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Two young male friend sitting on sofa and chatting at room. Men talk concept

Camera approaching to group of five Caucasian people sitting at the table and chatting. Positive young friends talking and smiling. Lifestyle, happiness, leisure, resting.

Cheerful students talking while holding a tablet in the library. Group of happy friends chatting with each other about a funny topic.

Middle shot of happy smiling group of people walking on city street and talking. Positive Caucasian men and woman strolling outdoors on summer day and chatting.

Three young positive Caucasian women chatting and laughing in kitchen indoors. Happy relaxed female friends talking gossiping at home. Friendship and lifestyle concept.

Portrait of serious young woman in hijab listening to nervous Caucasian friend sharing problems and talking calming down stressed lady. Confident women chatting indoors in living room.

Cute couple of two young people chatting, talking, smiling and laughing at something. Youth, spending time together.

Happy multiethnic friends talking in modern office. Young diverse colleagues smiling, chatting in trendy coworking 4K.

Side view of confident slim senior Caucasian woman in eyeglasses talking with neighbor standing at home with open window. Portrait of relaxed neighbours chatting on summer day. Lifestyle.

two young business man chatting together in public. conversation talking

A multinational company of friends drinks coffee and talking in a restaurant. Four friends chatting.

Portrait of handsome man and pretty blond woman in warm jacket sitting at the city street talking and smiling. The couple chatting discussing enjoying being together


caucasian and hispanic office worker talking chatting discussing while commuting in city

Confident teenage high school students standing on stairs during break and chatting. Portrait of handsome teen boys talking and laughing. Relaxed friends gossiping indoors. Friendship and studying.

Unrecognizable old Caucasian man talking with friend and gesturing. Two male retirees sitting on couch and chatting.

Positive multiethnic colleagues chatting in office. Portrait of relaxed Caucasian and African American coworkers talking and smiling. Business meeting concept. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.


multinational business people talking chatting conversing in modern building

Portrait of excited Caucasian woman sitting with coworkers in cafe and talking. Positive successful businesswoman chatting with colleagues in restaurant during break.

Portrait of two Caucasian old men talking in nursing home. Mature male retirees sitting on couch and chatting.

Close up portrait of cheerful beautiful young female smiling at talking with friends in good mood in city. Joyful male and females chatting and laughing outdoors. Urban style. Conversation concept


caucasian and latino business colleagues talking chatting conversing while descending stairs in modern office

Tracking shot of young woman and her elderly mother holding glasses with red wine and chatting together in modern vacation home with panoramic windows. Men talking in background

Joyful laughing handsome African American man in eyeglasses with toothy smile talking in slow motion to group of friends. Portrait of positive confident guy chatting sharing meeting indoors.

Portrait of two mature senior men sitting on the leather sofa. Happy people chatting, talking, have conversation. Bearded man listening to the story of his chubby friend. Leisure of the pensioners

Portrait of three relaxed millennial women using social media on laptop and talking. Positive Caucasian friends surfing Internet messaging online and chatting indoors.


rear view of caucasian and latino business people talking chatting conversing while ascending stairs

Young Caucasian women gossiping as blurred coworkers talking at background at whiteboard. Smiling beautiful millennials chatting on business meeting discussing colleagues love affair.

Close-up of group of friends sitting on sunny day in cafe and chatting. Confident brunette Caucasian woman talking emotionally, people talking and smiling. Joy, friendship, happiness.

Three happy male friends standing at mesh fence and talking. Smiling Caucasian and African American men chatting outdoors in 1980s. Portrait of cheerful high-school students outdoors.

Disinterested young men with shocked facial expression listening to blurred woman talking. Caucasian friends chatting meeting in vintage coffee shop at lunch in 1980s. Friendship and ignoring.

Black player wearing headphones talking with other players chatting

Portrait of happy Caucasian friends sitting at table outdoors and chatting. Handsome boy in hat and beautiful girls smiling and talking at cafeteria terrace in town in good mood. Friendship concept

Portrait of cheerful Caucasian young people sitting at table outdoor and chatting. Handsome guy in hat and beautiful girls smiling and talking at cafeteria terrace in town with drinks. Friends concept

Four positive multiethnic coworkers walking in office corridor and talking. Happy colleagues returning after successful business meeting and chatting. Teamwork success. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.


Beautiful Caucasian couple holding wine glasses, embracing and chatting at dinner party while their friends talking in background

Young Business Women Talking And Chatting For Gossip In Toilets

Portrait of handsome man and pretty blond woman in warm jacket sitting at the city street talking. The couple chatting discussing enjoying being together.

Four people sitting on green grass in urban city park and talking. Portrait of positive Caucasian men and women chatting outdoors on sunny summer day. Leisure concept. Cinema 4k ProRes HQ.


Joyous African American father and cute little son smiling, waving and talking at camera while chatting on online video call at home during isolation

Wide shot of cheerful relaxed women surfing Internet on laptop and talking. Positive Caucasian friends using social media or messaging online and chatting sitting on couch indoors.

Three Caucasian male university students sitting on couch and talking. Adult friends chatting indoors. Lifestyle, studying, education concept.

Beautiful Caucasian couple sitting in cafe and chatting with blurred friends. Brunette man and woman talking with fellows and smiling. Lifestyle, joy, happiness, leisure.

Close-up portrait of beautiful young Muslim woman in black hijab talking with blurred friend and smiling. Charming confident lady chatting with female groupmate outdoors on sunny summer day.


Portrait of charming beautiful teenage girl meeting friends on city street talking smiling. Positive Caucasian teenager chatting with girlfriends sharing rumors outdoors. Lifestyle and joy concept.

Unrecognizable young men standing with books outdoors and talking. Caucasian male students chatting in university campus yard. Education, intelligence, lifestyle.

Portrait of adult Caucasian men sitting at the table indoors and chatting. Bearded son spending weekends with senior father at home. People talking and drinking tea. Family, unity, lifestyle, aging.

Positive couple of students walking on sunny university yard and chatting. Gorgeous redhead woman and handsome man strolling and talking after classes in college. Relationship concept.


Back view happy girlfriends strolling on city street holding hands talking. Relaxed Caucasian teenage girls friends walking outdoors chatting after classes in college. Lifestyle and leisure.