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"chop down"
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Chef adds spice to the soup, the view from the pan

Man chops wood with axe in the forest. Forester cuts wood. Wood chopping. Slow motion.

Chef shreds garlic on the wooden board near the grill's fire, makin the salad, vegetable meal, vitamins in daily food, cooking outdoors

Closeup of celery being sliced.

fresh raw meat for steak on wooden cutting board

Mother teaching daughter to chop vegetables in kitchen 4k

Chopping Onion. Slow mothion. red onions close up. Female hands cut onions in kitchen. Macro shooting of red onions. The woman cuts onions on a wooden board.

Woman's hands slicing beet on wooden cutting board

Beef steak fried in pan

Cutting red onions on a cutting board

Close up shot of man hands slicing carrot and female hands cutting tomato on wooden cutting board for salad on the table with healthy food in the kitchen. Side view.

Mother teaching daughter to chop vegetables in kitchen 4k

Cossack sword close up

Chef cuts onion for making vegan meal, vegetables for fresh salad, spicy food

Cutting parsley in restaurant

Woman hands chopping fresh garlic with knife

Shot of woman chef cutting mushrooms on chopping wooden board. Slow motion video


Close-up tree trunk with machete cutting wood outdoors. Concept of survival in forest or camping.

Woman peels avocado from skin and cutting it on the wooden board, dolly shot

Sliced white onion in bowl. Preparation of dishes from vegetables for healthy diet

Lockoff of hand removing a large knife from a knife block.


Hand cut piece of raw pork meat on wooden surface kitchen board. Chef man hold knife. Steak for barbecue

Cutting fresh celery on a cutting board

Fresh, raw meat set on a vintage looking surface. Sliding arround a chunk of juicy red meat.

Close-up. Knife cuts ripe avocado into slices. Female hands with knife is cutting green avocado on wooden cutting board in the kitchen at home, slow motion

Butchery showcase fresh meat on a market Montpellier France

Fresh raw ground beef with ingredients for cooking. Preparing meat dish concept

Woman's hands chopping the fresh green lettuce on chopping board in the kitchen.

The cook slices garlic on the wooden board by sharp knife outside, cooking outside, cooking healthy food, summer meals

Hands Chop Hot Fresh Boiled Red Lobster For Dinner

Female hands cutting bulb onion on wooden chopping board on kitchen

Slow motion: Axe head dramatically cut large piece of wood, two halves go flying

Showcase in the store. Meat pork, beef, poultry. Close-up in retail.

Hand in black gloves cutting meat steak with knife close up. The knife cuts tasty juicy meat into pieces.

Showcase in the store. Meat pork, beef, poultry. Close-up in retail.

The Baker is Cutting a Banana with a Knife

Close-up of Casual Strong Man Sharpens Ax Using Stone near Bonfire in Camp in Wild Deciduous Forest. Concept of Camping, Leisure in Slow Motion.

Dolly shot.Butcher Cutting Pork Meat in Meat Factory. Fresh raw pork chops in meat factory. Meat processing in food industry. Production line in meat processing plant.

Male hand cuts a banana on the board, close-up

Beautiful juicy fresh meat steak on a table with salt, rosemary, garlic, and tomato on a black background, top view. Concept: fresh & natural products, bio products, meat products, organic, nutrition.

Closeup woman hands chopping celery on cutting board in kitchen. Close up young housewife cooking fresh vegetables at home. Unrecognizable female cutting green celery on wooden desk.

Female hands peel fresh cucumber

Chainsaw cutting through tree limb slow motion

Red meat on skewers

Pork Chops cooking on Grill

Slow Motion squeeze juice from lemon close up

Mincer work closeup

Female hands with knife, cutting fresh onion