reminds Hollywood masterpieces.

Female hand picking popcorn from paper bucket closeup. Close up of woman eating pop corn at cinema. Movie food concept. Female hand taking popcorn in bucket at cinema

An antique 8mm film projector is turned on in a dark room, and projects a blank movie with a dust and hair texture, lifted from real 8mm film. Includes projector audio.

People are watching a movie on an old projector

Excited diverse viewers watching interesting movie in cinema. Bearded dad, teenage girl, mom and grandma chatting, eating popcorn and drinking soda without looking up from cinema screen

Back view of audience in dark cinema hall in front of big blank screen. Getting new impressions and relaxing in movie

Portrait of shocked african man watching horror movie in cinema. Closeup terrified afro male person looking back in dark movie theatre. African guy breathing deep in scary moments of film indoors.

Close-up of male and female Caucasian hands taking coffee cups and moving fingers. Unrecognizable young couple resting in cafe indoors. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.

Viewers in the cinema house. Variant II. Screen size was 59. 4 percent scaled from hd.

Viewers in the cinema house. Variant with screen motion.

Diverse masked audience keeping social distance while watching comedy movie during coronavirus epidemic. Multi-ethnic viewers in protective masks laughing at movie during covid19 spread

Close-up of laughing dark-skinned couple eating popcorn while watching funny movie in cinema theater. Cheerful black husband and wife enjoying comedy movie in cinema, laughing together

People going away from the movie theater. Low angle shot of people walking downstairs at the cinema. Teens leaving the auditorium after the end of the film

Mechanical movie projector in operation

Empty black chair with sign Director and clapperboard in spotlight on filming set

Smiling girl watching theater performance and laughing. Spectators have fun. Cinema people watching comedy movie. Close up of woman face watching funny movie at cinema in slow motion

Footage of a person using a clapper board isolated...

Flickering white screen with lens of empty modern cinema

Cinema screen with green screen and open red seats

Young blond girl freak posing at the camera. Slow-motion shooting

Couple in cinema theater eating popcorn

MOSCOW - May 21, 2013: People applaud in the Aquamarine theater in Moscow, Russia: Audience of different ages sitting in a theatre or cinema hall

Vintage VHS negative film strip seamless loop. Old reel overlay with dirt, defects, noise, scratches, camera roll burns, grain and dust. Set TV tape glitch effect looping 3D render on black background

Empty comfortable seats in cinema. Empty seats in movie theatre. Back view of armchairs in empty hall of cinema. Cinema hall is ready for visitors. Cinema chair back view

Animated unrolling cinema video wall. Loop-able. 3D rendering 4K

Movie snacking (1 of 7)

people watching movie in cinema

Love couple watching movie in cinema theatre. Couple in love embracing in cinema. People enjoying film and eating popcorn at cinema. Movie entertainment

Empty seats in cinema theatre. Red seats in movie theatre. Empty theatre hall with red armchairs. Cinema hall with chairs is ready for visitors

Tracking of young woman with two cups of coffee to-go walking alongside unrecognizable man holding popcorn and movie tickets. Couple ready to watch film at cinema

Movie light powering up and creating a lens flare

Old-fashioned antique film projector

Focused woman eating popcorn in movie theater in slow motion. Portrait of attractive girl watching movie in dark hall. Closeup beautiful serious lady enjoying evening in cinema.

Teenage girls watching movie in cinema