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Satisfied chubby sportswoman wiping face with white towel and leaving. Portrait of charming Caucasian overweight lady smiling after workout at home. Weight loss and fitness concept.

Close-up face of fat brunette Caucasian girl sitting in front of plate with sweets. Hungry plump woman looking at tasty dessert and licking lips. Overweight, healthcare, unhealthy lifestyle.

Close-up face of young Caucasian plump girl with brown eyes consulting plastic surgeon. Unrecognizable doctor examining fat female patient with overweight problem. Obesity, unhealthy lifestyle.


Portrait of a mature overweight woman

Woman age eats salat vegetable at home

Young black woman showing facepalm gesture, covering face with hand, brown background

Freaky blond lady posing

Close-up face of chubby young Caucasian woman in eyeglasses and headphones studying online during coronavirus pandemic. Portrait of concentrated plus-size lady having online education during Covid-19.

Portrait of concentrated Caucasian obese girl using smartphone and eating sweets. Fat young woman having overweight problems. Unhealthy dieting, lifestyle, obesity.

Child make faces

Portrait of chubby Caucasian chef in apron and cook hat listening blurred manager scolding employee for wrong Covid face mask on face. Restaurant business on Covid-19 pandemic. New normal.

Freaky blond lady posing

Camera approaching to face of plump Caucasian woman enjoying chocolate cake, and moving away. Happy young girl with overweight problem eating sweets indoors. Obesity, unhealthy eating, dieting.

Close up shot of young plus size lady applying toner on face, looking at mirror at home

Close-up of confident young plus-size woman applying make-up and smiling. Portrait of happy plump Caucasian lady with face powder and hand mirror smiling. Beauty and confidence concept.

Close-up portrait of adult Caucasian man sleeping on couch at home. Lazy guy scratching his face, remote controller falling down. Leisure, resting, lifestyle.

Tired pretty sporty plus size african female with afro braids wiping sweat off forehead with paper tissue after intense workout at home. Exhausted fitness overweight woman resting after sport training

Portrait of hungry Caucasian fat woman taking plate with sweets and smelling dessert. Obese girl looking greedily at foods. Camera approaching to face of person. Unhealthy eating, obesity.

Cute child smiling. Real face child

Extreme close-up of obese Caucasian brunette woman chewing sandwich. Young fat girl eating unhealthy food. Obesity, unhealthy lifestyle, overweight problem.

Tired overloaded overweight african american female falling down on bed, sleeping with face down on pillow, feeling exhausted while resting and restoring in domestic bedroom after hard day.

Portrait of obese Caucasian brunette girl taking dessert from plate and chewing. Funny fat woman eating sweets and looking around. Self control, obesity, lifestyle.

Portrait of young Caucasian man sitting on coach and eating apples. Plump adult guy with red hair resting alone at home. Lifestyle, loneliness, relaxation.

Portrait of beautiful smiling mature retired african american woman in eyeglasses posing in domestic interior, giving thumbs up, looking with cheerful toothy smile, showing approval and ok gesture.

Plate with sweets standing on the table, obese Caucasian woman appearing from under the table and smiling. Hungry fat girl looking greedily at dessert. Obesity, overweight problem, unhealthy eating.

Close-up of fat Caucasian girl chewing sandwich. Obese young woman eating unhealthy food. Obesity, unhealthy lifestyle, overweight problem.

middle-aged chubby man with moustache is using headphones with microphone for communicating with colleagues at online chat

Side-angled shot of fatty man running on simulator

Woman age eats fruit at home on the couch. Concept of healthy food

Freaky blond lady posing

Portrait of plump Caucasian woman smelling and greedily eating sausage. Fat brunette girl hungrily biting food. Obesity, overweight problem, dieting.

Freaky blond lady posing

Close-up face of young happy Caucasian woman sitting on river bank and fixing hair. Cute chubby girl enjoying autumn day outdoors. Lifestyle, leisure.

Close-up of redhead Caucasian man sleeping on couch at home. Lazy young guy resting alone at home. Leisure, resting, lifestyle.

Tired lovely overweight black female in pajamas sitting on bed at night, preparing to sleep, stretching her arms, deeply yawning and dressing sleeping mask while relaxing in bedroom.

Sleepless restless attractive chubby african american woman suffering insomnia and sleep disorder, lying in bed with irritated expression, covering face with blanket while resting in bed at night.

Portrait of lovely relaxed overweight african female in pajamas deeply yawning, putting on silk sleeping mask and preparing for good sleep and restoration while resting on cozy bed at night.

Chubby girl in beautiful dresse posing in bright studio. Plump woman posing in beautiful outfit.

Cheerful girl with black hair having fun indoors holding a spray, his face dirty with white whipped cream looking at camera with happy and excited facial expression.

Cute child girl smiling

Portrait of lovely chubby african american female with eyes closed listening to music in wireless headphones, singing along emotionally and swaying to the beat of favorite song in home interior.

Tired sleepy charming plus size african female in pajamas putting on silk sleep eye mask to achieve deeper level of sleeping, covering with warm blanket and falling asleep in domestic bedroom at night

Positive Caucasian obese girl eating sandwich. Plump woman with overweight problem eating unhealthy food. Obesity, unhealthy lifestyle.

Smiling plump woman posing in beautiful outfit. Plus size model in a beautiful dress.

Tired attractive overweight african female in pajamas with eyes closed falling on comfortable pillows and sleeping after hard working day in domestic bedroom, feeling exhausted and overloaded.

Funny brunette Caucasian woman pouring ketchup and mayonnaise on bread and smiling. Plump cheerful girl pouring dressing into mouth and looking at camera. Unhealthy eating, obesity, overweight.


Medium shot portrait of young chubby African woman wearing beige hoody standing against beige background with her face covered with her hands, then uncovering it and looking at camera

Confident smiling obese woman applying face powder and start wireless chat on laptop. Portrait of young Caucasian female freelancer working online from home. Beauty and freelance.